When you like things on Instagram, they are publicly available for all of your followers in the activity section on Instagram.

This stops you from being as free as possible because you’re always being cautious that people can see the sort of things that you’re liking. The activity section also shows your followers what you comment, who you follow, as well as, what you like.

If you have a partner and you’re trying to hide what you like from them, I’m going to show you how down below.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to hide what you’re doing on Instagram, but there is a certain way you can get around it. You can’t hide who you’re following and who’s pictures you comment on, but you can hide which pictures you like on Instagram.

1. Like More than 8 Photos

Recent activity Instagram

Instagram only lets your followers see the 8 most recent things that you’ve liked.

This means that you can like the things that you don’t want anyone to see that you liked, then you can like 8 other random things so that this is what’s shown to your followers.

This means that your followers can’t see what you’ve liked before you liked the 8 pictures that are now publicly shown to them.

2. Bookmark the Post

Bookmark pictures Instagram

If you told someone that you’re not active but you want to like something on Instagram now, you can just click the bookmark button on the post and like it later.

This will make sure that no one knows that you’re active now because you have no activity on Instagram.

3. Block the Person you want to Hide from

If you want to hide your like activity from a specific follower and not all of your followers, you can block them.

Once you’ve blocked them, you can like, comment and follow the people you want, then unblock them after.

They won’t be able to see what you did during the period you blocked them for.

The only downside to this is that they will no longer follow you from the moment you block them.

4. Be Active in the Night

The last way you can hide your activity on Instagram is by only being active late in the night.

If you’re on Instagram while everyone is asleep, there’s no way that they’ll be able to see what you’ve been doing.

Even when they wake up, the recent activity list will be full of other people’s activity instead of yours.

5. How to Hide Activity Status

Hide activity status Instagram

If you want to hide when you were last active on Instagram from the DM section, go to your profile > go to settings > uncheck show activity status.

When you were last active on Instagram will no longer be available to anyone.