Hinge Call Button Missing? Do This


Hinge has always had the voice and video calling feature which you can use by pressing the call button.

But did you notice recently that the call button is missing? Well, you’re not alone. And there’s a reason for that.

In this article, I will provide details about the call button being missing on Hinge, as well as recommendations for what you can do about it.

Why Is Hinge Call Button Missing?

The reason is simple: Hinge removed the call button. And they only did that recently. That’s why you may only have noticed the removal after a recent update of the Hinge app.

Here is what Hinge have to say on the issue:

“After much consideration, Hinge has decided to remove the Voice and Video Calling feature from the platform.

While we continue to look for ways to improve the app, consider trying voice notes or messaging with your match to get to know them further.

Please continue to only share information that feels safe and comfortable for you. We also wanted to be sure you have our Safe Dating Tips.”

So, there you go. The call button on Hinge is missing because it is no longer available as a feature on the Hinge app.

Hinge did not provide a specific reason for this decision, but some possible factors that may have influenced it are:

  • The low usage and demand for the feature. Hinge may have realized that not many users were using the voice and video calling option, either because they preferred to use other apps or platforms for calling, or because they were not comfortable with calling strangers online. Hinge may have also received feedback from users who did not like the feature or found it intrusive or annoying. Hinge may have decided to focus on other features that were more popular and effective for users.
  • The technical issues and glitches that may have affected the feature. Some users have reported that the voice and video calling feature was not working properly, and they experienced problems such as poor sound quality, lagging, freezing, or disconnecting. Some users also complained that they accidentally hit the call button and initiated a call without intending to. Hinge may have encountered difficulties in maintaining and improving the feature, and decided to remove it instead of fixing it.
  • The ethical and legal implications that may have arisen from the feature. Hinge may have faced some challenges or risks in ensuring the privacy and security of the users who used the voice and video calling feature. Hinge may have also been concerned about the potential misuse or abuse of the feature, such as harassment, spamming, scamming, or catfishing. Hinge may have also been subject to some regulations or laws that may have restricted or prohibited the use of the feature.

The removal of the voice and video calling feature may have disappointed or inconvenienced some users who liked and used the feature, especially as a safety and screening tool before meeting their matches in person.

The Changing Landscape Of Online Dating

Hinge’s decision to remove the call button reflects its commitment to continually evaluate and refine its features to optimize the user experience and promote meaningful connections. By removing a feature that was underutilized and not significantly contributing to match success, Hinge has demonstrated its adaptability and focus on fostering genuine connections through thoughtful interactions.

The app continues to prioritize features that encourage users to express themselves authentically, engage in engaging conversations, and build connections based on shared values and interests. In doing so, Hinge aims to create a dating environment that promotes compatibility, mutual respect, and the potential for lasting relationships.

Navigating the Modern Dating Landscape

In the absence of the call button, Hinge users can continue to explore various modes of communication, including voice messages, exchanging contacts, connecting on other social media platforms if applicable, and in-person meetups. The key is to find a communication method that feels comfortable and natural for both parties, allowing for genuine expression and connection.

As the world of online dating continues to evolve, it’s essential to embrace flexibility and openness to new ways of connecting. Platforms like Hinge are constantly adapting to meet the needs of their users, and with a focus on authenticity, compatibility, and thoughtful interactions, they strive to facilitate meaningful connections in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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