One of the most important aspects of using your mobile phone is your keyboard. You probably haven’t thought about the importance of your keyboard, especially if there isn’t anything particularly annoying about it.

If you find something that you want to change about your keyboard, chances are you can fix it by downloading another keyboard. There are a multitude of keyboard options that you can find on the Google Play Store and they all have their pros and cons, but it can be hard to know the differences between all of them.

Two of the most popular options are Gboard and SwiftKey, and many are always trying to decide which one they’d like to use. Here’s what you need to know to make that decision.



Gboard is a keyboard by Google, so if you’re someone who syncs everything with Google, then this might be a keyboard that you already know about. It’s a free keyboard option that has tons of features that align with what you would expect from Google.

Users enjoy a keyboard that’s quick and accurate, so it allows them to type whatever they need in a timely manner. It has non-m standard symbols and amazing predictions, which is expected of a keyboard from a popular web browser. There aren’t many faults that people find with Gboard, and that’s why it’s such a popular option.



SwiftKey is a keyboard by Microsoft and it’s a unique option for users to consider. This keyboard learns how you write and makes predictions based on what it learns. It continuously adapts to you, including your slang, emojis, and nicknames, so that’s pretty awesome if you use tons of unique language when speaking with your friends. There are designs and themes to choose from and numerous ways that you can type on that keyboard. It also is largely customizable, which means that you wont find much to dislike with this keyboard. This makes the keyboard popular among users that prioritize customization.

Although there aren’t any clear winners, each option might have reasons why you might gravitate towards one app over the other.

Summary of Pros and Cons

Both of the apps have great pros.

The Gboard will sync to your Google account since it’s a Google keyboard. It also has great prediction and layout, so it’s convenient for you if you want to type fast. There are tons of languages that the app can support, so it’s great if you use multiple languages in your day to day life.

There are also tons of stickers available, which is always fun if you converse using other forms of media besides text. There’s conveniently laid out symbols and the number row is always available whenever you need it and easy gesture options for you to choose from.

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SwiftKey is little different. There is more customization that you can do with SwiftKey with the layout. There’s also convenience for using punctuation with the keyboard where it’ll suggest the one that you need. There’s a large theme gallery so if you need to change the way that they keyboard looks to meet your needs and match aesthetic preferences.

There are also very easy clipboard options that are good if you want to paste images and text that you copy often. SwiftKey also has a great emoji and GIF keyboard options, which makes it unique.

Differences that Affect User Experiences

Swipe Typing

This is a feature that many people cite as the reason that they use one keyboard over the other. Gboard has swipe typing for single words, which do wonders for one hand typing or speed. What gives Swift Key a leg up is that there’s swipe typing available for entire sentences. The sentence swipe works since you can swipe your finger across the keyboard completing the whole sentence and then you can lift your finger.

That’s different than Gboard, where if you try to type a sentence, you’ll just get the word that the keyboard thinks it is. There’s also symbol swiping on Swiftkey, which means you can swipe left or right on the period button for the exclamation point and the question mark. Although this might not be a make or break feature, if you’re interested in having the sentence and symbol option, then SwiftKey is your go- to.



Gboard isn’t that great for copying things from your keyboard. If you copy text or images constantly, then SwiftKey will allow you to make better use of what you copy. Swiftkey gives you easy access to your clipboard by putting the clipboard on top of the keyboard, which means that you don’t have to search for it.

You can even paste multiple items using the SwiftKey clipboard while on Gboard you have to select the clipboard over again for every item that you want to paste. This is perfect if you need to use the same hashtags every time or just enjoy pasting images.

Prediction Layout


Gboard and SwiftKey have very different approaches to prediction layout, which involves the words shown to you above the keyboard as you’re typing. Gboard shows you three different word suggestions and there are no repetitions. You see more predictions, which is great, but this also means that you have to play closer attention to your keyboard while you type, which can be a hassle if you don’t want to do that.

SwiftKey shows you the word that you’ve typed in the middle and two other suggestions on either side of it. This means you see less predictions, but you can be more familiar with the keyboard and also have an easier time keeping the word that you originally typed as an option. It’s a small detail, but it’s one that you might notice if you’re particularly picky about predictive text.


All in all, both are pretty great keyboards for different people. Gboard is a keyboard that does the job absolutely perfectly. If you’re someone who doesn’t like your default keyboard and just wants a change, then this will do everything that you need. Enjoy a quick keyboard with the power of the Google web browser behind it.

SwiftKey is for users who has something particular that they don’t like. Theres great customizations and super easy to navigate. It can do all the small detailed things that you need a keyboard to do if you have a vision for your keyboard in your head. If you’re unsure, try them both out and see what you like.