Blonde Genshin Characters (Black & Brown Too)

Genshin Characters By Hair Color

There have been a ton of new Genshin Impact characters added since the game began to skyrocket in popularity in the past few years. This guide will provide more details on the game and how you can get the characters that you are looking for.

Choosing your own character in Genshin Impact is one of the major draws of this game. Being able to settle on a hair color that you enjoy is a big part of picking out the right playable character for you. All of the Genshin Impact characters have been sorted by hair color so you can pick the style you want easily.

Genshin Characters By Hair Color

The lists below contain all of the currently released playable characters for Genshin Impact sorted by hair color. Keep in mind that the hair color does not affect the gameplay or the stats of the character in any way. Before choosing a character for their hair color, you should also investigate their stats and how strong they and what abilities they are capable of.

Once you have done this, then you should choose a hair color that you like. That being said, all of the Genshin Impact characters are totally viable options to play with. It is extremely common for Genshin Impact players to choose a character based on hairstyle and looks alone.

Blonde Genshin Characters

  • Albedo – Five Star Rarity
  • Barbara – Four Star Rarity
  • Collei – Four Star Rarity
  • Fishchi – Four Star Rarity
  • Gorou – Four Star Rarity
  • Jean – Five Star Rarity
  • Kaedehara Kazuha – Five Star Rarity
  • Klee – Five Star Rarity
  • Kuki Shinobu – Four Star Rarity
  • Lisa – Four Star Rarity
  • Sayu – Four Star Rarity
  • Thoma – Four Star Rarity
  • Traveler – Five Star Rarity
  • Yoimiya – Five Star Rarity

Brown-Haired Genshin Characters

  • Amber – Four Star Rarity
  • Beidou – Four Star Rarity
  • Xinyan – Four Star Rarity

Red-Haired Genshin Characters

  • Aloy – Five Star Rarity
  • Diluc – Five Star Rarity
  • Diona – Four Star Rarity
  • Dori – Four Star Rarity
  • Nilou – Five Star Rarity
  • Rosaria – Four Star Rarity
  • Sangonomiya Kokomi – Five Star Rarity
  • Shikanoin Heizou – Five Star Rarity
  • Tartaglia – Five Star Rarity
  • Yae Miko – Five Star Rarity
  • Yanfei – Four Star Rarity

Black-Haired Genshin Characters

  • Hu Tao – Five Star Rarity
  • Tighnari – Five Star Rarity
  • Venti – Five Star Rarity
  • Wanderer – Five Star Rarity
  • Zhongli – Five Star Rarity

Grey-Haired Genshin Characters

  • Arataki Itto – Five Star Rarity
  • Bennett – Four Star Rarity
  • Chongyun – Four Star Rarity
  • Cyno – Five Star Rarity
  • Kamisato Ayaka – Five Star Rarity
  • Kamisato Ayato – Five Star Rarity
  • Keqing – Five Star Rarity
  • Nahida – Five Star Rarity
  • Ningguang – Four Star Rarity
  • Noelle – Four Star Rarity
  • Qiqi – Five Star Rarity
  • Razor – Four Star Rarity
  • Shenhe – Five Star Rarity

Blue-Haired Genshin Characters

  • Candace – Four Star Rarity
  • Eula – Five Star Rarity
  • Faruzan – Four Star Rarity
  • Ganyu – Five Star Rarity
  • Kaeya – Four Star Rarity
  • Kujou Sara – Four Star Rarity
  • Layla – Four Star Rarity
  • Mona – Five Star Rarity
  • Raiden Shogun – Five Star Rarity
  • Sucrose – Four Star Rarity
  • Xiangling – Four Star Rarity
  • Xiao – Five Star Rarity
  • Xingqui – Four Star Rarity
  • Yelan – Five Star Rarity
  • Yun Jin – Four Star Rarity

Does Hair Color Matter In Genshin Impact?

Hair color does not affect the gameplay of Genshin Impact in any way. The hair color of the character that you choose to play with is merely a personal preference. That being said, choosing a character that you like is one of the biggest parts of Genshin Impact so it is not uncommon for people to seek out specific hair colors when looking for a character.

What matters more for gameplay is the specific stats, abilities, and personality traits of the character that you are playing. These aspects affect how well the character handles combat, how often they find loot, and many other aspects of the game.

This should be kept in mind when choosing a Genshin Impact character, as the character and their hair color that you choose may not be the strongest or best character currently available. Of course, all characters are totally viable and it generally just comes down to personal preference.

How To Get The Genshin Impact Character You Want

To get a specific Genshin Impact character, you will have to purchase packs using real life money. This real-life money can be exchanged for in-game currency that you can use to purchase these packs. Once you have purchased your packs, you can open them and see if you get the character that you are after.

Of course, these packs are heavily randomized and there is no guarantee that you will get exactly what you are looking for. This means that you may possible have to spend a lot of money before actually receiving the character that you are looking for.

It is especially difficult to get five-star rarity Genshin Impact characters. These are the rarest characters in the game and how the lowest pull-rates out of the character pool. Many people have reportedly spend hundreds trying to get a character that they really want if it is rare enough.

It is ultimately up to you to decide whether the character is worth spending the money on to chase. Many Genshin Impact players purchase packs all the time to better their chances of receiving the character that they are looking for.

This “gacha” system has been likened to a form of gambling. This has of course brought about it own controversies as these types of video games are marketed towards children. It is unlikely that this system of monetization will go anywhere though, as the game relies on this system to stay running due to its free to play nature.

The best thing that you can do is research the odds of pulling the character you want somewhere online before starting to throw money at packs. Once you are aware of the odds, then you can decide if it is something that you wish to start searching for.

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