If you spend a lot of time online you’ve probably already heard about Dropbox, the free cloud storage service that allows you 2GB of free space for saving, sharing, and accessing files from virtually anywhere.

Dropbox is an excellent service because it’s fast, secure, and convenient, but especially because it’s free to use.

Unfortunately, after using up your 2GB of free Dropbox storage, the benefits of this free service begin to diminish. As you approach reaching your data limit, if you’re like most people, thoughts of leaving the service start to enter your mind.

Which is understandable, why would you pay for something that you can use for free? But did you know that it’s possible to get more Dropbox space 100% free of charge?

1. Invite your Friends – 1GB

The best way to get more Dropbox space for free is by getting your friends to join Dropbox.

You will get an additional 1GB of extra space for each friend you refer that actually ends up creating a Dropbox account.

Dropbox is willing to give you so much free storage for inviting your friends because you’re increasing their user base.

2. Get Started Tour – 250MB

The next and the easiest way to get free space on Dropbox is by completing the Get Started tour.

Just head over to the Dropbox Get Started Page and complete five out of seven of the listed steps. This will earn you an additional 250MB of space.

3. Write a Review of Dropbox – 125MB

Another way to gain some extra Dropbox space is by writing a 90-character review about why you love Dropbox so much.

Dropbox wants you to tell them why you love them so other people considering to download Dropbox are more likely to do it.

And for confessing your love for the app, you’ll receive 125MB of space for your account.

4. Connect Facebook – 125MB

Another easy way to earn a quick 125MB of extra Dropbox space is to connect your Facebook account.

Simply visit the getspace Dropbox page to open a pop-up box. Once the box is opened, follow the steps and link your accounts.

5. Connect Twitter – 125MB

In a similar fashion, you can also connect your Twitter account to Dropbox and earn another 125MB for it.

Click over to the Dropbox getspace page and follow the instructions in the pop-up window that appears. Could it get any easier?

6. Follow Dropbox on Twitter – 125MB

After you’ve linked up your social media accounts, specifically your Twitter account, you will have the option to earn even more free space on Dropbox.

It’s simple, just follow Dropbox with your Twitter account after clicking through from the getspace page via dropbox.com. Becoming a Dropbox follower on Twitter will give you another 125MB.

7. Challenges and Keynote Presentations

If 32GB+ isn’t enough free space for you, fear not because there are yet more ways to earn several more GB of Dropbox storage at no cost.

From time to time, Dropbox will host challenges for its users and reward them with free space. Likewise, there are also keynote presentations available now and then which results in up to 50GB of additional free space.

8. Secure your Dropbox Account

The last way to get more cloud storage space is to secure your Dropbox account. Dropbox takes their security seriously so implementing more security on your account will provide you with more Dropbox storage.

When you sign in, you’ll need to go to Settings > Security and turn on Two-step verification. This was hinted a while ago by Dropbox so if you want to get more space, you’ll need to secure your account.

Get Unlimited Dropbox Storage

Since Dropbox gives you 1 GB when you invite a friend to join, you should invite as many friends as you can because this is the quickest way to increase the amount of free storage you have.

You now know that there’re a number of ways to acquire plenty of free Dropbox storage.

Depending on how far you’re willing to go to avoid paying for extra space, the amount of free Dropbox space available is practically limitless.

To learn more about pricing for extra space on Dropbox, visit the platforms billing page. Also, for more information regarding your account space, you can visit the official Dropbox help page.