Ford Touch Screen Not Responding to Touch? Try This

Ford Touch Screen Not Working

Having a Ford vehicle can be very convenient in our everyday lives, but it may cause issues if the touchscreen in your vehicle isn’t working. We are here to help you with this guide to troubleshoot your touchscreen issues.

Why Is My Ford Touch Screen Not Responding to Touch?

1. Bug

Bugs are one of the few ways that can cause your vehicle’s software to stop cooperating. They are problems with the software that the developer may not have intended or anticipated.

Bugs can be taken care of by doing different types of resets to your software. In this guide we will go over a few ways to reset your software in order for it to function again.

Fix 1 – Perform Cycle Key

Key cycles are one of the few ways that you’re able to restart your vehicle. This is meant to be a quick fix for the issue you were having with your module. Performing a key cycle will help to restart your vehicle and potentially reset any issues that may have occurred.

This method is also safe for your data as well as your settings. It will not affect your data and it will not reset your settings. In order to perform a key cycle you will need to fully turn off the vehicle including anything inside such as the radio or lights.

In some of the newer vehicles the radio may continue to play after the vehicle is shut off until a door is opened. After turning off the vehicle you’ll want to open the driver side door and lock it.

If your vehicle comes with a push to start method you will want to exit your vehicle with your keys before locking the door. You will then want to close the door and let the vehicle sit for about two minutes to ensure that the vehicle display has turned off completely.

Once you are sure that the vehicle has completely shut down and the display is turned off, after two minutes, you want to restart the car. This is the fastest and simplest way to reboot your Ford’s touchscreen.

Fix 2 – Perform A Soft Reset

If you find that the key cycle does not fix your issue you may want to perform a soft reset. A soft reset does not erase any data from your vehicle’s programming. This method will shut down your vehicle and reset it without disrupting the vehicle’s battery.

To perform the soft reset you will want to press and hold the “Seek Up” button well simultaneously pressing and holding the radio power button. After pressing and holding the buttons for about five seconds the screen should go dark.

When the screen goes dark you can release the buttons. You will not want to immediately start your vehicle back up, instead you will want it to sit for a few moments before starting it. If this does not work for your Ford vehicle you may also want to try a hard reset.

Doing a hard reset is a little bit more complicated, as you will need to interact with the vehicle’s hardware. For a hard reset you are going to want to completely shut off your vehicle.

Once you have done this there are a few ways to disconnect the SYNC module, which is the module responsible for your touchscreen. The method you use may also depend on the model of your Ford vehicle.

The first way is to disconnect the vehicle battery. The other way is to disconnect the 54-pin connector that is located at the back of the module. Once you have disconnected the power you will want the vehicle to rest for about 30 seconds before reconnecting the power.

After 30 seconds you may turn the vehicle back on and wait for the system to boot back up. Both the hard reset and the soft reset do not interfere with the vehicle’s settings or data.

You will have all of your data as well as all of the settings that you have implemented into your vehicle’s software.

Fix 3 – Perform Master Reset

The next type of reset is called a master reset, which will reset your SYNC module back to the factory settings. This means that all of your settings and data will be lost from the vehicle and you will need to reprogram everything.

This will include any Bluetooth pairings and saved addresses. This method should only be done if you have tried the previous troubleshooting methods for your Ford vehicle. To perform the master reset you want to have your vehicle turned on and put into park.

From the home screen of your SYNC module, you’ll find the settings option on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen on most vehicles. Once you press the “Settings” button you will next navigate to the general settings.

Once there, you will need to scroll down until you see “Master Reset” at the bottom of the list. After selecting the “master reset“ button, you will be met with a pop-up asking you to confirm that you want to reset the vehicle back to factory defaults.

After touching the continue button, your screen will go dark, followed by a pop-up asking if you would like to turn on automatic system updates. From there, you will choose the option that fits your needs.

Fix 4 – Wait A Few Days

After performing the above mentioned resets, you will want to wait a few days before contacting your dealership to ensure that your module is functioning.

If you are finding that your vehicle’s Sync module is still not functioning you may want to contact the dealership or Ford. it could be something that is further than just the software. It could also be an issue with the hardware itself.

Fix 5 – Contact Dealership Or Ford

If you have waited a few days after the reset and you have not found improvement on your module, you will want to contact your dealership or contact Ford directly. From there they will be able to assist you further.

Waiting to see if your module is working can be frustrating, but it is better to see if there are improvements rather than immediately contacting Ford.

2. Short Circuit In System

With the technology that the Ford vehicles now use, there is always a potential of a short circuit within the system. A short circuit can cause disruptions within the module itself, and could be the cause of the issues within your Ford touchscreen.

Fix – Check the Connectors and Take The Help of a Car Electrician

A problem to your module not working is the chance of connectors being loose or not connected at all. You will want to check all of the connectors to make sure that they are fully connected.

Once you have checked if the connectors are all connected, you can see if your vehicle‘s touchscreen is working. If this did not fix the issue then you may have found a short circuit within your system.

If a short circuit has occurred, it would be best to look at the situation with a car electrician. They will have more knowledge of the steps to take to fix your module if you do find there’s a short circuit.

