Whether you like Siri or not, the matter of fact is that this feature arguably is one of the most useful features ever introduced by Apple. Another feature that some users aren’t aware of is the iPhone’ ability to have Siri announce a name or phone number each time you receive an incoming call. Of course, ringtone or vibration helps in this case but this feature can come handy in many occasions too.

One of the biggest advantages of this feature is that you no longer need to pick up your phone to see who is calling you. imagine your phone rings while on charging and you are far from it, your decision to pick it up or ignore it would become easier if you get to hear the caller’ name. also, this feature can come handy while you are driving, you would be able to cut down curiosity if this feature is enabled.

How to Enable this Feature:

Like many other features, you need to configure this feature via settings. It is a straightforward procedure and you can do it by:

1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

2. Scroll down, locate the option Phone and tap on it.

3. Now a list of configurable settings will be displayed on your screen. Locate the option Announce Calls from the Call Section.

4. Upon tapping, you will be able to see four options. They are Always, Headphones and Car, Headphones Only, and Never.

5. The default settings of iPhone check-tick the option Never which means that this feature is disabled on your iPhone.

6. You can choose the option which suits your preference. Tapping Always means that you will always hear the announcements, tapping Headphones and Car means your iPhone will only announce the caller name when headphones are plugged in or you are driving, and Headphones Only means you will only hear the announcement when your headphones are plugged in.

7. Also, it is important to note that Headphones and Car option would only work if your device is synced with your car over Bluetooth.

8. Once done, you will be able to get all or some of your calls announced. It is entirely up to you whether you want all your calls to be announced or a few calls (important ones) to be announced.

All in all, this feature should be regarded as one of the most underrated iOS features. It was announced with the introduction of iOS 10, but it didn’t make waves as it should have had. If used intelligently, this feature can be a great safety measurement especially when the user is driving a car. Apple also desires to make this feature more mainstreamed in their coming updates.