90 funny things to ask siri

Siri is the personal voice assistant that is part of all Apple devices, including iOS and macOS products. Apple launched the assistant to take on Google’s Assistant, but so far, it hasn’t really hit the right chords. Still, Siri can do a lot of things that you ask of her. It can record notes, set reminders, search the web, show images, launch apps, find out what song is playing, find restaurants nearby and navigate, and a lot more.

The voice assistant is there at all times, and in newer iOS devices, all you have to do is say ‘Hey Siri’ and it will wake up to help you. It can do a pretty good job at pronouncing things and has good conversational skills. However, her voice recognition skills are that great if your main language isn’t English.

She can recognize most words, sentences and names, but sometimes, the assistant can’t figure out what you’re saying. It can also not understand your name and may end up calling you something else, especially if you have a hard to pronounce name. This means that you can’t personalize Siri as per your wishes. Don’t you want Siri to greet you by your name? Won’t that be nice?

Well, you can easily get Siri to say your name, and it will mostly say it right. If it still can’t say your name properly, then you can give yourself an easier nickname. You can even get Siri to say others names. If you want it to say your name properly, then you can teach her to pronounce your name right. Follow the steps below to get Siri to say your name.

Get Siri to Say Your Name

There are two methods to get Siri to say your name. Siri will normally use the first name that you have saved in your contact details. Therefore, setting your personal contact details will ensure that Siri will say your name as per your wishes. To set your name properly in contacts information, do the following.

1. Open Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down to Contacts.

3. Now select My Info.

Contacts My Info

4. Add a name if you haven’t already added.

5. Modify it accordingly so Siri will know what to call you.

6. You can also add your name phonetically so that Siri can pronounce it properly.

You can also go to the Contacts app and modify your personal information.

The second method involves the use of Siri. You can invoke the voice assistant and ask it to call you by whatever name you like. If it has trouble understanding your real name, you can say Siri to call you by a nickname. Here’s how to get Siri to do all the work.

1. Launch Siri by holding the Home button or saying ‘Hey Siri’.

2. Now say ‘Call me (Your name)’.

say ‘Call me (Your name)’

3. Siri will now ask if you want to be called by this name.

4. You can confirm after you hear the pronunciation.

5. If not, you can tap on the search and edit your name.

And that’s about it. That is how to get Siri to say your name.

Get Siri to Pronounce your Name

If Siri doesn’t pronounce your name properly, then follow the steps below to get Siri to pronounce it right.

1. Invoke Siri.

2. Ask Siri to show details of a contact, or your own contact.

3. If she mispronounces the name, then say ‘You’re pronouncing (name) wrong’.

4. Siri will now ask you how to pronounce it.

5. If you use a full name, then Siri will separately ask you how to pronounce your first, middle, and last name.

6. You can now select a pronunciation by playing all the options provided.

That’s it. You have now taught Siri how to pronounce yours or another contact’s name correctly.

Get Siri to Call you by a Nickname

You can also tell Siri that you prefer to be called by a nickname. This nickname can be added in your contacts information, or you can simply invoke Siri and say ‘Call me (nickname). You can keep your nickname short so that it is easy for Siri to pronounce and speak.

There you go. That’s how you get Siri to say your name, nickname and also pronounce it properly. There’s not much to it.