Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place (The Full Guide)

Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place

A common notification that people receive on the Instagram application is the “Keep Instagram A Supportive Place” notification. This has led to some confusion from users who encounter this notification and has them wondering exactly what it means and what causes it.

Like any built-in notification on Instagram, it is triggered by some form of user behavior and has a specific intention when being displayed to the user. This guide will help you determine the exact cause of this notification and what it means for your Instagram account.

What Does Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place Mean

When people receive the “Keep Instagram A Supportive Place” notification, it is generally right after they have attempted to submit a comment on someone’s post on the Instagram application. This notification is displayed to users who Instagram has determined are attempting to leave a comment that is hateful, hurtful, or some form of harassment.

The first part of this notification will read, “Are You Sure You Want To Post This?”. Upon clicking the learn more tab at the bottom of the notification, you will be presented with another message asking you to reconsider what you are posting and “Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place”.

This feature and notification are Instagram’s attempt to cut down on cyberbullying and internet harassment. Keeping the Instagram application a friendly and safe place for everyone is one of the application’s biggest priorities.

They use this notification to encourage users to behave positively on the application and give them a moment to rethink the things they are attempting to post. Instagram uses advanced AI to scan through the comment and identify keywords and phrases that they identify as hateful, racist, or harassing comments.

Upon receiving this notification, users will have the chance to edit their comment or discard it completely. Ultimately, it will be up to the user to decide whether they wish to follow through with the posting of the comment.

Keep in mind that while Instagram leaves the decision up to you, your behavior on the application is still subject to the Terms and Conditions set in place by Instagram.

Why Do I Keep Getting Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place Notification

The reason that you keep seeing the “Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place” notification is because you have been posting comments on the Instagram application that are deemed inappropriate frequently.

Any time that you attempt to post a comment containing keywords and phrases that the Instagram AI deems as hateful, racist, or harassing, you will receive this notification in an attempt to get you to reconsider what you are posting.

The Instagram AI is quite efficient at detecting these types of comments and is likely why you have been receiving this notification frequently.

There is no way to bypass this feature of the application so you will continue to receive the notification any time that you attempt to post negative and hurtful comments on the application.

You are likely aware of the particulars of the comment that you were attempting to send each time you received this notification, so it should be no surprise when Instagram attempts to dissuade you from posting it.

Keep in mind that ultimately, the decision to post the comment or not is yours, but you will still be subject to the consequences if your behavior on the Instagram application does not follow to Terms of Service laid out when signed up for an account.

The typical comment types that trigger this notification are racist comments, hateful or violent comments, or comments that are meant to be hurtful. Generally, the Instagram AI will not make mistakes when identifying these types of comments and will attribute them to your account as you receive this notification.

It is unknown how many times you can be shown the notification before it affects your account status. It is in your account’s best interest to edit your comments appropriately before posting them.

How to Get Rid of Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place

You will not be able to bypass the “Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place” notification while using the application. Any time that you comment on the Instagram application, it will be scanned by the AI for any keywords and phrases that it identifies as hateful, hurtful, or harassing.

Once it has detected comment content of these types, you will be displayed the “Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place” notification before actually being allowed to post your comment.

This is a built-in feature that cannot be avoided and is something that you have agreed to in the Terms of Service by signing up to use the Instagram services.

You can get rid of the notification displayed on your screen by simply choosing to edit the comment or posting it anyway. Once you have made a selection, the notification will automatically disappear until the next time it detects that you are attempting to post inappropriate content types.

As previously mentioned, you cannot bypass these notifications if you are detected sending hateful and inappropriate comments. All you will be able to do is select to edit your comment or post it anyway.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you but if you choose to post comments that have been identified as inappropriate, your account could be subject to restrictive actions.

Will My Account Get Deactivated If I Keep Getting This?

Your account will not be deactivated by simply receiving this notification. This notification is displayed before the comment is actually posted, which will keep you from being subject to any consequences until you decide to post to the comment.

If you receive this notification and decide to alter the comment to make it acceptable or discard it entirely, then you will not receive any negative marks on your account. This is the purpose of the “Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place” notification.

It is put in place to give people a chance to rethink the things that they are posting on the Instagram application and change them to something more appropriate.

That being said, if you do not alter the comment after it has been flagged as inappropriate and post it anyway, over time your account could be subject to being banned or deactivated entirely.

After Instagram detects that you have posted enough negative and hateful comments, it is very likely that the moderators will place commenting restrictions on your account. Even worse offenders are likely to have their accounts banned for 24 hours up to a few weeks in more extreme circumstances.

If you are a repeat offender and have received this notification several times and have not heeded the warnings, then it is likely that your account with be permanently deactivated. Because of this, it is important to consider what the notification is telling you and attempt to edit the contents of the comment accordingly.

This will help you avoid the “Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place” notification and keep your account safe from being banned or deactivated.

Comment behavior is one of the most common reasons for someone to have their account banned or deactivated. You should ensure that you do not post any comments containing keywords or phrases that the Instagram AI could identify as inappropriate.

What Happens If My Account Is Deactivated?

When your account is deactivated on the Instagram application, you will no longer be able to access your account or any of your profile settings permanently. An account deactivation that is imposed by Instagram is the consequence of behavior exhibited by the account that is found to be in breach of the Terms of Service.

Once your account has been deactivated by Instagram, you can attempt to appeal for your account to be reactivated. To start the appeal process, you will simply need to attempt to log in to your Instagram account and follow the on-screen instructions provided to you.

Depending on the reason that your account was deactivated, you could have a decent chance of having your account reactivated. That being said, more serious and frequent offensives will cause the likelihood of having your account restored to fall significantly.

If your appeal process is not successful, you will not be able to use the Instagram application with that account ever again.

You will lose access to all of the messages, comments, and posts that you have made and will have to complete the signup process for a new account to use the application again.

This is not ideal, especially for users who have accumulated a large number of followers. You should always ensure that the comments you post and your behavior on the application fall within the Terms and Conditions set in place by the Instagram application.

This will help you avoid getting your account permanently deactivated. As previously mentioned, a deactivated account will no longer be usable in any way.

Final Thoughts

This guide has provided you with all of the information that you need to better understand the “Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place” notification. As this guide indicates, this notification is a safety measure put into place by Instagram to help cut down on cyberbullying and harassment.

When you see this notification, you will have a chance to edit the comment that you were attempting to leave to make it more acceptable. You will have the choice to post the comment anyway in its current form but will then be subject to disciplinary action by Instagram.

If you post enough comments that trigger this notification without editing them, you could risk your account being permanently deactivated. This will cause you to lose all of your followers, messages, and posts that you have made on the application.

Your account once deactivated, will eventually be removed from the Instagram servers. You should ensure that the comments you make on the Instagram application are acceptable and do not trigger the “Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place” notification.

This will help keep your account safe from being deactivated and add to the positive nature of the Instagram application that they are attempting to foster. These safety features help make the Instagram application a safe and fun place for everyone to use.

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