Genshin Bio Ideas (304+ Funny Signatures)

Genshin Impact Signatures

Your bio serves as your signature for the Genshin Impact. Your bio allows you to introduce yourself to other players. You can include quotations, proverbs, or a brief description of yourself to spice up your essay.

Anybody who visits your profile will be able to see your signature in full. If you do not wish to include a signature, you can leave the field blank. Users will be able to view your signature in co-op listings if you have put one up.

Improper names and signatures, as well as inappropriate in-game statements, are grounds for a ban.

These are not only banned phrases, but they are also attempting to cheat and be racist. Most people opt for funny signatures because they catch people’s attention and make them laugh.

What Do You Write In a Genshin Signature?

Every time you add or alter a signature in Genshin Impact, you should keep in mind some rules in place. Furthermore, it is prohibited to use your signature to spread illicit material or false advertisements.

User participation in groups, adding friends, and making pledges to give away items are all part of the process. Genshin Impact will take legal measures to retaliate if you ever do this again.

It might even include the confiscation of illegal proceeds, the freezing of your gaming account, and the banning of your gaming account.

When playing Genshin Impact, you must enter the Paimon menu and select “Edit Signature” from the drop-down menu.

Adding a signature or changing an existing one will be available once you click on “Edit Signature.” You can write anything in a Genshin signature if you don’t break any regulations.

Funny Signatures (And Names) in Genshin Impact

There are many characters in Genshin Impact, and some of the most popular are:

Amber: Amber, although being one of Genshin’s weakest archers, possesses one of the game’s most effective decoy abilities, Baron Bunny, which allows her to fool opponents. She’s also a free source of Pyro in the game’s early stages.

Traveler (Anemo and Geo): The Traveller is a competent early-game character who is somewhat powerful, although they are outpaced by Genshin’s other five-star characters in terms of both Anemo and Geo, who are both better.

Genshin is a game about experimenting with different characters, so it’s not strange that the first character we see is one of the least often encountered.

Qiqi: This zombie herbalist is a fantastic healer, and because of her talisman-based healing scales with damage, she may be an efficient sub-DPS, similar to Jean.

Even though this healing might feel excessive, Diona is typically preferred over other four-star Cryo support options due to her flexibility and scarcity.

Barbara: Even though she is a fantastic healer, Mondstadt’s first and only idol lacks the added utility and damage that Jean and Bennett provide. Despite this, she’s an outstanding character for a character that you get for free after completing the ‘Song of the Dragon and Freedom’ questline.

Xiao: Xiao is one of the most effective Anemo damage dealers. Not only does he have a stylish mask, but his burst is also quite effective. It improves his jumping abilities and allows him to spam AoE plunging strikes like a demon pogo stick, which he uses.

Zhongli: As the Geo Archon, it’s understandable that Zhongli is a bit of rock. Despite having the best fortifying shields available, he suffers increased damage based on his maximum health.

His Stone Steles are also in tune with other geoengineering structures that cause harm. The Jade Screen ability of Ningguang, the Solar Isotoma of Albedo, or even Itto’s bull, Ushi, make for an excellent match.

Some of these characters are mentioned in signatures, and you need to understand them and what they stand for before appreciating the funny signatures. Down below are 304+ best Genshin Impact Signature ideas that you can use.

We’ve scoured the net and looked for the best, funny, cool, and most unique Genshin impact signatures so that other players think you’re cool.

Funny Genshin Signatures

  1. Never gonna give you up.
  2. Caffeine dependant life form.
  3. Aggressive farming.
  4. I think I’m lost.
  5. Genshin the pain away.
  6. Life is not so yahoo.
  7. Is a bodybag a cleaning instrument?
  8. I’m afraid of big robots.
  9. Jean skin is testing my f2p status.
  10. Zhongli, shut up for 5 minutes.


