Hinge Showing People Out of Preferences? Try This

Hinge Showing People Out of Preferences

Users have recently been experiencing an issue where Hinge will show them people that are outside of their set preferences.

You are likely looking for a match, not technical difficulties, so let us figure out why this is happening and what you can do to fix the situation. Read on to find out.

1. Hinge Showing People Out of Preferences

Hinge is a fantastic dating app that would like to change the way people find potential matches.

With that said, Hinge is still an app, which makes it unsurprising when you may set your preferences to “woman seeking men” and the app shows you a profile of a woman that is thousands of miles away.

This is because, at the end of the day, Hinge is an application and apps are susceptible to errors, glitches, and malfunctions.

Not to mention that you are likely using Hinge on one of your mobile devices and all devices can catch bugs, not the literal kind but rather technical bugs that can cause problems.

There is also the algorithm Hinge uses that should be taken into account. It would seem that Hinge’s location range and age range leaves a lot to be desired.

Considering that some users have set their potential match range for nearby or at least five miles and they wind up seeing profiles that are 200 miles away from them.

As previously stated, in this regard Hinge has some work to do before it is more accurate. With that said, you should always take technical issues into account, as the app could be having problems or its servers might even be down.

Essentially, we are saying that there are many possible reasons why Hinge is showing you people that do not genuinely match your set preferences.

Now, let us get to some possible reasons why that this is occurring while also providing you with fixes for the said problem.

Fix – Bug Glitch

When you are using any app such as the Hinge dating application and you are having problems with some functions such as the preferences setting, you should consider if your device or the app might have a bug.

It may seem obvious but we do not mean a literal insect bug but rather a technical bug that causes issues with basic functions. What’s more, is that a technical bug can become recurrent, which means that it will be giving you grief for as long as it remains.

Lucky for you, there are methods to get rid of a bug. One method is to clear the cache for the Hinge app.

If clearing the cache for the Hinge application does not work, then you can also try fully closing the Hinge app.

How to Force Close App on iPhone (With Home Button)

Step 1. To display the most recent apps you’ve used, double-click the Home button.

Step 2. To find the app you wish to exit, swipe right or left.

Step 3. To close the app, swipe up on the preview card.

How to Force Close App on iPhone (Without Home Button)

Step 1. Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone’s Home screen or if you’re in an app, hold down the screen for a little period of time while pausing, and then release it when the App Switcher displays.

Step 2. To identify the app you want to close, swipe left and right through the many app cards.

Step 3. To exit the app, quickly swipe up.

How to Force Close App on Android

Step 1. The first thing you will want to do is go to and open the Settings app.

Step 2. Next, you can either select the Apps or the Apps & Notifications option.

Step 3. You might have to select See All Apps in order to see all of the opened applications.

Step 4. Now, you can select the application you would like to force close, then you can select the Force Stop option.

Step 5. Finally, confirm the action by tapping OK.

Fix 2 – Set Range Again

It is feasible that the technical bug could be causing problems with the age and location range of your Hinge account. With this in mind, you could attempt to set the age and location range once again, as this could reset the function and clear the bug issue.

How to Reset Preferences (Set Range Again)

Step 1. Tap your photo icon in the Hinge app’s navigation bar on the far right.

Step 2. Then select Dating Preferences.

You can alter a preference by tapping it.

Step 3. If this is a rigid preference, turn on Dealbreaker. These modifications will go into effect right away. Otherwise, you risk seeing potentials that are not covered by your criteria.

Step 4. Press the back arrow.

Fix 3 – Contact Hinge

If you have tried the previous bug fixes and have had no luck, you might want to consider contacting Hinge.

Unfortunately, Hinge does not have a customer support phone number but rather an app-generated email, which means you will essentially have to contact Hinge through email.

This could be welcomed information for those who dread talking over the phone and considering issues such as this are typically mostly technical, it is more comprehensive to receive Hinge’s assistance through typed words (email).

You can reach Hinge’s email support at: [email protected].

Fix 4 – Wait For A Few Days

If you have attempted the previous fixes and have also contacted Hinge’s support email service, then you should consider giving the bug issue of you seeing people outside of your set preferences a couple of days to clear out.

Sometimes patience can pay off and this may be one of those instances, as this will give ample time for Hinge to correct any problems on their end and check that everything is running as it should be on the application.

There are many dating apps out there, so if you want to give the Hinge app a couple of days to clean up its bug issue, then you can try another dating app that you find suitable.

The decision is yours, as you can also opt to not use another dating app and simply wait for a couple of days so that Hinge can fix their preferences issue.

2. Hinge is Down

As previously mentioned, it is possible that Hinge is down. See, apps and websites use servers to not only hold and store user information but the server(s) is also responsible for responding to requests being made on either the website or app.

In this situation, it is the Hinge app, but the potential problem remains possible.

Hinge’s server could be down and a server could go into downtime for many possible reasons such as a power outage, a damaged IP card, or even a request overload.

Now, when a server goes down, the website or app is essentially useless until the server is back up, which means that the Hinge’s server could have gone down in the time span that you began looking for potential matches.

This could certainly cause your match results to glitch or even malfunction, which could make the app show you people outside of your set preferences.

Fix Check if Hinge is Down

If only there was a way that you could check whether a website’s or an app’s server is down. Luckily, there are many sites that offer such a service as is it down right now or Downdetector.

On these sites, you can check if Hinge’s server is down or not. This way you do not have to waste any time debating if their server is down or not and you can begin checking for other possible issues.

Servers go down quite regularly, which would make it not too surprising if Hinge’s server did indeed go down. Keep in mind that servers typically go down for 20 minutes at the absolute maximum, so it should not be a long wait until Hinge’s server is back online.

3. There are Not Enough People in the Preferences Set

While it is less likely, it is possible that there are not enough people that match the preferences you have set. Sure, we all want to find the perfect match but you should also be reasonable with your preferences.

At the time it can seem like the preferences you have set bear no weight with the profiles you are shown; however, sometimes the preferences you have set can bear too much weight, which means you may have no matches due to your set preferences.

This may seem absurd but it is quite possible, as sometimes these preference settings can even be exaggerated by the algorithm.

This is a real bummer since it would seem that Hinge’s preference settings either do not work accurately enough or they work a bit too well.

Fix – Expand Preferences

Luckily, you can mend this issue by expanding on your set preferences. Simply add some details or even fewer details and may come up with more accurate matches on Hinge.

4. Hinge is Out of Date

It is feasible that your Hinge app is out of date, which can result in the app not performing correctly. This can certainly be an issue but it is also fixable by a couple of methods.

Fix – Clear Cache

As previously mentioned, sometimes app problems can be solved by simply clearing the cache for the app. This can not only help clear out bugs but it can also help the app to function properly.

If you are on Android, then all you need to do is open the Settings app, then go to “Storage,” and then select “Other Apps.” Here, you will find and tap on the Hinge app, then simply select “Clear Cache.”

If you are on iPhone, then open the Settings app and select the app you would like to clear the cache of, then scroll to the bottom and turn on the “Clear Temp Data on Next Start” option. Now you can launch the Hinge app and the cache will be cleared.

Fix 2 – Update Hinge

Another method you can use is to update the Hinge app, as it might be out of date. Such app updates offer essential software and hardware updates for applications and the Hinge app is no different. Check to see if Hinge might need to be updated.

Hinge is a fantastic dating app but it is still an app, which means that it will eventually have problems, bugs, and glitches. It is not only possible but it is rather only a matter of time.

Luckily you have found this feature, in which we have provided fixes so that you can get back to finding that potentially ideal match on Hinge.

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