Snapchat mobile messaging application is designed to help users share messages, photos, videos and other types of media. Because the application is free, more than 100 million subscribers use the app to communicate between relationships. Snapchat does not have a website where you can go to and use to share in your friends’ snaps. Also, Snapchat has yet to release a version for iOS. However, you can use Snapchat to interact with your family and friends on your Mac using Android emulators.

This tutorial will walk you through the process. Installing Snapchat on Mac is pretty straightforward, but it involves using a Goggle account along with safe, free downloads. Some errors may appear, but solving potential problems will be discussed at the end.

1. Prerequisites for Bluestacks Install

Bluestacks is a free Android emulator that many people use to access Snapchat on Mac. Once Bluestacks is installed, most Android apps can be downloaded onto your Mac. The requirements for the Bluestacks install are as follows:

  • Mojave (10.14), MacOS Sierra (10.12), or High Sierra (10.13) operating systems
  • HDD 4 GB of Disk Space
  • RAM 4GB
  • Administrator with password for Mac
  • Your Mac should have a Webcam to use with Snapchat
  • Graphics drivers updated from graphics card manufacturers
  • In System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy > General. Check the ‘Allow apps downloaded from App Store and identified by developers’ option

2. Download Bluestacks

An Android emulator, such as Bluestacks, Nox, KOplayer, Memu, or Andy, will recreate the Snapchat functions on your iOS device, which means you can download and use apps that were designed for Android on your Mac. Bluestacks outperformed the other emulators by a landslide in benchmarking testing.

To download the latest Bluestacks Android emulator onto your computer, access it from the Bluestacks website. Double-click on the Bluestacks icon on the BlueStacks installer to start the installation on your Mac. (You can also drag the Bluestacks icon into the Application folder and open it.) Then, click the ‘Install Now’ button.

Open Security & Privacy

If you get the ‘System extension blocked’ notification, click on ‘Open Security & Privacy’, and click ‘Allow’:

Once Bluestacks is installed, set up Android device on your Mac. Note: Bluestacks uses its own VN adapter and may require the apps you use to be on the same LAN subnet.

3. Set up Android Device with Google

A Google account is required for you to sign in to Bluestacks to provide a much wider platform of options. If you do not have a Google Account, go to Google sign up page and create a new account.

click ‘Next’ again

At the Google Login, Click ‘Sign In’, and the Google Play Store app will open up. Sign into your Google account and select ‘Next’. Enter your password and click ‘Next’ again.

Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Turn Google Drive Back up ON or OFF according to your preference and choose ‘Accept’. The Google Play search bar will appear.

4. Install Snapchat

Search for Snapchat in the Google Play search bar and select it. Download Snapchat, install, and launch it. If you have problems with the download (Snapchat stops halfway through the process) delete the installation and try to install again. If you cannot find the Snapchat app in the Google search, download the .apk file and run it in Bluestacks.

Sign into your Snapchat account using your iOS credentials. If you do not have a Snapchat account, you may create one within Bluestacks. If you receive “Your login temporarily failed’ after entering the password, try it once more (Snapchat locks you out for 12 hours with too many failed login attempts!). If you don’t have the correct password, Go back and create a new one in Snapchat.

5. Using Snapchat on Your Mac

The installs went well, and now you can use Snapchat to send and receive snaps.

You can use your webcam to take pictures for Snapchat and share. If your Mac does not have a Webcam, the app will continue to prompt you to open the webcam. Click the notification multiple times until it stops reappearing in the app.

6. Trouble Shoot Snapchat on Your Mac

The install may have not gone well in some cases, as Mac does not naturally coincide with Android products. Some users have experienced problems using Bluestacks 4 on Mac. If Snapchat is not functioning well on your Bluestacks simulator, try another one, such as Memu or Nox. When you start Snapchat, it may become unresponsive. Close the app and relaunch it. When the Google Play Services pop up appears, press ESC to remove it.

If you receive this error:

‘You’re using a version of Snapchat or operating system that is no longer supported. Please upgrade your device’s operating system and update to the newest app version to use Snapchat’

try updating your operating system and updating your version of Bluestacks. Also, some report a continuous “error connecting to server” notification. In this case, click the arrow on the left to remove the error. If you receive too many problems with Snapchat, delete it, get another copy from the App store, and re-install.

The Webcam may be a source of ire after Snapchat has been installed. Some users have reported that Bluestacks turns on the Webcam when it has been turned off, creating security issues. If the problem persists, re-install Bluestacks, and then re-install Snapchat.

Note: Bluestacks can slow down the performance of your Mac depending upon the specifications for your computer. If you also have multiple apps running on the same machine, it could also slow your computer down.

7. Check Apple Support

A solution for using Snapchat on your Mac has been presented using Bluestacks and Google Play. Several solutions were also presented for common problems reported by the user installing Snapchat on Mac. If none of these solution solved your problem, contact Apple Support for assistance with your Accessibility features.