Tinder Popular User (The Full Guide)

How Do I Know If I Am a Popular User on Tinder

 Sometimes when users are swiping right on Tinder, on specific profiles, a pop up appears saying, “Upgrade Your Like! You just liked a popular profile. Send A Super Like to (user) instead for a better chance to match.” Many people want to know how do they know if they are a popular user.

What is a Popular User on Tinder 

There are many interpretations of being popular. The simple term is basically someone or something that is considered to be well liked and renowned.

On Tinder, when you have liked a popular profile, the notification will show the profile picture of the user with a blue star underneath their profile picture.

And if you are a user with the blue star notification, you are someone who frequently gets a lot of likes. This would consider you to be a popular user on Tinder.

When you are a popular user, there are many possibilities that open up to you based on who catches your eye. You are an option in a sea of many options that consider you to be an option.

Overall, to be a popular Tinder user means your profile has reached a status where you have become well liked and loved by many. And that’s the main goal, isn’t it? Once you are a popular user, you can truly see what’s really out there waiting for you. 

What Makes You a Popular User on Tinder?

There are many people who want to know what actually makes you popular on Tinder. There are various ways someone can become popular on Tinder. The first way is that many people will swipe right on your profile.

The more people who like your profile, the more they will swipe right. And the more they swipe right, the more popular your profile will become.

For you to have a countless number of people who swipe right on your profile, there are some adjustments that you would have to make to your profile to make it likable. But, we will save that for another discussion and this article.

Another way for you to become popular on Tinder is if the app itself promotes your profile more than the average user. There are many users of Tinder and other dating apps which have profiles that are continuously used for advertisement purposes.

By that, I don’t necessarily mean being commercialized. It’s more so in the ballpark of your profile being suggested to many other users that may possibly fit what you’re looking for.

Although it’s very unexpected for you to find out that you are popular on Tinder, this can actually work in your favor.

If you have a profile that is being promoted, this means that you are in the top percentage of users for Tinder. This is an opportunity that can give you the best of the best options and probability.

How Many Likes to Be a Popular User on Tinder?

Tinder used to provide customers between a hundred and one hundred fifty likes each and every 12 hours. However, Tinder now offers many individuals a variable quantity of day by day likes relying on how the algorithm is ranking them. For men, you generally get around 50 Tinder likes each and every 12 hours.

Overall, there isn’t a specified amount of likes that are required to be a popular user on Tinder. However, a user can have approximately 5 to 10 likes per day on a consistent basis. If the user continues a track record of 5 to 10 likes per day on average, they will reach the rank of being a popular Tinder user.

How Do I Know If I Am a Popular User on Tinder

 Wanting to be popular on Tinder is great. But, knowing if you are actually popular will open your eyes to knowing your status on this meticulous dating app. There are multiple ways that you can know if you are popular.

1. People Will Say That the Popular User Message Popped Up When They Swiped Right For You 

Typically, when someone swipes right, that doesn’t automatically put you on the popular roster. However, when someone swipes right on you multiple times throughout the day when those right wipes build up, this can put you on the popular list.

This means when someone swipes right on your profile, it would automatically show up that you are a popular user.

And if you are a popular user, you will show up as a recommendation for other users as well. 

When other people swipe right on you, you will get a notification such as “Hi, Mr. Popular! (Name) Swiped Right On Your Profile“. Although seeing this pop up is quite exciting, seeing the message doesn’t give you an exact quantity of how many users liked your profile for you to be considered popular. 

2. People Will Super Like You Pretty Frequently 

A super like on Tinder is almost similar to hitting the heart emoji instead of the blue thumb emoji on Facebook when liking a post. Getting a super like is a great compliment to receive.

If you are a consistent user of Tinder and you receive likes on a frequent basis, you may want to keep your eye out for super likes.

Getting a great quantity of super likes per week will not only boost your confidence and your ego, but this will boost your chances of finding that perfect match in a plethora of perfect matches that super liked you.

When it comes to other users that started liking your profile early with consistency, eventually, those users will develop a stronger fascination for your profile and start super liking your profile. 

