Yahoo Mail is a popular email service on the web, and it allows you to send emails with efficiency. However, as streamlined as Yahoo mail is, like other email services, it can encounter issues. There are several issues you could be having with the service and there are a number of ways to fix them. From being unable to send mail, to failing to connect to the Yahoo server on your iPhone, the steps below will have you using your account in no time.

The Reason your Having Issues with Yahoo

The are many problems you could be experiencing with Yahoo mail on your iPhone. For example, you may not be able to send or receive email, you may not be able to connect to the yahoo server on your iPhone or iPad, or the app may continuously glitch. The most common reason is a glitch or bug within your iPhone – you can use the steps below to fix this problem.

1. Sign Out and Into Yahoo

If you’re unable to receive emails though the app, then the first thing to do is to sign out then back into the app. This will get rid of any issues within the apps that’s stopping you from receiving mail.

Go to Yahoo Mail on your iPhone.

1. Open the Yahoo Mail app.

2. Tap the menu. This is represented by the three horizontal lines in the upper-left hand of the screen.

3. Tap Manage accounts. You’ll be taken to a page that shows you all of your Yahoo Mail accounts.

4. Tap Edit in the upper-right hand of the screen.

Tap Remove to confirm

5. Tap Remove. A pop-up will appear saying “Remove the account from this device?”

6. Tap Remove to confirm. The Yahoo Mail account is removed from your iPhone and logged out the yahoo app. If you go back on the app, you won’t have access to the email account that you deleted in settings.

When you delete the account from your iPhone’s settings, it basically signs you out, it doesn’t delete your actual email account stored with Yahoo.  it only removes the accounts details from your iPhone.

2. Use Data

If you were using WIFI to send or receive emails, then you can try using data instead. There may be a problem with your WIFI connection that stops Yahoo mail from working. if you were using data, then you can try and use WIFI now.

turn on data iphone

Go to Settings > tap Cellular > Toggle Cellular Data on. Before you do this, turn off your WIFI. You can now check if you can send or receive mail through Yahoo Mail.

3. Re-install Yahoo Mail

If there’s a bug within the app, then you’ll need to reinstall the app. When you delete the app, the software is wiped from your device and installed again when you re-install the app.

This can resolve any problems you’re currently experiencing with the app. Hold the app > tap the x to delete it > click Delete to confirm > Go to the App Store > re-install Yahoo mail > add your account again.

4. Force Restart iPhone

If there’s a software issue on your device that’s causing this problem, then you’ll need to force restart your device. When you force restart your iPhone, the operating system is shut down, check for any errors, and wiped for any errors. When your iPhone restarts again, then your device should be free of any software issues.

If you have an iPhone 7 or above:

1. Hold the sleep/wake key and the volume down key.

2. Wait for the Apple logo to appear

If you have an iPhone X or 8:

1. Quickly press the release the volume up button.

2. Quickly press the release the volume down button.

3. Press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

To force restart your iPad:

1. Hold down the Home button and the power button.

2. Keep both buttons held until the Apple logo appears.

3. Let go of the buttons. Once your device is back on, you can turn on your data and check if the error message still shows up.