You store conversations, photos, videos and apps, even sensitive stuff like financial information, intimate files, and more.  Thus, privacy is a must when it comes to your phones.

Your privacy should be at our disposal whenever we are dealing with certain topics or types of information. For instance, phone data should be treated with care because most people are not comfortable sharing the things that you want to keep private.

Disclaimer: This also works well if you just want to remove unnecessary apps from your sight.

Here are 2 ways to hide your apps on your Android Phone.

1. Disabling Pre-Installed Applications

The first method is to disable system apps. This will keep the app on your phone but it will be inaccessible and hidden away from the menu of apps.

To hide apps on your Android device:


  1. Open Settings.apps manager
  2. Look for the Apps Manager. Sometimes you have to press Additional Settings or Devices for it to show up.ALL apps
  3. Tap the ALL tab. This will show you the list of applications installed on your phone. Scroll through the list for the app you want to hide
  4. Tap the app you want to hide.Disable app
  5. Tap Disable. The disable function is only available for pre-installed system apps. So if you are trying to do this with a third-party app, you will see the uninstall option.

Some pre-installed apps aren’t at all useful and only consumes your phone’s memory since you can’t uninstall them.

This method will also stop the usage of the app that you disabled so it will free up your phone’s Random Access Memory (RAM), making it run a little faster than usual. Also, you won’t receive any push notifications related to the app unless you enable it once again.

Treating your privacy with priority is good behavior and hiding apps have its benefits. It keeps your sensitive information away from unwanted people who want to pry on you or steal something from you.

2. Install a Third-Party Launcher App

To hide third-party Play store apps, you’ll need to install Nova Launcher Prime. Launcher apps are the ones responsible for activating and showing you your menu screen with all your apps.

There are various other apps to choose from so you can just do a quick Google Play Store search for launcher apps.

To access the hide feature of the app, you’ll need the paid license for Nova Launcher. This only goes for $4.99. When you have the app installed on your phone:

Nova Launcher

  1. Launch Nova and widget drawers
  2. Click the App and Widget drawers.
  3. Click Hide Apps under Drawer Group.
  4. Select all the apps you want to group and hide.

Bottom Line

It’s always a good idea to hide sensitive information so if theft occurs, you have a line of security when it comes to your apps.

You’ll also be hiding it away from public view which will reduce the temptation to access it when other individuals, like friends and family, get ahold of your phone.

Pro tip: There are other apps that give you the same features like Apex Launcher, Keepsafe Photo Vault, Vaulty, and Private Zone. These apps are different from Nova Launcher as they’re all free to use but the most important thing to have is the peace of mind with an app that you can trust.

Pro tip: Don’t use the public Wi-Fi named which is aptly named so. Connecting to this service can put you and your data at high risk because the connection is open for everyone and is unsafe. Data hackers are very smart and could steal your information if you’re not careful.

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