Why Does My YouTube Keep Pausing Itself Android

Why Does My YouTube Keep Pausing Itself Android

It isn’t fun watching your YouTube video pause, then unpause, and pause again ad infinitum on your Android device. The likely culprit is your network connection, but it’s just as likely to be your headphones or corrupted data.

Speculating what the issue could doesn’t solve the problem, so, speculation was done for you below. The solutions can help you pinpoint why YouTube videos keep pausing on your Android device.

Why Does My YouTube Keep Pausing Itself Android

It would be awkward for you and everyone around you if your headphones were removed and heard every sound your phone was making. Luckily for you, and everyone around you, your Android device has a nifty feature that pauses the audio of music and videos when your headphones are removed from the headphone jack.

Unfortunately, because of this feature, people experience constant pausing and starting of their YouTube videos. Why? Well, there are two possible root causes: your headphone jack or your headphones. If you have several pairs of headphones, you can test the headphone jack and pinpoint the true culprit.

If it’s your headphones that are causing the problem, then they’re damaged in some way. The headphone jack is trying to connect, but the headphones aren’t connecting right, causing constant disconnection. The phone then registers this as you removing your headphones.

Take another pair of headphones–several pairs of headphones is better–and test the headphone jack. If YouTube is still pausing, then it may be a bad headphone jack or you have several pairs of bad headphones. It would be best to have a specialist take a look at the headphone jack.

1. Bad Headphones

Fix – Get Better Headphones

Since one of the main reasons why your YouTube videos will keep pausing is down to bad headphones continuously disconnecting, the first thing you want to do to fix this issue is to either get new headphones or entirely disconnect your headphones and listen to the audio from its external speaker.

If you disconnect your headphone and notice that the videos keep pausing, it’s not down to bad headphones and you’ll need to find the root cause.

2. Buffering from a Bad Network Connection

When a YouTube video keeps pausing, it’s a sign of your network connection stuttering. When you see the White Ball of Doom, then you’ll know your video is buffering.

The constant stuttering can be frustrating to many, but there are a few solutions to consider in an attempt to pinpoint the network issue.

Fix – Fix Network Connection

Your first step is to reboot your network connection if you’re using your Wi-Fi at home. If it’s been awhile since your modem or router has been restarted, then now is the time to do so.

After an extended period of time running, modems and routers can start sending broken signals; flushing the cache data will get it back to speed.

1. Locate the power cable for your modem and router (if you have one).

2. Gently, but firmly, pull the power cable from the modem. Do NOT yank by the cable. Hold the end part of the cable, the end that’s connected into the modem.

3. Wait 60 seconds and reinsert the power cable. Reconnect once the necessary lights are on.

Fix 2 – Fix Network Connection

YouTube recommends a decent connection when you’re surfing their selection of videos. If you have anything less than 2 Mbps, then you aren’t going to have a fun time watching your videos. And 2 Mbps is the bare minimum for a video playback quality of 480p.

There are dozens of websites that can test your Wi-Fi speed, like AT&T, Verizon, and Xfinity. Any will do. Hopefully, you aren’t staring into the abyss of 500 Kbps.

If you were unfortunate enough to have a slow connection, then connecting to a different network connection can yield better results, preferably a faster one.

3. You’re Using up your Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the measure of speed your internet traffic travels. Imagine a regular-sized door, fit for one person. Two people might be able to slide past each other on the way through, but imagine trying to fit five or 10; they would get stuck.

Bandwidth traffic acts in the same way. The bigger your bandwidth speed, the more data can come and go without bottlenecking on the way through.

When you download movies, music, and files, you’re using your bandwidth and there’s a limit to what you can do with it. If you’re streaming YouTube, apps are running in the background and you’re downloading files? Well, then it’s no wonder your YouTube videos keep pausing.

You can reduce your bandwidth in several ways, one of which was already mentioned: if you’re downloading a file, give it a rest until you’re finished with the video or resume the download when you aren’t using your Android device.

Second, Android devices are set to auto-update apps when an update is available. That’s taking up your bandwidth. Go into

1. Open Google Play Store.

2. Open the menu. It’s the three horizontal lines.

3. Select Settings.

4. Tap on Auto-Update Apps. Choose “Don’t Auto-update apps.”

Lastly, shutdown any apps running in the background that aren’t in use. Every Android device has a button that opens an app manager. Slide your finger to the left or the right to close an app.

