Google Duo Microphone Not Working? Try These 8 Fixes

Google Duo Microphone Not Working

You are chatting with your friend over Google Duo, and all of the sudden, your friend claims they cannot hear you; quickly, you check if you are muted somehow, and no, you are not muted. Beginning to troubleshoot, you check your internet connection; you check your microphone; it all checks out.

This is what many people have been experiencing with their Google Duo, and this can prove to be as little as a bit annoying and big enough to be very inconvenient as you may be using it to tutor a student, cutting into very important teaching time.

If It’s on Your TV:

1. If You’re Using Google Duo on Android TV, You Can’t Use Your Remote’s Mic as It Won’t Work

It can be a real bummer and frustrating when trying to use a device that will not pair with another. This is, unfortunately, the case if you are attempting to use the mic on your Android TV’s remote for Google Duo.

While this can appear embarrassing, holding the remote to your face and talking to it is trying to get it to work.

However, this is an understandable assumption as you can use your Android TV’s remote mic for many different actions, so why not use it for this as well? Unfortunately, it is simply not compatible in order to use the mic on the Android TV’s remote.

Do not be discouraged by this, though as there are other methods in order to make this work on your Android TV. With ever-growing and expanding technologies, getting better and better everyday; however, not all technology is perfect nor can it be compatible with every other device.

So while this is very inconvenient, it is not impossible to use Google Duo with your Android TV and use a working microphone. Do read through this list to find some helpful fixes for this situation.

Fix – Use an External Mic

Now, if you are attempting to use Google Duo on your Android TV and are trying to use the mic on the remote; unfortunately, this will not work.

However, what you can do is use an external mic, a good reliable one being Apple airpods (view on Amazon) in order to make sure your Google Duo works properly and to it’s full capacity.

If you do have AirPods and are trying to sync them up with your Android TV, this is how you achieve this. Get your Pixel Buds into pairing mode (Pop open the case, leave the earbuds in the case.

1. Press & Hold the round button on the back of the case until the LED indicator on the case starts flashing white.)

2. Go into your TV’s Bluetooth menu, search and select AirPods to connect them.

This is how you can sync up your AirPods with your Android TV, providing a clear and defined mic for your chat on Google Duo.

If you do have ear buds with a mic that is not Google brand; those are also compatible and capable of syncing up with your Android TV.

Seeing as this situation with Google Duo and your Android TV can be quite irritating, this information is could be both helpful and calming.

2. If You’re Using A Web Cam Mic, It Usually Won’t Work

If you are indeed trying to use a web cam mic with your smart TV, this will most likely and unfortunately not work; as you can indeed use a web cam with your smart TV.

However, the mic will most likely not work. The webcam mics can be so-so with how capable they are to work, so it only makes sense that they would face problems when trying to work with a smart TV connection.

Keep this in mind if you are attempting to use a web cam with your smart TV on Google Duo.

Fix – Use An External Mic

As stated in the last segment, it can be best to use an external mic. When trying to use a web cam mic with your smart TV on Google Duo, you are very likely to either encounter problems or have it not work at all.

If you are to use ear buds that have a mic and can sync up with your smart TV, this action can become very doable.

Also, if you happen to still have that old karaoke system lying about in a closet somewhere, bust it out because believe it or not; you can indeed utilize the microphone to use for your Google Duo chat.

When attempting to do this, the best way to connect your smart TV and microphone is using bluetooth.

1. Simply turn on the bluetooth discovery on your microphone.

2. Then go into your TV settings and turn the bluetooth on and search for devices. Your microphone will show up and then you’ll be able to press “pair device”.

Luckily, this process is relatively simple and quick, so you can get back to your Google Duo chat in a snap.

If you do not have a Bluetooth capable microphone, another option is to plug it in directly to your smart TV; you can follow these steps in order to connect the cord bearing mic to your smart TV.

1. Connect the optical cable into the “INPUT” of the microphone, the other side to the “optical output” of the TV.

2. Connect the other 6.35mm/3.5mm cable to the “OUTPUT” of the microphone.

That’s it, while it may be awarded at times; this method will work and could be the unlikely answer to your troubles with Google Duo.

If It’s on Your TV:

1. Microphone Is Damaged

When encountering issues with Google Duo or anything that requires a working mic, it is imperative to make sure your mic is indeed working and or capable of it.

Now, be careful not to mistake an uncharged mic for a broken or damaged mic; as some mics take batteries to keep them working, and some need to be charged in order to work properly, while other mics utilize a cord connection in order to receive power to them.

