How Does Amazon Reject Candidates?

How Does Amazon Reject Candidates?

If you go in for a job interview to work for Amazon and you get rejected, there is a process an Amazon recruiter follows when it comes to rejecting candidates.

Basically, if you happen to be a rejected candidate, the recruiters will reach out to you via email, stating the reasons why you are rejected.

And prior to receiving the email, there is a waiting period of approximately five business days before you are expected to hear something back from a recruiter after your interview.

However, there are other factors that play a role in the rejection process for rejected candidates.

How Does Amazon Reject Candidates?

If you go in for a job interview to work for Amazon and you get rejected, there is a process an Amazon recruiter follows when it comes to rejecting candidates.

Basically, if you happen to be a rejected candidate, the recruiters will reach out to you via email, stating the reasons why you are rejected.

And prior to receiving the email, there is a waiting period of approximately five business days before you are expected to hear something back from a recruiter after your interview.

However, there are other factors that play a role in the rejection process for rejected candidates.

How Does Amazon Reject Candidates After Onsite Interview?

Whether you are having a virtual interview, over-the-phone interview, or onsite/in-person interview, it is always essential to treat the interview as a formal matter, especially if you are an onsite candidate.

The onsite interview process for Amazon is fairly simple for onsite candidates. There is the process of getting to know one another, explaining the functions of the company, and picking your brain to see how well you would resolve certain issues.

The purpose of an onsite interview is to see how well you carry yourself in the public eye, how well-spoken you are, and what energy you can bring to the company. These are key factors employers look for when hiring a candidate for an onsite position.

Let’s say that you went through the application process, got the interview, and now you’re waiting for a response. And after approximately five business days, you finally get a response, but it’s not the response you were looking for. 

After Amazon has rejected a candidate following an onsite interview, there is a waiting period of approximately five business days. Usually, Amazon recruiters would reach back out to their candidates within the five-business day time frame.

Sometimes, the waiting time frame could be from 2:00 to 3:00 business days or three to five business days.

This strictly depends on the company’s business needs. Also, the seasonal times of the year play a major part in the hiring process as well. So, if you are going in for an interview, you can expect a response, possibly sooner than five business days.

After waiting for a response, the feedback of the interview will be given to you via email. At the end of the email, the Amazon recruiters would advise the applicant/candidate to reapply after a certain time has passed.

Amazon Rejection Email

The Amazon Rejection Email is similar to any rejection letter that is received from an employer after an interview has been conducted. The email is received by the candidate within the three to five business day time frame of the interview being completed. 

Here is an example of the Amazon rejection email that is sent to candidates who are rejected:

“Hello, (your name)!

I appreciate your interest in (the position you applied for). After reviewing your application, we have decided to progress forward with other possible candidates for this role with our company.

While we will not be proceeding forward with your application for this particular role, we would like to remain in touch regarding other future job opportunities that may become available.

As outlined in our EU candidate Privacy Notice, you can let us know if you do not want to be contacted for that particular purpose. Please, refer to the “what are my rights under applicable data protection laws?” Section of the notice for more information.

Thank you so much again for your interest and working at Amazon and for taking the time to submit an application.”

This email would be sent to the email address that was provided to the company and recruiters during the application process. 

How Fast Does Amazon Reject A Candidate?

There’s never really a set time frame for how fast Amazon rejects a candidate.

Whether it’s a rejection or an approval to proceed with the onboarding process, applications and interviews take time to review so that the employer or recruiters can take every facet of information about the candidate into consideration. 

Sometimes, in the same way, that you would get a quick response if you have been hired, you can also get a quick response if you are not considered for the role. 

If you have not been considered for a job position with Amazon, there are some factors that can contribute to why you were not considered. Let’s take a close look at some of those factors as we proceed to the next bullet point in this article of information. 

Why Do Candidates Get Rejected?

If you happen to be a rejected candidate after applying for a job position with Amazon, there is a list of things to reflect on that may have contributed to you being rejected.

The first contribution is poor communication skills. When someone enters a job interview, the candidate does not have a clue of the questions that are going to be asked to them by the recruiter. This already builds enough anxiety.

So, when some applicants have a fear of not knowing what to expect, some candidates may tend to stumble over their words or say things that don’t quite make sense.

This is something that will make the recruiter squint their eyes or rub their chin as they attempt to figure out what you’re saying or why you have said what you said. 

The next contribution could be appearance. It is essential to understand that an interview is a formal meeting. This means that when you show up to the meeting, you must dress to impress.

Please be mindful that you are not dressing to impress someone at a local bar or club. You are showing up to the interview dressed in a manner that impresses your future boss, showing them that you can appear in a professional manner.

When you show up in a professional manner, this gives the employer the impression that you are ready to get the job done.

So, if you are a candidate who has applied for a position and you have gotten an interview, it would not be wise to slip on a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, a pair of sneakers, and un-kept hair. Take pride in your appearance prior to going in for an interview.

For men, it would be formal to wear a pair of slacks, comfortable dress shoes, and a polo or a button-up shirt that is tucked in. And if you have beautiful locks of hair, pull your hair back into a ponytail or a bun.

If you have very short hair, ensure to get a haircut to be more presentable. For women, you can also slip on a pair of women’s dress pants with a button-up blouse and a pair of your best high heels.

If you happen to wear a dress, Ensure the skirt isn’t too short and it’s just above your knees to remain presentable. Appearance is everything when walking into a job interview. So, keep your jeans and sweatpants at home. 