4. YouTube Out of Date

If you are using the YouTube app on your phone and it is out of date, this can cause the videos to keep pausing on their own. However, in most cases, YouTube will give you a notification to update your app.

This is a problem that is experienced by people using the Youtube App. You should fix this problem by updating it with the new one. Here are the steps to follow.

1. Go back to your phone home.

2. Visit your phone’s play store

3. When in the play store go to installed apps, and in some cases, you will find the “manage apps and devices” option.

4. From this, you will find an option to update your app. Play store will indicate if there is an update available. However, if you do not find any update available, that means your Youtube app is up to date and it is not the cause. Investigate other causes.

Fix 1 – Update, Uninstall and Install 

Updates are a normal part of owning technology. After all, they were created by someone and oftentimes the product can end up imperfect because of it. This is why apps need regular updates.

Issues that were lurking under the surface only fly under the radar for so long until one update too many and the issue presents itself in strange ways, like YouTube videos constantly pausing. And it will keep pausing until the issue is fixed with an update.

There may already be an update available. If you’re someone who turns off auto-updates for all apps, you may have forgotten a few very important ones.

1. Open Google Play Store.

2. Open the menu. It’s the three horizontal lines.

3. Select My Apps & Games.

4. The two most important apps to update, in this case, are Google Chrome and YouTube. If an update is available for either, then select UPDATE.

Fix 2 – Update, Uninstall and Install 

Updates don’t always work. The issue could lie with the app itself being corrupted in some manner. This is common. You can start over with a fresh installation of the YouTube app.

1. Open Android’s Settings.

2. Locate Apps.

4. Find YouTube. Select it.

5. Tap Uninstall.

Head back into the Google Play Store and reinstall the YouTube app.

5. YouTube is Down

Although YouTube is a big name, it is an app like any other. The platform relies on servers that can sometimes have problems and the service is down. Although this is a very rare occurrence for YouTube is not unexpected. It can happen.

In case this happens, your videos may keep on pausing. For you to know whether youtube is down, you have to first rule out all other possible causes. Make sure that your internet is strong enough and check your device to make sure it is working properly.

To check whether YouTube is down, visit the DownDetector website and search YouTube. Another way to do this is by searching on google. If the platform is down, the information will be updated on google quickly.

Fix – Check If YouTube Is Down

The next thing to do if the YouTube app keeps pausing is to check if there’s a problem with YouTube. Sometimes the YouTube app goes down for routine maintenance and this can cause problems with YouTube itself.

If there’s a problem with YouTube, then you should wait for the app to work properly before you put anything down to the YouTube videos pausing itself. To check if YouTube down, simply search Google ‘is YouTube down?’.

6. You’ve Set the Quality Too High

The quality level of the video you are playing might be the reason the video is loading. When streaming videos on youtube, the videos are available in different quality sizes. The platform uses your internet to load the data and play the videos.

However, Youtube has a system that automatically detects the internet speeds you have and plays a quality that your internet can play without buffering.

So, when you set a quality that is higher than your internet strength can handle, the video will keep on pausing. It is referred to as buffering. This is where the data is preloaded before it can be played. During these loading intervals, the video is paused.

Fix – Reduce the Quality

Reducing the quality of the video you are playing is the main way to fix the pausing problem caused by poor internet connection. Reduce the quality of video you are playing to one that your internet can play without buffers.

For example; if you were playing 1080p and it keeps on pausing, consider reducing it to 720p or lower.

Another way to fix this is to improve your internet speed to handle the quality you want to play.

7. Headphone Port Faulty or Dirty

Your headphones port could be the reason the video keeps on pausing due to interference. Many phones are designed to pause the playing audio when you remove the headphone jack or when the headphones are disconnected.

So, when your headphones keep on disconnecting and connecting back, this will definitely make the video you are playing keep on pausing.

When the headphone port is dirty or faulty, it can lead to such a problem. This is because there is a loss of contact brought about by dirty or another problem.

Another sign to look out for to know your headphone port has a problem is muffled or static sound. You may also notice only one side of the headphone is working.

