So, you noticed that your iPhone isn’t responding when you click the power button.

You then decide to turn it on but unfortunately, it just doesn’t turn on.

This can be an extremely annoying situation because you may need your iPhone throughout the day.

The Reason your iPhone Won’t Turn on

The main reason as to why your iPhone won’t turn on is because the software has crashed. When your software crashes, it means that there’s a failure in the system that’s stopping the device from turning on.

In the worst-case scenario, you’ll need to restore your device.

Try the methods down below.

1. Hard Reset your iPhone for 20 Seconds

hard reset iPhone to turn it on

The first thing you need to do is to hard reset your iPhone. Once, my iPhone couldn’t turn on and I decided to go to a repair store and it only took a few seconds to fix the problem.

All he simply did was a hard reset, and this brought the phone back to life.

Hard reset iPhone 6S or older:

  1. Hold the power button & home button together
  2. Do this for over 20 seconds

Hard reset iPhone 7:

  1. Hold the power button and volume down button
  2. Do this for over 20 seconds

Hard reset iPhone 8 or x Versions:

  1. Quickly press & release the volume up button
  2. Press & release volume down button
  3. Then press & hold the home button or side button on iPhone X

When you do this, 20 seconds may feel like forever.

After you’ve done this, you should notice that your iPhone comes back to life.

If this step didn’t work, go to the next step.

2. Charge the iPhone

The next thing to do is to plug your iPhone in to charge and hope that it turns on. If there’s a hardware issue with your home button that’s stopping the software from responding to it, charging your device can do the job for you.

Make sure that you do this using a wall charger because if you try and do it with your laptop, for example, it’s unlikely to work. If your battery is out of power and it won’t turn on, this simply means that your iPhone is out of battery.

You’ll need to wait for it to charge just so that it can turn back on.

3. Check for Physical & Water Damage

iPhone screen broken

Your iPhone may have physical or water damage which would cause it not to turn on.

If you can recall dropping your iPhone or dropping it near any water, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that your iPhone can’t turn on.

You’ll need to check for:

  • Cracks on the screen and the side
  • Any liquid in the charging port
  • All buttons can move properly
  • Liquid near the speaker grill

If you find that your device has any of these, it’s very likely that it’s been water damaged.

If you try all of the steps in this article and you find that you still can’t turn your device on, you’ll need to get that device repaired.

You can scroll down to the last option for repair options.

4. Restore iPhone

Restore iPhone from iTunes

This next step is going to take a bit of time, but it could save you some money if you thought that the last resort was to throw your device away.

You’ll need to backup and restore your iPhone.

If you didn’t make any backups before the device stopped turning on, don’t worry, you can do it on iTunes.

To restore your iPhone:

  1. Go to iTunes on your PC
  2. Click on the Device icon on the left
  3. Go to the Summary tab
  4. Under Back Up and Restore, Click on Back Up Now
  5. After Backing up, Click on Restore iPhone at the top
  6. Wait for your iPhone to Restore and Turn on

The restore may take a while depending on how much has to be restored.

If your iPhone still didn’t turn on, go to the next step.

5. Force iPhone into Recovery Mode

Put iPhone in recovery mode

This step should only be followed if you have a recent backup saved on your device because this is going to wipe everything on your iPhone.

  1. Close iTunes on your desktop if it’s already open
  2. Plug your USB to Lightning cable into your computer
  3. Plug your USB to Lightning cable into your iPhone
  4. Open iTunes
  5. Press and release the Volume Up button and then the Volume Down button
  6. Press and hold the Side button until you see connect to iTunes screen.

Check out how to put iPhone into recovery mode for iPhone 7 and below.

After you’ve done this, follow the last part of step 4 to restore your iPhone.