Super likes tend to happen a few times per week. So, while you are investigating your profile to see who liked it the most, keep a close eye on your super likes. This can build up over the course of time based on how consistent you are with using Tinder, as well as the consistency of other users who liked your profile.

3. You Get A Lot of Likes/Matches Frequently

One other way to know if you are popular on Tinder is based on the quantity of likes and matches that you receive and respond to per day.

On a standard basis, if you are trying to reach a popular status on Tinder, you would have to receive approximately ten likes and ten matches per day.

If you are a persistent and active user of Tinder, you can easily keep track of the matches and like you receive daily.

Since you don’t have a bird’s eye view of the exact number of matches and likes you receive, it’s better to not think about the number but think about the moments.

Meaning if you are trying to reach a popular status on Tinder, to take your mind off of the number of matches and likes you have, the best distraction is to connect with your matches and likes.

While you’re waiting for your popularity to build, what better way to pass the time than to connect with the people who consider you to be very attractive?

Does Tinder Tell You If You Are A Popular User

Many people want to become popular on Tinder. But on the opposite side of things, many people are unaware if they will ever be notified when they become popular. So, does Tinder tell you if you are a popular user?

To answer that question in the most simplified manner possible, the answer is no. Tinder does not tell you if you are a popular user, nor does Tinder notify you when you do become a popular user.

Since Tinder does not give you a notification or tell you if you are popular, the best you can do is estimate the likes and matches that you receive on Tinder on a daily basis.

To become popular on a dating app such as Tinder, you have to rely on what the developers think about your profile. At the end of the day, the individuals who swipe right on your profile are not the only people watching your profile.

Based on your information and your preferences, the developers have a way of adjusting your algorithm so that the correct matches will float in your direction.

With that said, Tinder will never notify you if you have become popular or if you are already popular. So you just have to go with the flow and continue to connect with your matches and profiles who liked you.

This is something that happens unexpectedly and will definitely catch you by surprise.

So, if you have been a faithful user of Tinder for quite some time now, the next time you swipe right may be for a profile of someone who has already seen your profile and popular recommendations.

Or, most likely, they have seen your profile permitted by Tinder. Pretty interesting how that happens, isn’t it?

How to Become A Popular User on Tinder

After knowing what makes you popular and knowing if you would ever find out if you are popular on Tinder, now it’s critical for you to know how to become a popular user. The first lesson on this agenda is attractiveness.

The first thing someone looks at as soon as they open a profile on Tinder is the profile picture. A profile picture should consist of the following attributes that are considered the three C’s:



-and Character. 

When it comes to the subject of confidence, this is based on your appearance. How you appear in your profile picture will reflect how you feel about yourself. The profile picture that you would want to use should be a picture that represents the best version of yourself.

If you are someone who is diligently searching for love or something serious, provide a profile picture giving a soft energy. Not saying the picture has to be vulnerable nor desperate—just a picture showing you are comfortable in your own skin.

If you enjoy the beach, have a profile picture of you wearing your favorite bathing suit and basking in the Sun. Even if you are a hardcore attorney, show a profile picture of you wearing your best dressed as you flash a sexy smile to the camera.

Now, we come to charisma. This is something that is considered to be an “it” factor. Pick something about yourself that stands out amongst the rest.

That can be a certain beauty feature to show off to the public or a picture of you performing a remarkable talent.

Whatever the “it” factor is for you, present that in your pictures. For that will catch the eye of many viewers who will see this charismatic side of you as very intriguing. 

Lastly, let’s talk about character. With any pictures that you post for this dating app, you want to show a side of you that is not always so serious.

Although being serious has nothing to do with your zodiac sign, it’s more so of a natural attribute that comes with the package. So, it’s not a Capricorn or Taurus thing. It’s a “YOU” thing.

That being stated, flash a smile or post pictures of you enjoying life to show other viewers that you have a fun side to you. Not saying that you would have to change who you are. You just have to liven up a little. That can never hurt. 

If you are looking to become more popular on Tinder, you can pay for Tinder boosts. A tender boost is a feature that allows you to be one of the most popular profiles in your area for approximately 30 minutes.