  1. If Childe bad, why hot?
  2. My Zhongli is still Childe-less.
  3. Pineapples are in my head.
  4. I need chromosones.
  5. Don’t eat Paimon.
  6. Medium rare Paimon.
  7. Just smile and wave bois.
  8. No Mora gang.
  9. Broke as Mona.
  10. I’m not a Diluc main.


  1. Lord Barsibato, guide me!
  2. Head empty, just potatoes.
  3. If you’re a joke, every day is April fools.
  4. I want kazuha but no but yes.
  5. Zhonglick deez nuts.
  6. Can’t defeat airman.
  7. I’m a banana.
  8. I used to talk to a stove.
  9. Naming myself ship so Beidou can ride.
  10. Imagine not having Venti.


  1. In Eula’s thigh, we trust.
  2. Go back! I wanna be monke!
  3. This world shall know true swag.
  4. Selling my kidney for primogems.
  5. I see you need a coffin.
  6. Naming myself ‘the ground’ so Zhongli can stabilize on me
  7. Your beauty shocked me; you must be an electro.
  8. Do you know what is better than plant life? We make our own life.
  9. Childe mains scare me.
  10. I can’t English.


  1. Go Klee go broom broom.
  2. Imagine using Dliuc, cringe.
  3. I’m not even from Asia.
  4. Witness the power of Guoba.
  5. Meta is temporary, Style is eternal.
  6. Fly Venti, Fly.
  7. In terms of mental stability, we have none.
  8. Cement, that’s concrete baby.
  9. I’m sorry I ate your experiments, Mr. Albedo
  10. 50 roll banner Eula = Mona.


  1. We broke like Morax, so sad
  2. I can’t see when I close my eyes
  3. Can February March? No, but April May!
  4. “life is soup I am fork
  5. My parents lost the 50/50 when they got me
  6. in all levels except physical, I am a wolf
  7. 5stars are like dads, not everyone has one
  8. why must you pass math if you can pass away
  9. Do you like bad boys? Because I’m bad at everything
  10. Naming myself Fatui so Diluc can destroy me


  1. Are you Anemo? Cause you make my heart swirl
  2. I want to be a bike
  3. Laughs in hilichurlian
  4. putting demon in my name so xiao can conquer me
  5. life sucks, but at least I have kazuha
  6. I started playing Genshin and saw the impact on my grades
  7. Kazuha’s friend would’ve love c6 Barbara
  8. You all scare me; please don’t join
  9. my mom lost the 50/50 when she got my sister
  10. a sacrifice a day keep the qiqi away


  1. if there’s a hole, there’s a way
  2. Reject Humanity, Return To Hilichurls.
  3. Paimon is food, and food is the art
  4. my hair is not straight, and so am i
  5. Naming myself Venti so Signora can kick me
  6. Naming myself Xiao so people can ship me with Venti
  7. I can’t run away from the pain -sonic
  8. Naming myself work so ganyu would do me all-day
  9. Luck? What’s that? Can I eat it?
  10. Kun-Sandwich ran off with Fridge-chan.


  1. Is too busy trying to cook Paimon
  2. You’re pointless
  3. Lemme drown
  4. Drinking wine because you’ll never be mine.
  5. Hu Tao support pog
  6. Eula came home, but at what cost?
  7. I hope y’all lose to 50/50 on Kazuha’s.
  8. Come to my pot; I have candy.
  9. Life is not kimochii.
  10. I eat Paimon with cheese.


  1. Song of Broken Wallets.
  2. Close to losing my sanity.
  3. Need Staff of Homiee.
  4. Albedo mains, please come and destroy me.
  5. Childe mains be acting sus.
  6. I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention.
  7. Kazuha bark bark arf arf woof woof.
  8. Break backs, not contacts.
  9. Hey, shawty, *checks pulse*.
  10. Hello, I am under the water.


