Using Emojis is the best way to show your emotions/expressions when writing messages to other people.

If you have a phone, you’ll know how easy it is to get emojis – it’s also very easy to get emojis on your desktop.

Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

Right-click and click emoji

  1. Click on the text field you’re writing in
  2. Right-click and click on Emoji to bring up the keyboard
  3. Click on an emoji to type it
  4. Close the keyboard

You can easily bring up the emoji keyboard anytime you’re writing in a text field on your Windows 10 & 8 PC.

For example, if you’re writing an email or a Facebook message, you can quickly bring up emoji keyboard to type an emoji.

Windows Touch Keyboard

Windows touch keyboard

  1. Right-click on the taskbar at the bottom
  2. Click Show touch keyboard button
  3. Click on the keyboard icon in the toolbar
  4. Click the smiley icon to access emoji
  5. Click an emoji to type it

Emoji Keyboard Extension

Emoji extension

  1. Download the Emoji Keyboard in Chrome
  2. Click the extension icon at the top right of Chrome
  3. Click the emojis you want to add to the text
  4. Click on copy message
  5. Paste the emoji you copied into the text field (ctrl + v)

Copy and Paste the Emoji Website

Emoji keyboard

  1. Go to an emoji website like
  2. Look for the emoji you want and highlight it (ctrl + c)
  3. Paste the emoji in the text field (ctrl + v)

This method is good if you’re using another browser that isn’t chrome or you’re using a MacOS computer.