Hisense TV Remote Codes

Hisense TV Remote Codes

To successfully pair your Hisense TV with a universal remote control, you must first enter the appropriate remote code for your device.

This guide will break down many of the frequent questions people have when pairing a universal remote with their Hisense TV as well as provide the remote codes for different models of Hisense TVs available. At the end of the guide, you can find troubleshooting methods that have been proven to solve remote pairing issues with the Hisense TV.

You will also find information regarding popular universal remotes that are compatible with your Hisense TV. You can use this list to help you choose the appropriate universal remote to meet your needs.

What Are Hisense TV Remote Codes

Hisense TV remote codes are used as a universal PIN to successfully pair remote controls with a Hisense TV. This makes pairing a new remote to a Hisense TV quick and easy. While some remotes can be programmed without the use of a Hisense remote code, it is generally much more complicated to do so.

You will need the Hisense TV remote code that is appropriate for both your remote and TV to successfully pair them. The remote code specific to your TV can be found in the manual. Use this guide to help you identify the code that you need and successfully pair your device.

How To Find Out Your Hisense TV Remote Code

To find your Hisense TV remote code, you will need access to your TV user manual. The manual will need to match the specific model of your Hisense TV.

Once you have the manual, simply locate the section that contains the universal remote codes. You will see a list of different brands of universal remotes and their corresponding pairing codes.

Choose the code that is right for your remote control and make a note of it. If you do not have access to a physical copy of your Hisense TV’s manual, you can find it online at the Hisense website.

The list below contains the remote codes for most Hisense TVs. Use this list to find the one that is appropriate for your devices. If one code does not work correctly, try another one or consult the troubleshooting methods at the end of this guide.

3 Digit Codes

  • 759
  • 763
  • 765

4 Digit Codes

  • 0178
  • 0073
  • 0780
  • 0216
  • 0753
  • 0227
  • 0508
  • 0208
  • 0216
  • 0156

5 Digit Codes

  • 10748
  • 11758

How To Program A Universal Remote To A Hisense TV

After you have found the appropriate Hisense TV remote code, you can begin the process of pairing your devices. To do this manually, you must first power on your Hisense TV and point the new remote in its direction.

With your remote pointed at your TV, press the TV button and then the Setup button on your remote control. This will begin the process of pairing your remote to your TV. Once your universal remote control has detected your Hisense TV, the light will begin to blink on your remote.

When the red light is blinking on your remote after successfully starting the pairing process, enter the remote-control code that you found using the list above. If the code you entered was accepted and correct you will see your universal remote blink red once.

This indicates a successful pairing. To make sure that the pairing was successful, simply try and power down your Hisense TV using the newly paired universal remote.

You can also have your Hisense TV automatically search for a universal remote in pairing distance. To do this, turn on your TV and hold the setup button on the universal remote that you wish to pair.

When prompted enter 991 as the required three-digit code. Once you have done this, hold the Power button on your remote and press Channel Up until your TV powers down. When you restart your TV the remote should be successfully paired.

How To Program Your Remote Without A Code

If for some reason you do not have access to a Hisense TV remote control pairing code, you can try using the Auto Search feature to find and connect your devices. To use the Auto Search feature you must first turn on your Hisense TV.

With your remote control pointed at your Hisense TV hold down the TV button for at least 5 seconds. When the LED light turns on, this indicates that your device is ready for pairing. When this happens press down both the Channel Up and Channel Down buttons on your remote.

This will start the automatic pairing process. If this process was successful your Hisense TV will power down and you will be able to turn it back on using the newly programmed universal remote control.

Do Universal Remotes Work For Hisense?

Many different universal remotes have been designed to work with Hisense TVs. They can usually be found quite cheap and can be a terrific addition to any home media center.

Having the ability to control all of your compatible devices as well as your Hisense TV is a great feature that can help cut down on the number of remote controls required in your home.

A great budget option universal remote is the Coolux Universal Remote Control. It is compatible with most model Hisense TVs and can be purchased for around ten dollars.

Being that it is relatively inexpensive, you should not expect some of the more advanced features that come with some of the more expensive models but it will work with most of your devices.

Hisense offers a universal remote control of their own, the Hisense EN-33922A. This universal remote comes fully functional with your Hisense TV right out of the box and can also be programmed to control other devices in your home. You can purchase the Hisense EN-33922A for around twenty dollars.

If you are looking for one of the most advanced universal remotes on the market, then you should consider the Logitech Harmony 650.

This universal remote is a little more expensive than the ones listed above but offers features like an LED screen and additional shortcuts and optimizations. It is also likely to be compatible with more of your devices.

The Logitech Harmony also comes in much more advanced models like Logitech Harmony Elite. This is by far the most advanced universal remote control on the market today.

It includes all of the normal pairing functions needed to work with your Hisense TV as well as many additional features. The high-definition LED touchscreen is the biggest draw for users of the device.

The Logitech Harmony can be purchased for three hundred dollars. You likely do not need a universal remote as advanced as this but it is an option for you to consider when picking remotes for your Hisense TV.

Why Is My Universal Remote Not Pairing With My Hisense TV?

