Hashtags on Instagram have gained a reputation for being rather pretentious in nature and spammable to the point of blocking an individual for simply using them, at least, not ironically using them. If you know anything about social media, you’ll know that hashtags are important for the traffic of Instagram. But by hiding them–without deleting them–can make a post on Instagram look far more cleaner, you’ll get to keep the hashtags which, in turn, will keep your traffic from faltering.

First off, you need to download yourself a text editor. There are dozens of great text editors out there and many of them are free. However, if your iOS device or Android device comes with a text editor right out of the box, then that will do just fine. As long as you can type, highlight text, copy and paste.

Downloading and Installing a Text Editor

If you don’t have one, then you’ll need to head on into your device’s app store. Here’s what you do:

1. Locate and launch your default app store. For Android devices, the default app store is the Google Play Store app. Its icon is a colorful triangle. For iOS devices, the default app store is, aptly named, the App Store. The App Store icon looks like several writing utensils in the shape of an ‘A,’ against a blue backdrop.

  • For Android devices, you’ll find the Google Play Store app somewhere on one of your home screens. Swipe to the left or right to reveal more home screens. However, if you don’t find it, then look inside your App Drawer.
  • For iOS users, check on one of your home screens for the App Store. You don’t have an App Drawer to fall back on, so if you can’t find it, you might be swiping back and forth too fast. Double-check inside any app folders you may have.

2. Search for a text editor of your choice by typing in “text editor” in the search bar or research text editors and search for them by name.

  • For Android users, the search bar is at the top.
  • For iOS users, tap Search located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. On the app’s information page, tap INSTALL.

  • If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll need to select GET and then INSTALL.

Hiding Hashtags on Instagram

1. Locate and launch a text editor app.

hit the return button

2. Type into the text editor the caption you want for your post, but don’t include the hashtags yet. At the end of the text, hit Return.

add a single period or dot

3. On the new line, add a single period or dot. Now hit Return, again, and do that another 4 times. The end result should be 5 periods or dots below your post.

4. Under the fifth dot, add all of your hashtags.

So, why bother adding the dots? The end result (as seen in the images above) forces Instagram to add the tag “…More” at the end of your post and, in turn, hiding everything placed after the dots.