Both the Magic Mouse and the Magic Mouse 2 are far from perfect. The first-generation Magic Mouse suffers from a short battery life, and connection issues, in regard to Bluetooth. The Magic Mouse 2, though an improvement over the previous generation, often has Bluetooth connectivity issues and an inability to charge when in use.

It can be quite troublesome to experience problems with your Magic Mouse, as users rely greatly on the device. However, most Magic Mouse problems are fairly common, and easy to fix. Using a few troubleshooting methods, you can easily get your Magic Mouse working again. These troubleshooting methods are usually very easy to carry out, and will only require a few moments of your time. In order to get started and learn how to fix issues with your Magic Mouse, follow along below.

Fix Magic Mouse Bluetooth Disconnects Issue

If you own a first generation magic Mouse, then Bluetooth disconnecting is a fairly common problem that occurs with the device, as you probably know by now, if you’re reading this. What many users don’t know is that the most common reason Bluetooth disconnects, is due to a loose battery terminal contact inside the Magic Mouse.

The battery compartment on the Magic Mouse admittedly, doesn’t have an ideal design for the battery contacts. If you jolt your mouse by lifting it up abruptly, you can momentarily cause a disconnect between the battery and battery terminal. This will break the electrical connection, and lead to loss of Bluetooth connectivity. The disconnect can occur due to a weak spring in the contacts or a poor contact design. Either way, you can easily fix this problem, through the steps below.

1. Turn off your Magic Mouse, and push the battery cover tab down. Pull the cover off of your mouse and remove the batteries therein.

2. Cut two small pieces of aluminum foil that are about a half inch in size.

3. Wrap one of the aluminum square pieces around the negative terminal of each battery. The negative terminal is the flat end.

4. Reinsert the batteries into your Magic Mouse and put the cover back on.

That’s all it takes. You may think this solution is a bit unconventional, but more often than not, it works. The thickness provided by the aluminum foil will produce additional force between the battery and the contact. Now when you lift your Magic Mouse, the disconnect won’t occur. While this should solve most, if not all Bluetooth disconnect problems, there’s another easy solution you can carry out, in order to fix the disconnect issue. In order to learn more, follow along below.

1. Turn off your Magic Mouse and remove the battery cover.

2. Take a piece of paper and cut it into a rectangle that’s about 1 inch by 1.5 inches.

3. Place the cut piece of paper on top of the batteries, roughly centered.

4. If there’s an excess of paper, tuck it around the edge of the batteries.

5. Put the Magic Mouse battery cover back on.

This piece of paper that you cut will act as a wedge between the battery cover and the batteries.

Fix Conventional Bluetooth Issues

Although the first-generation Magic Mouse suffers from a strange battery disconnect issues, both the first and second-generation Magic Mouse suffer from conventional Bluetooth disconnects, as well. A common problem users experience is when the Magic Mouse will appear in the Bluetooth device list, but won’t connect. You can easily fix conventional Bluetooth problems on the Magic Mouse, with one of the method below.

  • Navigate to System Preferences > Bluetooth > Turn Bluetooth Off. After a few moments, click on Turn Bluetooth On.
  • Delete your Mac’s Bluetooth Preference List.
  • Re-pair the Bluetooth enabled Magic Mouse with your Mac.

All of the solutions above are very simple to carry out, and only require a few moments of your time.

First Gen Magic Mouse Battery Issues

Many users complain that the first-generation Magic Mouse doesn’t provide long battery life, even when users inset fresh AA batteries. Many users have even complained that the battery life gives way in less than a month. If you experience short battery life, try one or both of the solutions below.

  • Turn off your Magic Mouse overnight, or whenever it’s not in use.
  • Switch from traditional AA batteries to rechargeable AA batteries.

These solutions are very simple, but go a long way, in terms of providing a long battery life.

Recharging Issues with Magic Mouse 2

Many users avoid purchasing the Magic Mouse 2 because the charging port of the mouse is on the belly. This means that you can’t charge and use the mouse, at the same time. While this is undeniably true, many people remain unaware of the fact that even if you only charge your Magic Mouse for one minute, then it will work for one hour. If you double the one minute to two minutes, then the Magic Mouse will work for nine hours. All you need to do is take q quick coffee or even bathroom break, and you can charge your Magic Mouse, which will then work for hours afterwards.

Apple reports that the Magic Mouse 2 can work for about a month, when it’s fully charged. However, if you do forget to charge it will only take two minutes of charge, in order to get through a workday of use with the Magic Mouse. There’s no reason not to purchase the Magic Mouse 2 due to the fact that the chagrining port is on the belly of the mouse. The fact of the matter is the Magic Mouse 2, has an impeccable battery life, that won’t disappoint you at all, in the least.