There are a few common issues that you might encounter when trying to pair your universal remote control with your Hisense TV. Being able to properly identify your issue will help you choose the right troubleshooting method. The most common issues that users encounter pairing a universal remote with a Hisense TV have been listed below:

1. Your Universal Remote Code Is Not Correct

The most common cause of pairing issues is the use of an incorrect remote code. The remote code you use must match the make and model your both your TV and remote control. If you have entered an incorrect code, you will not be able to properly connect your devices.

2. Your TV Is Out Of Date

The ability to properly register and connect to a new universal remote control can be affected if the software on your Hisense TV is out of date.

You should stay adamant about keeping your TV updated to ensure that you have the latest patches and features applied.

3. Your Batteries Are Dead

If your universal remote control is not functioning at all, it could be due to dead batteries. If that is the case, simply changing to batteries will allow you to properly pair your devices.

Sometimes the batteries that come preinstalled in new universal remotes can lose their charge over time. This could cause your new universal remote to come out of the box with no battery power leading to connectivity problems.

4. Your Remote Is Damaged

If your remote control has been damaged you could experience pairing issues. Damage can be incurred through frequent drops or exposure to liquids.

The internals of the remote control could easily be damaged or dislodged so you should treat your remote with care to ensure that it continues to function properly.

5. Something Is Blocking Your Remote

If something is blocking the path between your remote and your Hisense TV, then you will likely not be able to connect your devices properly. You should ensure that you are attempting to pair your remote to your TV with a clear line between the devices to ensure that the connection can be properly transferred.

How To Fix Problems With Your Hisense TV Remote

If you are experiencing frequent issues with your Hisense TV remote or a universal remote that you are trying to pair with your TV, the troubleshooting methods listed below could help solve your problems. The most popular problem-solving methods for solving Hisense TV remote problems are listed below:

1. Restart Your Hisense TV

You should consider restarting your Hisense TV if you are having problems pairing your remote control. Powering your TV on and off again will allow it to correct any potential errors that could be causing issues.

A quick restart is often the best first approach to solving any type of problem that you are experiencing with your Hisense TV. A restart can also encourage any pairing interference to be resolved.

2. Update Your Hisense TV

The most common cause of issues and general functionality errors is out-of-date software on your Hisense TV. Your TV relies on the most recent version of its software to function properly. These updates contain bug fixes and many quality-of-life optimizations for your device.

If you find that you are experiencing frequent issues with your Hisense TV, you could need an update. Your TV will automatically notify you of any updates available when it is connected to a valid internet connection.

The user will have to manually download the update and install it for it to be applied. This is a key step of the update process that many look over, so keep this in mind.

3. Contact Hisense Support

If you are experiencing frequent issues with your Hisense TV, you should consider contacting Hisense Support so they can investigate your issue further.

You should only consider this once you have attempted all of the troubleshooting methods listed here, as Hisense support will likely suggest many of the methods on this list.

You can contact Hisense Support on their website. There you will find detailed instructions on how to report your issue. First, you will need to provide a detailed account of your problem which will then be investigated by someone at Hisense Support.

Hisense Support will walk you through any troubleshooting methods that you might have missed and offer detailed suggestions on how to successfully solve your issue.

This method requires some patience, as dealing with customer service on the phone can be frustrating. Rest assured that Hisense Support will do all they can to get your application functioning properly.

4. Look In The Forums For More Information

The Hisense forums are a great source of information regarding all types of issues that you might experience while using your Hisense TV.

There you will find an active community of users that come together to talk about problems they have encountered and work together to solve them. This includes other Hisense users who may be experiencing the same problems as you.

This can be a good alternative to contacting Hisense support if customer service is not something you would like to deal with. You will likely find your issue being discussed on the Hisense forums or find that your problem has already been solved and archived.

You could also use guides like the one you are reading to help you better identify your issues’ root causes and potential troubleshooting methods.

5. Purchase A New Remote Control

Unfortunately, there are some instances where your remote control can be damaged and need to be replaced or repaired. If your remote is not working correctly, it could cause pairing errors and it may need to be replaced.

To fix a broken remote control you will either have to replace your remote or send it off to be repaired. Depending on how extensive the damage to your device is, you might find that replacement is the only option.

To avoid damage to your remote control you should ensure that you are storing it properly and avoiding drops and spills. This can help you ensure that your remote has a long and healthy life.

6. Use The Internet To Find More Information

When troubleshooting issues with your Hisense TV and app-related issues, detailed guides on the internet, like the one you are currently reading, are great resources to utilize when looking for ways to troubleshoot your issue.

With the information provided in this guide, you will now have the knowledge to identify and solve any potential issues you might experience while pairing a remote control with your TV.

While this method cannot directly solve your problem, it can give you a lot of insight into what could be causing it and point you in the right direction to solve it appropriately.

Final Thoughts

This detailed guide has broken down many of the frequent questions people have regarding pairing a remote with a Hisense TV. You will need to appropriate remote code to successfully pair your remote to your TV.

The codes have been provided above so you can find the one that is appropriate for your TV and easily pair your device.

With the information provided in this guide, you now have all of the knowledge that you need to identify and resolve any issues that you might encounter while trying to pair your universal remote with your Hisense TV.

It can be frustrating dealing with remote control pairing issues but this guide can ensure that you are always able to use your devices as they are intended.

This guide has also provided some popular universal remotes that are compatible with your Hisense TV. You can use this information to help you pick the universal remote control this is right for your situation.

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