If you are using ear buds, make sure that they are fully charged to be sure you should be getting its optimal performance.

There are many ways a mic can get damaged, from dropping it, water damage, dirt damage, or can even get blown out, severely impeding the proper function of said microphone.

Fix – Repair Phone’s Mic

If you believe your phone’s mic to be the issue, worry not; there are methods to repair your phone’s mic. A broken phone mic is a terrible problem, as you will not be able to use it on phone calls or Google Duo, when it is almost always needed.

With that said, there are also ways to notice side effects of a broken or damaged mic such as; bad sound quality, static sound when speaking through the mic and or not getting any audio to translate clearly through.

With everyday use of your phone, it is exposed to a lot of dust, dirt and very tiny pieces of cloth from your pocket (if that’s where you carry it regularly), all of this can build up in the tiny little hole beside the charging port on your phone which is your phone’s microphone.

If you are experiencing problems or static with your phone’s mic, this can be relatively easy to fix; as you can clear it out by blowing directly into the hole or get a thin needle / small pin and carefully poke the hole to remove dirt, dust and lint.

Fix 2 – Use Another Phone to Conduct Google Duo Call

If the option is available to you, a great way to combat this mic issue with Google Duo is to switch to another phone. If you happen to have another phone, preferably a cleaner or better functioning phone; this could be the answer to the problem.

Maybe a friend or family member has a phone you can borrow in order to do your Google Duo call, as the trouble could be with the phone you have been attempting to use; whether it’s the mic being dirty, broken or even third party interference, it can be a good idea to switch phones.

If you are not aware, third party apps could be the cause of your problem with your phone’s mic; as third party apps could be trying to access your microphone, this can cause little glitches and or static sound with your mic.

To determine if your mic issues are due to a third-party app or not, you should run your phone in safe mode, which disables all third-party apps temporarily. This can also help with your phone’s mic issues.

2. Audio Is Being Routed Somewhere Else

I’m sure you have been there, you are jamming your favorite song on your Bluetooth connective speaker and you get a call; so you pick up, only to be startled by your own voice going through your Bluetooth speaker.

This can be very similar to what may be occurring with your Google Duo call because if you have your phone’s Bluetooth on and connected to a device; there is the chance that your phone could be routing this audio to another device or you have not connected your Bluetooth to the appropriate device.

These possibilities can certainly throw a spoke in your tire so to speak when your are trying to complete a Google Duo call.

Fix – Turn Off Bluetooth

Luckily the fix to this problem of your phone’s Bluetooth causing interference, is pretty easy and to the point.

If you do have your Bluetooth active while on the Google Duo call, this can cause a problem by routing your phone’s audio to wherever you had it connected last and if it is within reach of the Bluetooth’s short distance radio waves.

What you can do is simply switch your Bluetooth setting to off and this will stop it from routing your phone’s audio to other devices.

Don’t be that person that startles themself with their Bluetooth being connected to the loudest speaker in the home, just make sure you have indeed disabled your Bluetooth when you are preparing or are in a Google Duo call.

3. Dirty Mic

In the everyday use of your phone, it faces a lot dust, dirt, lint and sometimes even water. All of this can really interfere with your phone’s microphone by building up and essentially clogging up your phone’s mic.

Luckily, there is methods in order to clean your phone’s mic. See, your phone’s mic is located at the bottom of your phone; being the tiny hole beside your phone’s charging port.

So, along with all the dust and dirt of the world; there is also very tiny skin particles that humans shed almost all day, everyday that contribute to the tiny particles of debris that can make their way into your phone’s mic.

Fix – Clear Out Lint/Debris With Compressed Air

As discussed in the last segment, there are so many little things that contribute to build up in your phone’s mic, such as dirt, dust and tiny little pieces of lint.

The lint is from your pocket (if that’s where you keep your phone) and the dirt and dust is inevitable & unavoidable as the world is absolutely full of it.

Being that your phone’s mic is a tiny hole hole on the bottom of the phone beside the charging port, it is exposed to everything your phone is.

Though with that said there are methods to clean your phone’s mic, as was said; your phone’s mic is a tiny little hole therefore, you can’t really fit a brush in there.

However, you can use compressed air to push those little particles out and while your mind may go to an air compressor (view on Amazon). It is not recommended as it might be a little too powerful and could damage the mic.

4. Software Glitch

A glitch, in technical terms, refers to a small and fleeting error in a system that occurs due to unknown causes.

While the actual cause of a glitch is unknown, it can potentially cause serious harm to the system, including power failure, temporary loss of service or data loss.

