Facebook Messenger and, of course, Facebook itself, has a feature that many would find objectively annoying: the active now status. Was is it? It’s this tiny green dot that shows up on your profile picture when you are currently using Facebook Messenger and Facebook.

It’s to show to the entirety of your Facebook friends that you’re online and ready to chat. But you aren’t, are you? You want to hide yourself. That’s okay. No one is judging you.

What You Will Need…

  • Your smartphone or tablet with Facebook Messenger installed.
  • A computer. In order to camouflage your active now status completely, it needs to be changed via the Facebook website, too.
  • A safe and secure network connection.

Hide Active Now Status on Facebook Messenger

1. Locate and launch the Facebook Messenger app. Its icon is, what appears to be, a white lightning bolt against a blue backdrop. Look for the Facebook Messenger app on one of your home screens or in your App Drawer. All of your currently installed apps will get placed in your App Drawer.

For iOS users, you won’t have an App Drawer. If you can’t find the Facebook Messenger app, then you may be swiping past it. Double-check any app folders you have, too.

go to your profile

2. Head into your Profile. Tap your profile picture in the top left corner of the screen, to the left of Chats. Doing so will redirect you to your profile settings.

select active status

3. What you need to find in the menu is the section Profile. Scroll down until you find it. Under Profile, select Active Status.

4. At the top, tap the slider next to Show when you’re active. Make sure the slider was moved to the left. It will prompt a small window.

Read the message Facebook provides. It will give you a summary of what your Active Status does for you and your friends.

turn off active status

5. Confirm the change in your active status by tapping TURN OFF.

Before you jump for joy, it isn’t over you. You see, if you’re active status is turned off desktop-side, you’ll still show as Active Now to any and all of your friends. Get yourself to a computer to make the necessary changes.

Hide Active Now Status on Facebook via PC

1. Locate and launch your preferred web browser and head on over to Facebook’s homepage.

2. Log into Facebook, if you aren’t already, with the account you want to camouflage.

turn off active status

3. Look to your chat bar on the right side of your browser. If it isn’t there, then it has been minimized. In that case, look to the bottom right corner of the web browser. You’ll see Chat (#). To the right of Chat, you’ll see a very small gear. Go ahead and click it. It will open a small menu, your Options.

4. In the menu, click Turn Off Active Status. Doing so will throw up a window of options for you to toy with.

turn off active status

5. In Active Status, you need to decide how far you want to hide your Active Now status. You may have noticed that the Facebook Messenger app wasn’t equipped to offer the same gesture. Here’s your options:

  • Turn off active status for all contacts: This is like nuking your Active Now status. Choosing this option will completely hide your from everyone on your friends list.
  • Turn off active status for all contacts except: One side of the coin. Choosing this option will hide your Active Now status to everyone except for a select few people you tag in the text box.
  • Turn off active status for only some contacts: The other side of the coin. Choosing this option will only hide you from the people tagged in the text box. You’ll be active to everyone else.

6. When you’ve made your choice, go ahead and click Okay. Your active status will now behave in the way you’ve chosen.

Bottom Line

With that being said, there is one caveat to understand with your Active Now status, even after you’ve made the changes: you won’t see other people that are online. You’re hidden from them, but they’re hidden, too. If you open a conversation, their active status will be revealed to you, if their active status is turned on. If they open a conversation with you, they still won’t see it.