Ever miss out on a major movie title because you were too busy to hit the movies with your family or friends?

Or did you ever want to stay in on a weekend and binge watch a TV series? Yes. I’m guilty of that too.

There are many movies and video sites that are present on the internet. A simple search engine search would show several results but most of them may lead to dead links, or worse, malicious adware.

So here in this list, in no particular order, I’ve listed down the top ten best movie streaming websites that don’t require any sign ups or registrations.

1. Fmovies


No registration needed. You just need to click on the titles you want and stream away. Fmovies is a great site to watch new and old movies, as well as TV series.

There are just some pop-up ads every now and then with every click but I wouldn’t let this get in the way of my viewing pleasure.

Consider watching your favorite series or catch up on a movie here.

Stream movies on Fmovies

2. Cartoon HD


Don’t let the name fool you. Cartoon HD isn’t all about cartoons and animated movies. They have a great line up of available movies, TV series, and live sports.

They’ll also show you movie trailers of upcoming movies.

Stream Movies on Cartoon HD

3. Watch Series

watch series

This site is all about TV series. So if you missed an episode of your favorite show, visit Watch Series and find what you’re looking for.

No sign-ups and registrations needed to watch from this site.

It’ll even show you the week’s popular and newest episodes for your watching convenience. The site has its occasional pop-up ads which are less annoying as compared to others.

Stream Movies on Watch Series

6. See HD

see hd

See HD is a straight forward streaming site that’ll allow you to watch movies and videos that have come available in their roster.

There are no ads while you’re watching so it’s all streaming fun. With this site, you can choose from new and old titles and different video resolutions.

The screen size will take up approximately 60% of the screen when you’re watching in window mode.

Stream movies on See HD

5. Yes Movies

yes movies

Yes! Movies is a good source of online streaming content. They have movies, TV series, and localized content categorized into the country of origin.

When you get to their landing page, they show you all the movies and shows they have. I was catching up on some TV series when I visited this site.

The ad banners are less intrusive and the screen of the video will take up around 75% of the screen in window browsing mode.

Stream movies on Yes! Movies

6. Youtube


Youtube started out as a sharing site for people to upload their homemade videos. A few years forward, its now one of the biggest sites for streaming video content.

There are free full movies from independent titles and short series that can really entertain you.

On top of that, there are other interesting videos like cat videos, baby videos, and caught on closed-circuit camera videos.

One of the drawbacks from watching via Youtube is that it would show ads before starting a video or in between watching one.

Sometimes this can get really annoying. Good thing that you have the option to skip the ad after five seconds.

Stream movies on Youtube

7. 123 Movies


123 Movies is different from other movie streaming sites. It’ll show you available titles and when you click on it, it’ll show you embedded options to choose from.

This way, there are more sources for the streamed movie to get to your browser.

Their selection includes old and new movies, as well as independent titles which may be harder to find elsewhere.

Stream movies on 123 Movies

8. Snag Films


This site is one of the best streaming sites for movies and videos.

The content seems highly curated and is not the usual ones you may see on billboards or topping box office charts. However, these movies have a little more depth in their storylines.

This is a great place to go to if you’re in the mood for something different and interesting.

Stream movies on Snag Films

9. Putlocker


A popular name in movie and tv series streaming is Putlocker. This site categorizes content via their genre and even the source country.

If you’re up for something American or Asian, consider checking this site out. The only drawback is the ads that’ll redirect you or pop-up all of a sudden.

Stream movies on Putlocker

10. Movie4U


Another site to stream HD movies is Movie4U. When you get to their site, you’ll immediately see a search bar similar to when you land on Google’s main search.

At the top, you can see some menu options. I clicked movies to reveal the top flicks they had available for streaming. I

tried to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and it worked out well. I just had to go through a lot of clicks because of pop-up ads. They have a lot of recent titles and they’ll tell you if the HD version is available or not.

Stream Movies on Movie4U

Bottom Line

Let me know which movie streaming site you choose. Ultimately, they’re all great sites that have hours and hours of videos and movies to offer.

It’s just a matter of which you click on and what unique feature they offer that’ll make you stay.

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