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Nothing is more frustrating than when your tech refuses to work. Fortunately, tech is fixable and with our fix-it guides on just about anything, you can get your tech up and running in no time.

iPhone won't charge

iPhone Won’t Charge? Here are 8 Ways to Fix it

There are four main components in the iPhone charging process. That's right. The first one is the power source itself, which could be the...
How to Stop iPhone from Dimming

How to Backup Your iPhone

It is very important for all iPhone users to know how to backup data to iCloud to avoid the loss of data in case...
iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

What to Do If Your iPhone is Stuck on Apple Logo

You’re probably here because you woke up and you tried turning your iPhone on, however, your device is just stuck on the Apple logo...
Transfering iPhone Photos to PC

How to Transfer Photos From Your iPhone to a Computer

If you're like most people, you’ll love taking pictures on your phone and looking back at them later. However, if you’re only keeping one...
Hit the option Delete Data

iPhone Storage Almost Full? Here’s How to Fix it

While Apple finally did update the based model of the iPhone to 32 GB, if you tend to shoot a lot of 4K videos...
How to Disable iPhone Charge Sound

23 Tips to Save Battery Life on iPhone

With the new iOS 13, your battery life can drain very quickly. That’s why you need to know how to save the battery life...