  1. It’s the final brain cell.
  2. I’m a childe that kills childes.
  3. Life is pew, and you know it.
  4. Coco Yaksha.
  5. More floor 12 pain.
  6. This is my box. I am living in this box.
  7. Currently suffering in crimson domain.
  8. Saving for nothing.
  9. People die when they are killed.
  10. I hate Hu Tao users.


  1. Constantly drowining.
  2. I didn’t get my order.
  3. How are you? I’m dying.
  4. I’m so done with this game.
  5. Why am I playing Genshin? I have a project.
  6. Your personality type is miskin primo.
  7. I cannot have luck.
  8. I’m the final boss, and you know it.
  9. Hostile when sleepless.
  10. Fun fact: You cannot put your name with “GM.”


  1. A hot Zhongli main because I can be and I want.
  2. Rosaria mommy milkers.
  3. Hard pity Zhongli moment.
  4. Ayuka and Kazuha, make me strong.
  5. Whaling pain-related issues.
  6. Birch wood is just cow tree.
  7. Why not co-op in bed?
  8. Barbara, the living statue of the seven.
  9. Naming myself “Leaf” so Kazuha can play me.
  10. Paimon = Food = Yum Yum.


  1. Naming myself Venti so La Signora can kick me.
  2. Childe is the key to the window of opportunity.
  3. Do you sell the moon here?
  4. Naming myself Tsaritsa so Childe must obey me.
  5. Naming myself Mora so Zhongli will need me.
  6. Yeah, more thicc characters, please.
  7. Ayaka when miHoYo?
  8. I love Sasuke more than Naruto.
  9. I will have a burger.
  10. I have dainslief.


  1. Sending my selfie to NASA because I’m a star.
  2. Send Keqing to me.
  3. Beidou step on me please.
  4. I swim everywhere.
  5. Breathing is fun.
  6. I want cocogoat milk.
  7. Amber buff, when?
  8. Eating some snow in Dragonspine with Xiao.
  9. Happy unbirthday!
  10. Dps Barbara for fun.


  1. Don’t sleep; play at least 30 hours a day!
  2. All I can think about is Master Diluc – Donna
  3. One mora?
  4. POV: You can’t reach AR 35.
  5. What is this place?
  6. Paimon without the mo.
  7. Eat your fingers off
  8. Screw the rules I have money
  9. Twirls hair
  10. confused laughing


  1. I’m a Senpai and a toothbrush
  2. Emotional damage
  3. Grab me by the Baals
  4. albedo isn’t depressed, he’s a genius
  5. proud dazai slanderer
  6. I am relieved I’m not here.
  7. Danganronpa fans, where you at?
  8. your local dummy
  9. I need more mora.roleplay zhongl
  10. hello peasants


  1. Resin Struggle
  2. Keqing, do you need a dog? I can bark
  3. naming myself hu tao so everyone can hate me
  4. Naming myself Amber so I can tango with Eula
  5. Let’s fight bosses
  6. I’m being held captive by a hot hillichurl send help ASAP
  7. Signature contains Illegal characters”
  8. I want Diluc to step on me.
  9. Ganyu deserves better
  10. albedo come home kaeya wants you to draw him


  1. why are you here
  2. here we go again
  3. look behind you
  4. No mora-savings left
  5. Deeznuts are level 10
  6. Never in a Zuma always on Zuma
  7. Event me.
  8. It’s not a choice, I will get Tartaglia
  9. Saving for Ayaka
  10. how did I get ganyu


  1. anyways stan kaeya
  2. Have a good day! Or else
  3. Cryo main
  4. Hilichurl extraordinaire
  5. Just a simple creature on a Thrilling Journey.
  6. Aether best boi
  7. Dinkin Flicka
  8. loli fanatic
  9. Looking for some emergency food.