So, in conjunction; a software glitch is not a good thing and can not just harm your system but also interfere with your phone’s microphone. In turn, this can definitely play a part in the Google Duo mic issue.

Fix – Force Restart Device

If you believe that the problem is indeed brought on by a software glitch, there are methods and fixes that could solve this issue. One of these methods / fixes is to perform a ‘Force Restart’ of your device. Now, this sounds more complicated than it actually is; as this is quite simple.

If you are on a iPhone, this is how you perform a ‘Force Restart’, Press and quickly release the volume up button, press and quickly release the volume down button, then press and hold the side button. When the Apple logo appears, release the button.

If you are on a Android, you can perform a manual restart by holding the power / unlock key that’s is usually located under the volume keys on the side of the phone.

However, if you want to ‘Force Restart’ your Android phone this is how; simultaneously press and hold the power and volume keys for more than seven seconds. This will restart your Android phone.

A force restart can be a good way to go in this situation as it helps your phone’s system restart, reassess and process “fresh” in a way.

Fix 2 – Clear Google Duo Cache

Seeing as the cache uses memory data to improve performance, however when this data builds up it can actually have a negative effect on the app. So, if you are on Android these are the steps to follow to clear you Google Duo cache.

Step 1. Open the Settings on your Android device.

Step 2. Tap Storage.

Step 3. Tap a category to clear the android cache for that category.

Step 4. Choose an app (Google Duo) to clear the app cache files for that particular app.

Step 5. Tap on Clear cache to clear the app cache for that app. This clear (delete) the app cache for Google Duo.

If you are on iPhone, follow these steps to clear the app cache for Google Duo.

Step 1. Go to the Home screen.

Step 2. Scroll down.

Step 3. To delete the cache, turn on Clear app cache on next launch.

After you have done this, the app cache for Google Duo will be cleared (deleted). Hopefully restoring the abilities of Google Duo in the process, so you can get back to that call.

Fix 3 – Update Google Duo

It is always good to keep up on and make a habit of updating your apps, as this is essential to their growth; by growth meaning that technology (apps specifically) are ever changing and ever evolving everyday.

So, while it may be tedious or annoying, it is always a good idea to keep your apps updated; as this can help with the apps performance and can sometimes offer awesome new features to the app or even a well needed adjustment to the apps process.

On this note, it would be a great idea to update your Google Duo app.

If you are on Android this is how you can update your Google Duo app.

Step 1. Open the Google Play Store app .

Step 2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.

Tap Manage apps & device. Apps with an update available are labeled “Update available.”

Step 3. Tap Update

This is how you update an app on Android, how long it will take to update the app(s) is determined by the update and when you last updated the app, it is as easy as that.

If you are on iPhone, this how you can update your Google Duo app.

Step 1. Open the App Store.

Step 2. Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen.

Step 3. Scroll to see pending updates and release notes. Tap Update next to an app to update only that app, or tap Update All.

This is how you update your Google Duo app, as stated before; how long it will take for the app(s) to update is determined by the update and when you last updated it. That’s it though, three easy steps to make sure your Google Duo app is updated.

Remember app updates are very important to ensure that your apps are running efficiently and properly, plus sometimes you get a cool new feature. Take care of your apps and they’ll usually take care of you.

5. Their Speaker Is Broken

Now, while it be a major bummer, it is possible that your friend’s, family member’s, or coworker’s speaker just might be broken. In turn, not allowing them to hear you over Google Duo; fear not though, as there are fixes for this situation.

Fix – Tell Them to Use Headphones to Hear You Properly

If you do believe that your friend’s, family member’s or coworker’s speaker is broken; then you can ask them to use headphones or ear buds so that they can hear you properly.

Headphones or ear buds are great for using with Google Duo, as it ensures that you are not relying on a speaker to hear or be heard.

Remember with these tech problems, that they are just that problems; waiting to be and can be solved.

Even when encountering issues with Google Duo, also remember to have a little fun with it as well; as these are apps, they are intended to be used and to be entertaining.

Also, even with new and exciting technology devices, apps and their features being advanced weekly; they are still not perfect and have a long way to be. So, practice some patience with the technology; for good things usually take time.

A unique feature that Google recently introduced to the Google Duo app is the capability of the app to call someone who does not have the Google Duo app installed on their device, however do note that when the call ends the other device user without the app will be prompted to install Google Duo.

This is a really cool feature, that grants a certain freedom to it’s users in this way. Remember keep your apps updated and your caches clear and you are much less likely to encounter problems with your apps. Take care of your device and it will take care of you.

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