Interacting with the vehicle’s cables can be dangerous if not properly handled by a professional. The car electrician may also give you insight as to other issues that may be causing your module to stop working.

3. Bad Cables

Fix – Disconnect, Then Reconnect Cables

Another solution to your issue may be that you have bad cables. Bad cables can cause your module to not work to its full potential, or may cause the module to not work at all.

If you find that you need new connector cables you will be able to find it online. They are decently inexpensive and easy to find.

4. Display is Faulty

Fix – Recover or Replace

Finding that your Ford touchscreen module is not working can be very frustrating. As stated above, you will need to perform resets to get the screen working. If doing the resets does not fix your issue, this may be a problem with the module.

Unfortunately, this may become quite expensive so it is best to try troubleshooting with the previously mentioned methods before resorting to replacing the entire module.

If you do need to replace the entire module, it is suggested that you take it to Ford or to a professional who can install it without any hassles.

5. There’s No Power Going to It

If you’re finding that there is no power going to your Sync module at all, it could be because of a blown fuse. There are several reasons why a fuse may have blown within your vehicle, which you may not have even considered.

You will want to check to see if the fuse has been blown within your vehicle.

Fix – Check Fuse Box

The purpose of a fuse box in a car is to prevent the car from receiving excess currents. Excess currents could overload the wires and potentially melt them or cause a fire.

The location of the fuse box may vary depending on the model of your Ford vehicle. You will want to check the owners manual to properly locate the fuse box.

Once you have located the fuse box within your vehicle, you will want to check to see if there is a blown fuse. A blown fuse will be visible and it may affect smaller fuses around it.

blown fuses are often caused by having a higher current than what the circuit is able to contain. Blown fuses can be caused by a variety of things including something as simple as a metal object falling into the fuse box.

Some thing that small may have a huge impact on whether or not your vehicle is working to its full potential.

6. Ford Sync Out of Date

Fix – Update Ford Sync

A common issue that can be found in modern technology is the need for constant updates in order to upkeep your device or module. Luckily, making these updates doesn’t require you to bring your vehicle to a dealership, or to Ford, to get it installed.

There are update instructions for both the newer models and the older models. It is very important to make sure all aspects of your vehicle are up-to-date in order for everything to run smoothly and efficiently.

If you have a newer model you will want to follow these instructions. The first step is to acquire a USB drive and download the software updates onto it. You can find these software updates on the Ford website.

Next you will need to turn on your vehicle and be sure it is in a well ventilated area, as the vehicle will need to be running during the duration of the update.

Once you have your USB and your vehicle is turned on, you want to press the menu button and scroll to sync settings. You will select the “Sync Settings” and then scroll to “Install On Sync” and press “OK”.

You will receive a pop-up on your screen, which you will want to select “Yes“ to continue to the update. Following the confirmation, you will be given an audio prompt that will explain that the Sync is going to reboot and start the update.

During the update your module will not be responsive. This update may take up to 20 minutes. Once it has completed the update there will be another audio cue informing you that the update is complete and your system will not reboot.

You will want to wait a few minutes before trying to use the system again. After the update is complete you will want to confirm that the update has finished by selecting Sync settings and then going to your systems info.

There you will see that the latest update has been installed. If you have an older vehicle you want to follow these instructions instead of the ones stated above. be sure to have the USB drive with the software update on it.

You can find the update download on the Ford website. You will need to turn on your vehicle and then turn the radio on as well.

Yet again, you will want to make sure your vehicle is in a well-ventilated area, as the vehicle will need to be running during the update process. Be sure that your vehicle is not in Accessory Mode.

If you have your phone connected to the Bluetooth of your vehicle, you will need to turn off the Bluetooth on your phone. Start by plugging the USB drive into your vehicle’s USB port.

Press the “Phone” button in the vehicle and scroll down to the “Return” button and accept. Next you will go to the “Advanced” setting and scroll to “Install application” and accept.

The Sync will recognize the USB drive and it will ask you to confirm if you want to install the application. You will want to leave the USB drive plugged into your vehicle and keep the vehicle running during the update process.

The system will inform you that it may reboot several times during the update. You will need to wait until you hear that the Sync update has been completed before you attempt to use your module.

The process of the update may take up to 20 minutes to complete. Once it is confirmed that the update is complete you will be able to remove your USB drive from the vehicle.

You need to pair your phone with your vehicle again. After you have updated your vehicle’s software, you’ll be able to use your module once again for your daily needs.

If updating your vehicle software does not fix the problem that you were having with your touch screen, you will want to contact Ford directly. They will be able to help you with any further questions that are not covered within this guide.


Having a Ford vehicle can be very convenient in your everyday life, but it can also become frustrating when you do not have the proper software working.

After doing some resets on your vehicle, you may find that your vehicle’s touchscreen module has begun working again. If the reset has not solved your problem, you may need to look into further inspection upon your module.

This may include checking the connectors as well as a potential fuse blown within your vehicle. You may want to also check for updates, because updates will keep your software running to its fullest potential.

Depending on the model of your car, it may require a different method for updating but the Ford website will mention which vehicle models need which update method.

We hope that this educational guide was able to assist you in recovering your touchscreens’ full functionality. If you were not able to find your solution within this guide, it is always suggested to directly contact your dealership or Ford for any further assistance.

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