There’ve been a billion minutes watched on Twitch and this statistic will only continue to grow as eSports makes its way into the limelight. The gaming community is consistently growing, and it’s not just kids but also adults who’ve taken gaming pretty seriously. Twitch is one way to follow these great eSports athletes.

You could spend hours and hours watching streams over this video gaming platform. If you’re a casual player and hope to level up and adopt some new moves, you’ll find Twitch to be a great resource.

Just the other night, I was watching DOTA 2 gameplays and Hearthstone tactics and then when I clicked on another stream, it went dark. The screen said “2000: Network Error.” The red button on the top right will still show that it’s “LIVE” but there isn’t anything that’s streaming.

This type of error isn’t rare, and a handful of people have encountered this one. So if you’re reading this to know how to fix the 2000: Network error, you’ve come to the right place.

Diagnose the Problem

One of the first things you want to do is diagnose the problem. In many occasions, you’ll see that the video stream has stopped, a black screen with the error message has appeared, and the chat seems to be working.

It is kind of weird because if you have a connectivity issue, the chat and other functionalities shouldn’t be working at all. On the other hand, if all the functionalities stopped working. Then you’re probably having a connectivity issue.

Here are 9 ways to fix Twitch error 2000:

1. Refresh the Stream

The first ever thing we do when things don’t work on the internet is we refresh them by clicking the loopy arrow icon, or by pressing Ctrl + R or by smashing the F5 key. The 2000: Network error is a connection problem so you can get to fixing it by refreshing your browser.

2. Fix your Internet Connection

Since the 2000: Network error is a connectivity issue, there’s a chance that the problem could be with your internet connection. Check to see if you’re still connected to the internet. Open up other browsers and sites. Check if they’ll load. If they didn’t, then there’s a chance that the internet is the problem.

If the internet isn’t the problem, try opening Twitch on your mobile phone, there’s a chance that it’ll work there while it’s broken on your laptop or desktop.

If the internet is the problem, try contacting your service provider and get some answers on why the service suddenly went dark. There may be a power outage near a service provider station so getting in touch with someone is a good resource.

3. Open and Close your Browser

After refreshing the browser, the page, and the internet connection, close and re-open the browser. The connectivity issue may be from having too many tabs open or a background process that’s taking up the bandwidth.

Another option to do is to use another browser. Sometimes, browsers have extensions and plugins that could mess with the stream. There are many browser options such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. Give at least two a try to rule this out if the problem persists.

4. Restart your Computer

If the first three methods have failed you, then it’s time to restart the computer. Sometimes the worst problems can be fixed by a reboot. This allows the memory to be reset, the page files to be refreshed, and there is a high chance for the fix to work.

5. Clear Browsing data, Cache and Cookies

You’ll need to clear the browsing data, the cache, and the cookies. Your browser makes this easy by letting you do it all in just one simple click.

  1. Click the browser menu on the right.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Clear Browsing Data.
  4. Select the history, the cookies, the website data, the cached data, and files.
  5. Click Clear.
  6. Close and open the browser again.
  7. Attempt to reload the Twitch stream.

6. Disable Ad Blockers

One of the things that can potentially ruin the streaming experience is ads. This is hard to curb especially when developers are hard pressed for you to view the ads of the companies that pay for sponsorships, ad placements, and media plugs.

You could prevent them somehow through ad blockers, but there will be a chance that the ad blocker software can also mess with the stream, hence, a 2000: Network error message.

One quick fix is to disable your ad blocker software and re-open the browser. This may help you get past the connectivity issue.

7. Re-install the App client

If you’re using the browser to watch Twitch streams, try using the app client. It’s worth a shot if the error hasn’t seen any improvements.

If you’re having trouble with the app client, then try to uninstall it, then install it again.

Download Twitch App

8. Use a VPN

For some people, a VPN may be the solution to fixing the 2000: Network Error. Although using a VPN is a speculative notion that the service has been blocked in a certain region, there’s no absolute way to conclude this.

If you have a VPN program installed in your computer, now’s the time to pull it out and use it. There’s a high chance of fixing the 2000: Network error if you use a VPN and shift to another location.

9. Wait for their Server to Revive

If Twitch servers are down, then this could be what’s causing the problem. Servers allow everyone to access the platform , ut whenever they’re down or being maintained, then people won’t be able to access the app.

Patience goes a long way. On occasion, the chat feature would still be up and running so if you’re the type to chat while watching, there’s a little consolation for the wait.

Bottom Line

No matter what type of gamer you may be, there’s still a possibility to get struck with one of those Error 2000’s.

Pro tip: Try a different screen. It may sound a little weird but if you encountered the problem on your desktop or laptop, try opening the app on your phone. There’s a chance that it’ll be working on your handheld device. The reasons for this is highly unknown but it makes sense to try out all the stops before giving up.

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