Hinge Glossary


This Hinge glossary serves as a comprehensive guide to the unique terminology used by Hinge users, shedding light on the meanings behind the words and phrases that have become an integral part of modern dating culture.

1. Prompting:

The process of selecting and responding to conversation prompts on Hinge. Hinge prompts are creative and thought-provoking questions that users can answer to showcase their personality and interests.

2. Commenting spree:

When a user engages in a series of comments on another user’s profile, showing a high level of interest or a desire to continue the conversation.

3. Rose:

A virtual currency on Hinge that allows users to send Roses to express an extra level of interest in someone’s profile. Roses are purchased using real money.

4. Standouts:

– Profiles that have a higher visibility due to their uniqueness or exceptional content. Standouts often receive more attention and engagement from other users.


5. Your Turn:

– A feature that prompts users to respond to pending conversations. It encourages reciprocity in communication, ensuring that both users actively contribute to the conversation.

6. We Met:

– A feature on Hinge that allows users to provide feedback on their dates. It helps Hinge improve its algorithm and offers users a sense of closure after meeting in person.

7. DTR:

– Abbreviation for “Define The Relationship.” DTR is a pivotal moment in online dating where individuals discuss and clarify the nature of their connection, whether it’s casual, exclusive, or something else.


8. Zombieing:

– When a person who previously ghosted or disappeared suddenly reappears, often in response to a new prompt or update on the user’s profile.

9. Roaching:

– The act of hiding the fact that you are dating multiple people from one of your partners, only to be revealed later, causing distress or discomfort.

10. Fishing:

– A term used when someone on Hinge is seeking compliments or validation. Fishing often involves posting pictures or prompts designed to elicit positive responses.

11. Waste his/her/their time:

– Deliberately engaging with someone on Hinge without genuine interest or intentions, often for entertainment or ego-boosting purposes.

12. IRL:

– Abbreviation for “In Real Life.” Used when suggesting a transition from online interactions to meeting face-to-face.

13. Unmatch:

– The action of removing a user from your matches and chat list. Unmatching is typically done when a user no longer wishes to engage with or pursue a connection.

14. Vibes:

– A term used to describe the overall feeling or energy one gets from a user’s profile. Positive vibes suggest a potential match, while negative vibes may deter further interaction.

15. Breadcrumbing:

– Sending sporadic and non-committal messages to keep someone interested without any intention of pursuing a serious relationship. Breadcrumbing often involves minimal effort and engagement.

16. Glow-up:

– A positive transformation or improvement in one’s physical appearance, lifestyle, or overall well-being. Users may showcase their glow-up on Hinge through updated pictures and prompts.

17. Hinge and Chill:

– A playful variation of the popular “Netflix and Chill” phrase, suggesting a casual and relaxed approach to meeting someone on Hinge.

18. Prompt Master:

– A user who excels at crafting creative and engaging responses to Hinge prompts. Being a prompt master can enhance a user’s profile and attract more attention.

19. Ghosting:

– Abruptly ceasing all communication with a person on Hinge, leaving them without any explanation or closure. Ghosting is a common and often emotionally challenging experience in online dating.

20. Hingeiversary:

– The anniversary of when two users first connected or matched on Hinge. Celebrating a Hingeiversary may involve reflecting on the journey of the relationship.

21. Standout:

A section of the app that showcases the profiles of users who have already liked you and have sent you a rose. You can view one Standout profile per day for free, or unlock more with roses

22. Date from Home:

A feature that allows users to indicate their readiness for a virtual date with their match. Users can choose from three options: ready, maybe later, or not interested. If both users select ready, they will receive a notification and can start a video call within the app.

23. Most Compatible:

A feature that suggests one highly compatible match per day based on users’ preferences, personality, and behavior. Users can choose to like, comment, or skip the suggestion.

24. “DTR” (Define the Relationship):

This straightforward term refers to the crucial conversation where two people explicitly define their relationship status, moving beyond the ambiguity of casual dating.

25. “Benching”:

This term describes the act of keeping someone as a backup option, stringing them along without real commitment. Think of it as a reserve player on the dating field, waiting for their chance to play.

26. “Cuffing Season”:

As the temperature drops and the holiday season approaches, the desire for companionship intensifies. This phenomenon is aptly named “cuffing season,” a time when singles seek temporary partners for warmth and comfort.

27. “Ghosting”:

This is the unfortunate act of disappearing from someone’s life abruptly, without explanation or closure. It’s the digital equivalent of vanishing into thin air.

29. “Kittenfishing”:

This term refers to the deceptive practice of using significantly more flattering or outdated photos to attract matches. Imagine putting out a bowl of milk for a fluffy feline, only to find a wildcat lurking beneath the surface.

30. “Lowkey/Highkey”:

These terms add nuance to expressions of interest. “Lowkey” implies a subtle or understated feeling, while “highkey” conveys a more intense and undeniable attraction.

31. “Negging”:

This manipulative tactic involves subtly insulting or criticizing someone to undermine their confidence and make them more susceptible to their advances.

32. “Rizz”:

This slang term refers to someone’s ability to flirt and charm potential partners. Think of it as a secret weapon in the arsenal of seduction.

33. “Situationship”:

This describes a relationship that falls somewhere between casual dating and a committed partnership. It’s characterized by an undefined status and lack of clear expectations.

34. “Tase”:

This term refers to the late-night conversations that keep you glued to your phone, captivated by the intrigue and connection with your match.

35. “Textationship”:

This describes a relationship that primarily exists through text messages and online communication, without much face-to-face interaction.

36. “Zombieing”:

This eerie phenomenon occurs when someone who ghosted you suddenly reappears in your life, often without explanation or apology.

37. “Zombifying”:

This term describes the act of ghosting someone, but keeping them as a “zombie match” on your profile, just in case you change your mind later.

38. “Catch feelings”:

This phrase refers to the development of romantic feelings for someone you’re dating or casually seeing.

39. “Hard swipe right”:

This slang term is used to describe enthusiastically swiping right on someone’s profile, indicating strong interest.

40. “Vibes”:

This term is often used to describe the overall feeling or compatibility between two people.

41. “Slide into your DMs”:

This phrase suggests sending a direct message to someone on a social media platform or dating app.

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