  1. Cryo bout it.
  2. Blank doesn’t lose
  3. Out of Resin
  4. Naming myself lyre so Venti would play me
  5. Stop giving me DEF
  6. Money does grow from trees
  7. randos will want to join my world only to tell me that dayflower/ curcuma is better. or paimon is emergency food
  8. Pimon-cheese for the win
  9. boom shakalaka
  10. Reject Humanity become Monke


  1. Why aim when you can shoot the ground
  2. 1 Gacha Roll means one step closer to Salt Archon
  3. waiting for geo daddy to come back
  4. in terms of resin, we have no resin
  5. Join me.. or don’t
  6. Chongyun death count:0
  7. my chongyun looks weird
  8. The real anniversary gifts are the friends we made along the way
  9. Where are the good anniversary rewards?
  10. My dad said he’ll be back with anniversary rewards


  1. Signora got her ash kicked
  2. uwu baka onichan
  3. My mom is Mihoyo’s CEO’s wife!
  4. I lick the ground Ayato walks on
  5. Itto please Eiffel tower me
  6. I girlbossed too close to the sun
  7. Love,Laugh, Osmanthus wine
  8. Single hilichurls in your area
  9. Busy eating emergency food
  10. A small line of dirt that won’t go into the dustpan


  1. Gacha catch them all
  2. Stay out of my world unless you will be helpful
  3. Have you seen my twin?
  4. Paimon without the mo.
  5. What is this place?
  6. POV: You can’t reach AR 35.
  7. Paimon culinary society.
  8. I just wanna eat Paimon.
  9. One mora?
  10. All I can think about is Master Diluc – Donna


  1. Don’t sleep, play at least 30 hours a day!
  2. Dps Barbara for fun.
  3. Eat, sleep, play, game.
  4. Happy unbirthday!
  5. Eating some snow in Dragonspine with Xiao.
  6. Amber buff when?
  7. I want cocogoat milk.
  8. Breathing is fun.
  9. I swim everywhere.
  10. I’m in love with my sister, Lumine.


  1. Has anyone seen Qiqi?
  2. Beidou step on me please.
  3. Send Keqing to me.
  4. Sending my selfie to NASA, because I’m a star.
  5. I have dainslief.
  6. I will have burger.
  7. Thicc thighs save lives.
  8. I love Sasuke more than Naruto.
  9. Vengeance will be mine.
  10. Ayaka when miHoYo?


  1. I like Mona’s ass.
  2. Yeah, more thicc characters please.
  3. Learning tango with Eula.
  4. Naming myself Mora so Zhongli will need me.
  5. Naming myself Tsaritsa so Childe must obey me.
  6. I am Japan, nice to meet you.
  7. Do you sell the moon here?
  8. Childe is the key to the window of opportunity.
  9. Naming myself Venti so La Signora can kick me.
  10. Paimon = Food = Yum Yum.


  1. Smashing my head on floor 11.
  2. I am talking by using English translations.
  3. I’m sorry Mr. Albedo, I ate your experiments.
  4. Chicken parmesan isn’t vegan?
  5. Cement, that’s concrete baby.
  6. Fly Venti, Fly.
  7. It takes two to tango.
  8. Flat is justice.
  9. Mushroom soup for the soul!
  10. Walk with me in hell.


  1. Meta is temporary, Style is eternal.
  2. Witness the power of Guoba.
  3. I’m not even from Asia.
  4. Add extra apple sauce.
  5. Noelle is murder for me.
  6. I’m the colonel now.
  7. Imagine using Dliuc, cringe.
  8. Oh no, Eula and Mona eats all my mora.
  9. Go Klee go broom broom.
  10. Scaramouche join my emo anemo band.


  1. I’m not scared of Hu Tao, I’m not scared.
  2. Get slapped by legal.
  3. I can’t English.
  4. Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong.
  5. Hard pity Zhongli moment.
  6. Ayuka and Kazuha, make me strong.
  7. Whaling pain related issues.
  8. Your personality type is miskin primo.
  9. I hate Hu Tao users.
  10. Constantly drowining.


  1. I didn’t get my order.
  2. How are you? I’m dying.
  3. I’m so done with this game.
  4. Why am I playing Genshin? I have a project.
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