In movies, sound is arguably one of the best ingredients to complete the experience. Have you ever seen a horror or suspense movie with the sound muted? It doesn’t quite feel as scary or thrilling. Even action movies, they kind of fall flat without the gunshots, explosions, and the dramatic pause.

In music and songs, the emotions of the singer and the composer can be felt through the melody which evokes memories and feelings in the listener. If I listen to soft jazz, I instantly feel relaxed but if I’m in the gym, I’d be listening to some upbeat tracks.

Let’s take a look at the digital frontier. Spotify, the number one music streaming app, has over 40 million songs available in their platform and this number is still growing. iTunes forged a successful business model when it started its e-commerce activities by selling songs through its platform.

This will definitely be useful for a lot of people who are working their way up in media, podcasting, and audio-video production.

Here are the 10 best audio editing software for PC:

1. Adobe Audition

adobe audition

Adobe has ingrained its name in everything creative especially in audio. It has programs for images, illustrations, video editing, and now, audio editing. Adobe Audition is a professional tool for various audio related needs. The program promises that you can restore audio, do your own recording, mix soundtracks, and edit them however you wish.

To be honest, the interface and dashboard is really overwhelming to beginners with all the tools and commands, but it’s all necessary because Adobe Audition is an all in one software. Getting around to learning how this works will take some time but when you get the hang of it, you can even edit movie grade audio, or commercial grade music.

The pricing for this pro tool is only $20.99 per month. There are also student and business licenses that’ll offer more affordable price plans.

Download Adobe Audition

2. Audacity


Audacity is developed by a group of volunteers using open source language and is compatible with all types of operating systems. The software is free to use and packed with all the necessary features you’re looking for in an audio editing program.

The features include recording, improving sound quality, editing, transitions, and effects, and supports exporting to multiple types of file formats.

If you’re working on a simple project, consider trying Audacity because it’s got the features you may need in a simple software. It’s a quick download so you won’t have any problem using this one.

Download Audacity

3. Ardour


If you’re into recording or thinking about going into this industry, then you can put Ardour in your things that I need to learn list. The software is exactly what a professional needs in order to record clean and crisp sound files.

You can manage all your hardware such as microphones, boomsticks, speakers, and even instruments.

I was surprised by the capabilities of Ardour. However, if you’re working on something big, it’ll need more processing power to cope up with the hardware demands of the software. One of the things I like about Ardour is you can extract the audio tracks by uploading a video. This allows intricate and detailed editing to match sound with video.

Download Ardour

4. Cubase


Steinberg is a big name in the music producing industry. It’s also the creator of Cubase, a professional music producer’s software. The features of Cubase includes recording, composing, sequencing, mixing, beat making, and editing. On top of this, the software was really meant to be used with instruments and musical hardware.

Although this is the case, you can still get it to run on your Windows 10 computer through an online or offline installer. The software has a free trial and goes for close to $630.00. It’s also a hefty download of 21 GB if you’re thinking of just downloading the whole thing.

Download Cubase

5. FL Studio

fl studio

FL Studio boasts its capabilities as a full Digital Audio Workstation. Popular DJ’s and artists use FL Studio for their needs. Imagine using the tools that the current techno and pop DJ’s are using. Pretty exciting if you ask me.

FL Studio has a great workflow so you’ll find that it’s easy to use and quite intuitive. There’s a trial version that’s available and requires 4GB of RAM and higher.

The one-time purchase license of FL Studio starts at $99.00. When you purchase a license, it’s also lifetime free updates.

Download FL Studio

6. Hindenburg


The Hindenburg is a simple audio editing software that promises to maximize the screen space for all your multilayer tracks. The workflow is simple and is meant for recording and quick editing.

This software is offered in various tiers and is meant for different functions such as journalism, broadcasting, and producing. The free trial really lets you peek into the capabilities of the software and gives you a good run. I especially liked that the software can pinpoint the noise and help you eliminate it during interviews or audio recording.

Download Hindenburg

7. Lexis Audio Editor

lexis audio editor

The Lexis Audio Editor is a really great application. There is no doubt about its capabilities as a simple audio editing tool that aligns with the design and user interface of Windows 10. The dashboard provides a basic sound graph which gives you an idea of the type of editing that your sound file may need.

This sound editor is available for free and can also be used via Android and iOS.

Download Lexis Audio Editor

8. Studio One

studio one

PreSonus developed Studio One and is full stack Digital Audio Workstation. It’s a great pro tool if you’re working on music projects that require high-quality audio standards. The features include multilayer editing, audio hardware support, direct recording from microphones, high-quality audio output, and more.

This software supports beat development and loop implementation for faster editing within the production process.

Download Studio One

9. WavePad


WavePad is a versatile tool for different types of audio projects. It’s suited for simple and complex projects but lacks some of the tools and functionalities that other producing software has. If you’re using a computer that doesn’t have a big ram available or enough storage space, you can try this one out.

The pricing is only $29.99 for a standard edition license.

Download Wave Pad

10. Wavosaur


This audio editor is small and lightweight but also packs a lot of features which will actually surprise you. It definitely has all the elements that you need in an audio editor like trim, noise reduction, volume increase, multilayer interface, and crossfade loop among others.

Wavosaur is a great free tool for simple audio projects such as podcasts, interviews, and midi audio. If you’re looking to edit and save on cost, you can give this software a try.

Download Wavosaur

Bottom Line

In this review, we covered a mix of professional and amateur tools that are suitable for the Windows 10 operating system. It’s a good idea to read up about some of these tools and do more research before actually purchasing a license.

You could also take advantage of a free trial. Just so you can be sure on what you’re spending on and it’ll prevent getting something that you may not be able to maximize later on.

So my personal advice is to try the free tools first and get a feel of the way things are done. Especially when you’re just starting out with audio projects, sometimes a simple trim and a good transition could do wonders.

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