If you are a Windows 10 user, one of the most common error messages that can appear on your machine is that the RPC Server is Unavailable. If you don’t know what this is it could really make you nervous or worried when it pops up. Don’t worry. This is not a serious issue and it usually doesn’t cause any data or programs to be lost from your computer. Also, this is a somewhat easy problem to fix.

What is RPC

Before you learn how to fix this issue, you should learn what it means. This will help you understand what is going on and why. RPC means Remote Procedure Call. This is the method that computers use to talk to one another and has been for a very long time.

Nowadays it has become a way that two applications on the same computer talk to each other as well. It works a lot like networking does because the RPS server will open a port, talk to the server you are requesting data from, wait for the server to talk back, send a packet when it has a response, and then send task data to the destination service or server. Then does everything in reverse when the task is done.

RPC is not just used in Windows machines. RPC is considered a Methodology and now a Windows process. Most of the RPC server errors happen between applications on the same computer but can be caused by something in the network also. You will learn to figure out what the cause of the issue is no matter the cause though.

RPC Server is Unavailable Errors in Windows 10

You are probably wondering what can cause this error though. Well, when one application needs to talk to another application it contacts your RPC server on the computer to make the exchange of data. The server then uses a port to talk and listen to each of the applications. The server is what makes communication between applications possible between applications on your computer and on your network. The call to the RPC server can fail because the server is unavailable, doesn’t respond, cannot write to memory, or can’t open a port, and this will cause the RPC server is unavailable error to be triggered and pop up.

How to Fix the RPC Server is Unavailable Errors

If you are using a computer that has Windows 10 on it, there are three main reasons that cause this error to appear. It can be that the RPC service isn’t running, some important registry entries that control the RPC service have been corrupted, or there are issues with your network. The most common of the three is that the RPC server just isn’t running.

The first thing you want to do to try and fix this issue is to do a full restart. If your RPC server stopped working in the middle of doing something, then when you restart your computer it will start that process back up as well. If this doesn’t solve the issue, then you will need to continue reading. The instructions for solving these issues are for Windows 10 but are very similar to older versions of Windows.

RPC Service

After you have tried restarting your computer and the problem continues, you will need go ahead and check to see if your RPC service is running.

1. Right click on the Windows Task Bar and then select Task Manager or press Ctrl Alt Del on your keyboard together and choose Task Manager

2. Click on the Services tab and then you want to click Open Services link

Remote Procedure Call service

3. Now, find your way to the Remote Procedure Call service. Make sure that it is running and that it is set to Automatic

DCOM Server Process Launcher

4. Then, go to the DCOM Server Process Launcher and make sure that it is running and is set to Automatic as well

If either of these services aren’t running or set to Automatic, then you will need to change them to be. Also, if your system permissions allow you to, you can restart these services. If you rebooted your computer before doing this there is no need to restart the services because they already were when you rebooted.

When Your Network is Causing the RPC Server Errors

Even if your RPC is working internally on your computer, it still needs to use the network stack to communicate. What that means is that issues with TCP or your Firewall can also stop your RPC from working properly.

1. To fix this, start by typing Control into the Windows Search box at the bottom left corner of your screen and select the Control Panel

2. Click on Network or Internet and Network, then Sharing Center


3. Now, click on the Ethernet or Wi-Fi and then Properties in the window that appears

4. Make sure that IPv6 and File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks are both turned on here.

If they are already turned on, continue trying by checking your firewall.

1. Click Windows firewall in the Control PanelFind Remote Assistance

2. Locate the Find Remote Assistance option and make sure that it is turned on for Domain, Private, and Public networks and then save your changes. If you use a third party firewall you will have to look into how to do this step for your firewall

Registry Errors Causing the RPC Server Errors

Now, a warning is necessary for this. You can really do some damage messing around with your registry so if you are going to do this, you need to back up your registry before doing anything to make sure you can go back to how it was.

1. Type regedit into the search bar

2. Click on Computer on the left hand side

3. Go to File then Export

4. Now, type a name for the backup file and click Save

5. Then you can start looking into the issue and trying to fix it

6. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\RpcSs.

7. Click the Start key in the right pane and make sure the value is set to 2

8. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\DcomLaunch.

9. Click the Start key in the right pane and make sure the value is set to 2

10. Now, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\RpcEptMapper

11. Select the Start key in the right pane and make sure the value is set to 2

If none of these methods work to fix the issue, then you will need to refresh your Windows 10.