Fix – Clean Out the Lint

Your headphone port will fail if it is filled with lint or a layer of dirt. You can fix this by cleaning out the lint. Follow these steps.

Use cotton swabs.

1. Get a cotton swab.

2. Rub the cotton swab with alcohol to make it soft. Rub the swab and make it thin enough to enter the headphone port.

3. Reduce the size of the cotton swab to one that can fit in the headphone port.

4. Gently put the side into the headphone port and move it around gently to clean out the dirt.

5. Repeat this step three steps. For each step, use a fresh cotton swab with alcohol.

6. In the last step, do the same process with a dry cotton swab that will remove the moisture.

Use compressed air.

1. Use compressed air and spray the air directly into the headphone port. Keep the nozzle away from the port.

2. Blast the port with compressed air at intervals. Do 2 to 3 blasts to remove all the dirt.

Use interdental brush.

1. An interdental brush is effective and it is used in cleaning braces. Get one from your nearest beauty or health center.

2. Dip the interdental brush in alcohol, then tap it gently to get rid of excess moisture.

3. Ensure that your phone is off. Then insert the interdental brush gently into the headphone port and move it in a circular manner.

4. Repeat this process three times.

Use a paperclip and tape.

For this process, it is useful in cases where you notice lint stuck in your phone’s headphone port. It will help you remove all the fibers without causing any damage.

1. Get a paperclip, open it and straighten it.

2. Take a piece of tape and wrap it firmly around the straightened end of the paperclip, and ensure the sticky side of the tape faces out.

3. Now, gently insert the paperclip into the headphone port and roll it a few times. Then remove it. By doing this, the sticky part of the tape will be able to pull out all the lint in the port.

4. Now repeat this step again and again until all the lint is removed. Each time you do it look into the port to see which parts need more attention.

5. Once done, get a cotton swab, apply alcohol and use it to clean the headphone port.

8. Too Many Ads

Ads have become so many on Youtube. Furthermore, it is how YouTube can pay all the creators on the platform. However, this will keep on pausing your video. Although it will not pause your video completely, there will be that pause between the ads.

This can be quite annoying when you are watching a very interesting video. With many youtube videos getting around 2 or more ads, all those stops can be difficult to bear.

Fix – Pay For YouTube Premium

Youtube provides a YouTube Premium for anyone who does not want to deal with the ads. This is something you can get to deal with the pausing problem brought by too many ads. However, you should know that you have to pay for this service.

For you to sign up for youtube premium follow these steps.

1. Go to youtube.com/premium on your browser.

2. You will be required to sign in to the google account you would like to use for your membership.

3. Click either “Get YouTube Red” or “Try it free”.

4. You will be directed to a payment page where you will add a payment method or select one if you have.

5. Now click on “Buy” to make the payment and finish the process.

9. There’s A Bug

A bug is an error in how a system is functioning. YouTube can also experience such errors from time to time. In some cases, the bug might be in how the video plays and makes it keep pausing. In other cases, the bug might affect more than one area.

In other cases, the bug might be in your account or device only. So, try checking the video with another device to see whether it plays well. If it does, the problem is with your device or app.

Fix – Clear YouTube Cache

Caches collect a lot of data and some of it is harmful and can lead to bugs in your system. This is why you need to clear the cache on your youtube.

Here is how to clear the youtube cache on a computer.

1. Go to your computer and open the browser.

2. Click on more or the menu icon.

3. Navigate to tools and go to “Clear browsing data”.

4. On this option, look for “cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data”. Mark them.

5. Click on clear data.

The process may differ from one browser to another but you should access the settings, an option to clear browser data and clear cached data.

Clear YouTube Cache on phone.

1. Click and open your phone settings.

2. Scroll down and look for apps.

3. Open the apps option, scroll down and look for the YouTube app.

4. Click to open more details on the app. Look for memory, click on it, look for the option “Clear Cache” and click on it.

Fix 2 – Use a Browser

In some cases, you may not be able to clear the caches on your browser. If this happens, you should not worry. You may also clear the caches and there is no change. Go ahead and use a different browser. A new browser will not have the same bugs as the previous one.

Fix 3 – Reinstall YouTube

There are high chances that your youtube app has bugs. If clearing the caches does not fix this problem, you will have to reinstall the app.