This increases your chances of finding the right matches in a matter of minutes. Many consumers who have used this feature have gotten ten times more views and only just a few minutes!

Another helping hand that will assist you with becoming more popular is simply swiping every chance you open the app.

Whether you are swiping right or swiping left, this goes to show that you are being active. And to add to this, the more you are on the app swiping, your algorithm adjusts to your rhythm of swiping. This is a good thing.

Finally, look for users whom the popular pop up message appears for. This is something that will not automatically come up when you open your app.

This is something that she would have to go on a treasure hunt for. Although you will not be notified if you are popular per se, you will be notified of other popular users that you can connect with.

Have Popular Users Already Liked You?

Along with wanting to be popular, many users want to know if popular users have already liked them. Typically, in this case, the answer would be no. On dating apps, such as Tinder, there is something considered to be free reign.

Meaning that if someone popular likes a profile, it doesn’t mean they are chained to their profile for life. Users that are both popular and unpopular can utilize their own time and energy to like as many profiles as they please.

Does that mean that someone popular didn’t like your profile? The answer to that question would also be no.

There is a toss-up in the air between people who are popular or unpopular that liked their profile. All you can do is to keep an eye on your matches and your likes.

Tinder Popular Users Never Match? 

A part of being popular on Tinder is understanding your matches and why you are matched with a user. On the flip side, there are also many people who wonder why they are not matched with a particular profile.

This is something that can run through your mind if you have been watching a particular profile for a long time and want to match with that profile.

And when you finally get the chance to connect with that profile or attempt to match with the profile, you notice you’re not a match for that user.

To clear up this confusion, this has little to do with you and more to do with the user you are attempting to match with. In other words, this could be based on the other user’s preferences and what they look for in a perfect match.

What has to be notated here is that everyone has their own interpretation of what a perfect match is. A perfect match for you could be someone who has ten jobs. The person you are attempting to match with may want someone who they can travel the world with at the drop of a dime.

And when it comes to looks, you may consider someone without tattoos and piercings, as opposed to your possible match preferring their partner to have visible tattoos and piercings.

There are different versions of attractiveness for everyone. If you are not matched with someone that you wanted to match with, it is vital to face the fact that possibly you are not what they look for physically—not saying that you have given your all by posting pictures of you showing your best self that was unattractive. That’s not the case at all.

The main prerogative is based on what the other person prefers. And maybe, just maybe, you aren’t what they are looking for. And that’s perfectly okay!

When using dating apps, people can be very picky and meticulous about what they’re looking for. Many people have high standards going into something like this.

Most likely, people who are looking for something serious tend to have profiles that stand out the most. Although those profiles would stand out, those users have a high standard of the type of profiles they attract.

In other words, based on the information serious users include on their profile, they want to match someone just as equal. Sometimes, this could be taken in a superficial aspect.

Many Tinder users who are considered to have a chiseled jawline, beach body, and beautiful by society’s standards would most likely want to match with someone on the same superficial standards.

This also goes for users who don’t look for the bodybuilder or “paparazzi ready” type. To reiterate, everyone has a particular type they look for. If a match does not match with you, don’t take it as a loss.

Please take it as enlightenment for you to make an adjustment of what you are looking for particularly. 


To be a popular user on Tinder is an incredible honor to obtain. It goes to show that you are dedicated and well liked and loved by many others. Although being popular is a sweet gesture, it takes time for you to reach that status.

And if you want to know if you are a popular user on this amazing dating app, although you will not be directly notified, there are other alternative ways for you to know.

You must pay close attention to the number of likes you obtained from others, you will get a popular user pop-up message, people will give you a tremendous number of super likes, or you will get a mass amount of likes and matches per day.

There is a vast number of ways for you to finally reach that popular status.

The more you are recognized, the greater your chances are of finding the perfect match. And finding that perfect match revolves around how active you are as a user.

Although you may not know when you become popular on Tinder, your profile’s visibility will speak for itself. So, let those super likes build up so you can finally find that special someone.

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