The Google Assistant is one of the best AI assistants for smartphones. It can do a lot and thanks to Google’s expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is better at understanding natural user speech. It also provides a natural response to all your queries. However, sometimes, Google Assistant may face some issues such as the reminder’s function not working.

Some users complain that even after setting reminders, the Google Assistant won’t provide any notifications for reminders. Is your Google Assistant reminders not working? Try these fixes below.

You can use the Google Assistant to set reminders anytime and anywhere. Reminders can be based on time or location, but sometimes it may not work. Yes, several users have complained of the Google Assistant reminders not working properly at times. When setting a reminder, the Assistant will confirm and show the reminder in the Google app, but it will not provide any notification or alarm.

This can be a big problem as users will miss important reminders such as meetings, or other appointments. Also, one the reminder has gone past their time, the Google app will continue to show it as ongoing sometimes.

Google Assistant reminders not working? Try these fixes

While there can be several reasons for this to happen, we’re going to take a look at some fixes that can solve the ‘Google Assistant reminders not working’ problem. Let’s take a look.

Try changing device language

The Google Assistant supports a ton of languages, but it works the best with US English. Therefore, try to change the device language to English (United States) and see if the problem exists. To change the language on your Android smartphone, launch the Settings app and then head to System. Here, you should find the Languages & Input option. Tap on this to see the Languages option and select English (United States).

Clear Cache for Google app

Another thing you may want to try is to clear the cache for the Google app. This can fix the problem, as some users have stated. Don’t worry, you will not be logged out of your Google account. Doing this will only clear the stored cache for the app. To do this;

1. Launch the Settings app and then look for Apps & notifications. You can also use the Search option in Settings to look for Apps.

2. Once you’re in the Apps page, search for the Google app.

3. Tap on the app and then select Storage.

4. Here, you should be able to see a Clear Cache option. Tap on this to clear the cache for the Google app.

Check if the issue is fixed.

Check notification settings for Google app

It is also possible that you have disabled notifications for the Google app by mistake. You can check if the notifications are enabled or not, and if they’re not, enable and see if that fixes the issue with Google Assistant reminders not working.

  1. In the Settings app, search for Apps and then open the Google app.
  2. Select the Notifications option under Google.
  3. Check whether the Show notifications option is enabled or not.
  4. Also check if there’s an option for Reminders. If there is, then enable it.

Check Notification sounds

After you’ve checked if notifications are enabled for the Google app, you should also check if the notifications have sound enabled. If not, then you will only see a notification, but it won’t be accompanied by a sound. You can enable the sound setting using the above methods. The option will be under Notifications for the Google app. Here, tap on the Reminders option and select ‘Make Sound’. You can also ensure that the importance for this is set to the highest level.

Update the Google app

You may also want to update the Google app and see if that fixes the issue. At times, an older version of the app may be the root cause of the problem. If there is an update available for the Google app, then install it.

Sometimes, it is possible that the issue was caused because of a new update. In such cases, you will have to uninstall the new update and rollback. You can head over to websites such as APKPure and download an older version of the Google app and then install that. If the Google Assistant reminders worked with the previous version of the app, then the update may have broken it.

You can also try and reinstall the app to see if the issue is gone. Simply uninstall the Google app from your phone and then download it again from the Google Play Store. It shouldn’t take that long, and you can simply Sign In again to get access to all your information, including reminders.

Check if any of the above helped in solving the Google Assistant reminders not working issue. If not, try the next method.

Disable Battery optimization

Android has a feature where it can automatically optimize battery performance of your device based on how you use it. This feature helps in improving battery life, but it can also restrict background app refresh and other battery draining features of certain apps. If the Google app has been battery optimized, then that could be the reason why you’re not receiving notifications on time. You will have to disable battery optimization for Google app. Here’s how to do it.

1. Launch the Settings app, head over to Apps & Notifications, and look for the Google app.

2. Now, select the Battery option and navigate to Battery Optimisation.

3. Here, choose the option called ‘Don’t Optimise’.

4. You can also turn off Battery Saver option for Google by navigating to Settings > Battery.

Some newer phones also have the Adaptive Battery feature, which can restrict background usage for some apps. This is also available in the Battery Settings. If the Google app is in the list, then you will have to disable it.

There you are! Is your Google Assistant reminders not working even after following the above fixes? Well, maybe you will have to perform a full factory reset.