On your Windows PC, iTunes can crash while you’re using it, and this can be due to several reasons. Sometimes, iTunes can stop working while you’re using it and it can display an error saying iTunes has stopped working. This can stop you from connecting to your iOS devices or it can stop you access your music.

Before you try any troubleshooting steps, you can try and restart your PC to see if it’s a minor problem that’s being caused by a crash in your PCs software. After restarting your PC, if you notice that iTunes doesn’t work, then you can try the troubleshooting steps below.

The Reason iTunes has Stopped Working

The reason iTunes has stopped working on your PC that there’s a bug in the software that causes iTunes to crash after using it for a while, therefore, an error saying iTunes has crashed is shown to you so that you can troubleshoot the problem. To get rid of this error, you’ll need to get rid of the bug in your OS.

1. Reconnect to WIFI

If iTunes isn’t working properly, you should try reconnecting to your WIFI network. You’ll need to disconnect from your WIFI network from the panel then reconnect to it again. If you see the yellow icon next to your WIFI symbol, you’ll need to restart your router or modem in an attempt to reconnect it to the internet. This might fix the problem with iTunes.

2. Run iTunes as Administrator

Another way to troubleshoot iTunes is to run iTunes as an administrator. Running it as admin gives you administrator privileges to iTunes which can stop the iTunes error from showing up. Sometimes when you run an application not as an admin, it can freeze and crash. To run iTunes as an administrator:

1. Right click on iTunes.

2. Click on Run as Administrator.

2. Reinstall iTunes

If there’s a bug within iTunes that’s causing it to fail, the easiest way to get rid of it is to reinstall the programme. When you reinstall iTunes, an updated version of the software is reinstalled onto your PC. Before reinstall iTunes, you’ll need to rename the old iTunes programme.

1. Close iTunes.

2. Right-click the Start button.

3. Click File Explorer.

4. Navigate to the following location:

C: Drive Program Files (x86) Common Files

1. Rename the Apple folder “Apple.old“.

2. Navigate to the following location:

C: Drive Program Files (x86)

1. Rename the Apple folder to “Apple.old

2. Navigate to the following location:

C: Drive Program Files

1. Rename the Apple folder to “Apple.old“.

2. Download iTunes.

2. Reset iTunes

To reset iTunes to stop it crashing:

1. Open Settings under the Start menu.

2. Go to Apps.

3. Click on Apps & features.

4. Click on iTunes.

reset itunes

5. Click Advanced Options.

6. Select Reset.

3. Disable your Firewall

On your PC, you have a firewall by default and it’s meant to protect your PC from getting malware and being attacked by harmful viruses. However, your firewall can be overprotective and it sometimes detects things as harmful even though they’re harmless to your PC. If you’re using a premium firewall like Norton or McAfee, you’ll need to disable the firewall from here.

To turn off your firewall:

1. Open the Control Panel.

2. Click on Windows Firewall.

Turn off firewalls Windows

3. Click on Turn Windows Firewall off. This is in the left navigation pane.

4. Click on Turn off Windows Firewall. In the Customise Settings window

5. Click OK.

4. Hard Reset your PC

If you’ve tried the steps above and you’re still not able to get iTunes to stop crashing, then your PC may have problems itself. An easy way to get rid of a glitch within your PC is to troubleshoot it using a default programme. This can get rid of the problem that’s causing iTunes to crash.

1. Click the Windows key.

2. Click the Power icon.

3. Hold down Shift key.

4. Click on Restart.

5. Hold the Shift key and don’t release it until you see a blue screen.

Troubleshoot windows 10

6. Click on Troubleshoot.

7. Select Reset this PC.

8. Click on Keep my files.