Do this by first uninstalling the app from your phone. Go to your phone settings, open the apps, look for YouTube, open the options and uninstall the app. Now go to your apple or play store and download another application. Install it and start using it. The problem should not resurface.

Bluetooth Headphones Keep Pausing Youtube? Here’s Why

As much as you would love to use your Bluetooth headphones, sometimes they can cause your videos to keep on pausing on youtube. In this case, you will realize that when you are not using the Bluetooth headphones you are not experiencing that problem.

It can be really frustrating especially if you do not have another convenient way of accessing the audio from the video you are playing. Many things may cause this kind of problem and there are several ways of fixing them. Here is what you need to know.

1. Bluetooth Connection Problem

Modern Bluetooth headphones are designed with several amazing features. One of them is to pause the audio you are playing when the Bluetooth connection is broken. By doing this, it makes sure that your audio does go outside by playing loud on your phone speakers.

As a result, any connection problem with your headphones will definitely make your youtube video keep on pausing.

Fix – Restart Bluetooth Connection

A problem with your Bluetooth connection is not so serious as it can be addressed quite easily. All you have to do is to restart the Bluetooth connection.

To do this, go to your phone Bluetooth settings, open the list of the devices connected, identify the name of your headphones, then click forget or remove. Start the Bluetooth connection process all over again and this should be able to fix the problem.

2. You Tapped Pause

It is a common thing to come across headphones that are using tap or touch functions to pause, play, adjust volume, and other things. If your headphones use a tap mechanism to pause the audio, there are chances that you have tapped on the pause button.

You may be struggling and worried without knowing you have paused your headphones. So, look at your headphones and check whether you tapped the pause button. If you did, you should adjust how you place or use them to avoid a similar action in the future.

Fix – Replace Them

What happens if restarting your headphone’s Bluetooth connection does not fix the pausing problem. In such a case you will have no other option but to replace the headphones with new ones.

This means that the current headphones have a technical problem that is making your youtube videos keep on pausing. When replacing with new ones make sure you get a quality set and check to ensure you do not encounter the same problem again.

Fix 2 – Use Another Pair

Not a must for you to get a new pair of headphones. Using another pair of better headphones is a good way to deal with the situation. If you have an extra pair, it is a good option to avoid missing out on your video.

Additionally, you may not be in a position to replace the headphones immediately. You may also have a friend who is willing to allow you to use their headphones for some time before you can find a solution. It is an option worth taking.

Fix 3 – Use Your Eternal Speaker

An external speaker can work in the place of Bluetooth headphones. So, if your Bluetooth headphones keep on pausing your youtube video, you can still enjoy your video or music by playing it on an external speaker.

All you have to do is to disconnect the Bluetooth speakers completely and enjoy great audio from your phone’s speaker. You can also use an external Bluetooth speaker to get quality sound. Unfortunately, this is possible if you are in a place where you can play external audio.

Fix 4 – Disable Tap to Pause Feature

A tap to pause feature may be the reason your headphones keep on pausing your youtube video. Based on where you are and where you have placed your headphones, this can become a frequent bother that you do not want to keep dealing with.

Many devices will come with an option to disable the tap to pause feature. Once you deactivate this function you will not have to worry about pausing the video by accidentally tapping.

However, as for youtube, there is no way of disabling this feature. This means when using your computer and you tap on the screen the video will play. When using the app on the other side, you have to tap the play button at the center of the screen.

3. They’ve Disconnected

It is possible that your Bluetooth headphones have paused your youtube video because they have disconnected. For many Bluetooth headphones, when they disconnect, you do not get any notification.

At the same time, the device does not play the audio externally. The only thing that will happen is that the media playing will pause. If this is the case, you may not know that the device has disconnected.

To find out, you can click play and see whether the headphones will continue playing the audio. Another way is to go to settings, Bluetooth, and check the Bluetooth devices connected.

Fix – Reconnection Them

Reconnecting the devices is the only option you have in this case. If you go to your Bluetooth devices and find out they had disconnected, you have to do the whole connection process all over again. This will bring back all the functionalities and you can continue enjoying your audio.

Brady Klinger-Meyers is an experienced tech writer and marketer who currently writes for Techzillo as well as other popular sites like MakeUseOf. At Techzillo, he focuses on consumer technology in general with his interest being Android OS. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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