The next reason for rejection is a public display of being addicted to your personal device. If you are being interviewed for an onsite position, some employers would low-key look for attributes of candidates being addicted to their phones.

If an interview is being conducted and you are thumbing through your Facebook messages while the interview is proceeding or if the recruiter steps away for a moment during the interview, this is an immediate turn-off for the employer.

This will give the implication that you are someone who does not pay attention to the task at hand and is easily distracted.

Poor nonverbal communication can play a part in being rejected as well. Just as there is a formal manner for you to conduct yourself verbally, there is a way for you to conduct yourself with your body gestures while you are speaking.

Many employers look for potential employees that are open-minded and willing to take constructive criticism as well as be a leader when time permits. The body gesture that will give the opposite impression to the recruiter is if your arms are constantly folded.

As you’re speaking with the recruiter, try to keep your arms unfolded as much as possible. Also, try not to over-talk with your hands too much. And finally, refrain from using body language that is considered inappropriate.

Also, the main aspect of the interview that can contribute to you being rejected is providing the wrong answers to the interview questions. What needs to be understood about the interview questions is that there is no right or wrong answer to the questions.

The answers are based on instinct and intuition. And that’s what employers typically look for. Most employers look for employees who know how to react at the drop of a hat. And not only react but have a proper plan of action for their reaction.

For example, the recruiter may ask you what you would do if your supervisor asked you to complete a task that is separate from the current assignment you are working on. Well, you wouldn’t drop everything on your current ass and begin working on the new task.

You would finish your current task and then immediately jump on the new task. It’s all about using your instincts and intuition.

If the recruiter sees that you are providing the wrong answers based on your instincts, the recruiter will have the impression that you will have a bad judge of character when it comes to certain instances that may take place onsite.

And finally, another contribution to being rejected is being punctual and on time. If you are late to your interview, that would be an immediate red flag.

The team would see this as a mistake in hiring someone who is not dependable and reliable when it comes to showing up to work on time.

Time-Management is a key quality that an employer looks for prior to hiring a potential candidate. Have ever taken a moment to stop and think that this is the main reason why the employer will set a day and time for you to show up for the interview?

There has never been an employer that requested for you to show up to the interview anytime you are free. That is more unprofessional in a million ways than one. If you really want to win the recruiters over, start by showing up on time.

This gives the impression that you are ready to work and willing to accomplish tasks in a timely manner. This is typically something that will result in immediate rejection. So, if you are late for an interview with an Amazon recruiter, don’t expect any good feedback.

What Percentage of Applicants Get an Interview at Amazon?

Just like many top employers, Amazon has a percentage of candidates that actually do get the interview. The percentage of candidates who get the interview is different ratio of the percentage of candidates who actually get hired.

To speak on the percentage of applicants that actually get an interview with amazon, there is only 3% of candidates that actually make it through the rounds of the interview process with Amazon.  

Although there is a small percentage of people who actually get the interview, there is a much small percentage of candidates that actually get hired and are onboarded. Amazon can be a tough cookie to crack.

Based on the percentages of people that get the interview, the recruiters go off of first impressions based on your resume and what skills you proclaim.

And based on those skills and abilities, which include past experiences, the recruiters would want to come face-to-face with you to see if words that are printed in black and white matched the person you have portrayed to them.

So, there are 3% of candidates actually get the interview. The goal is to get in the 2% range to onboard with the company.

Does Amazon Give You a Feedback After Interview?

Yes, Amazon will be able to provide you feedback after your interview process has been completed. After your interview, everyone that has conversed during the meeting will resume meeting in one room to discuss your candidacy further.

In other words, this will be your hiring meeting. This meeting will give you complete detail of what to expect going forward.

If you are hired, the recruiting team will go over the criteria and further actions that need to be taken for the onboarding process. However, if you are rejected, the recruiting team will discuss with you why they will not be able to proceed with hiring you.

How Long Does it Take for Amazon to Let You Know If You Got the Job?

This is a question that many candidates have, especially if they have built up anxiety about waiting.

Typically, after your interview has been completed and everyone has shaken hands and departed to their destinations, the time frame to find out if you have got the job typically takes about five business days.

Sometimes, depending on the urgency of Amazon looking for candidates, if you have got the job, you will most likely find out before the 5-day waiting period is up. This also goes for if you didn’t get the job.

So that there is no further delay or anticipation, the recruiters do not want to waste your time any further.

So, sometimes, they would reach out before the 5-day period is up to inform you that you didn’t get the job. This is their way of them “ripping off the Band-Aid”, so to speak.

Whether you got the job or were rejected, this information would be sent to you via email. If you happen to be rejected, keep the email archived so you can keep track of when to reapply the next time a position becomes available. 

Final Thoughts

As it was mentioned earlier in this guide, the main purpose for going into a job interview is to get the job. However, there are candidates that are rejected and want to know why they were rejected and what to look for if they didn’t get the job.

Amazon, just like other top-rated employers, has expectations and criteria they look for before hiring any potential candidates.

If you happen to be someone who was rejected after an onsite interview, you can expect the recruiters to reach back out to you via email for further inquiries on this process.

And typically, after being rejected, you would expect a response within a five-business day time frame. Also, the essential jewel to take away from this guide is to remember always to look your best when going in for a job interview, especially with Amazon. 

Going in for a job interview can be gut-wrenching and can build a lot of anxiety.

But, as long as you dress to impress, speak with great confidence, show up on time, and focus on the main questions being asked, you will be hired in no time! But if not, consider this information for next time.

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