Keyboard splitting in half is a common occurrence for iPad users. Some users enjoy it while others are absolutely clueless on how to fix this problem. First of all, it is necessary to understand that isn’t a problem with your device or iOS, it is just a setting that can be easily turned off or on as per users’ preference.

Now the question is that why Apple introduced a setting that doesn’t make sense? To answer that, Apple clarified that this split in half keyboard setting is for the people who prefer to type with both hands. Now if you think, it actually does make sense. Upon splitting, one side of the keyboard is on the left side, and the other is on the right side, and hence users can use both hands to type.

Since most people’s fingers can’t reach all the way to the middle of the keyboard, splitting it enabled them to type just as they do on their iPhones. Now it is entirely up to the users how they prefer their keyboard to be. If it is split in half and you are ok with it then excellent, if not, then refer to this step by step guideline on how you can turn this setting off on your iPad.

How to Turn Off the Split iPad Keyboard

The easiest way to do it is by using two fingers to merge the keyboard back. To do that, simply drag the two keyboards towards each other. Some users fail to execute this gesture and end up frustrated. If you are unable to perform it then don’t worry, refer to the next method.

You will be able to locate the keyboard button placed at the bottom right corner of your screen. This button looks like a keyboard itself. Tap-hold this button for 3-4 seconds and two options will pop up; Merge and Dock & Merge. Tap on the option Merge and your keyboard will be restored back to normal.

If you have failed to restore your keyboard to normal via these steps then you may have to look for the Settings of your iPad. Like any other setting, sorting out the split keyboard setting is easy. Follow this step by step guideline.

1. Go to the Settings of your iPad.

2. Locate the option General and tap on it.

3. Scroll down and you will find the option Keyboards. Tap on it.

4. You will be able to locate the option Split Keyboard in the section All Keyboards.

5. Toggle it off and the issue will be addressed.

As mentioned earlier, there are a few users who adore the idea of a split keyboard. However, the only problem they want to be addressed is the split keyboard appearing on the middle of the screen instead of the usual bottom of the screen position. Split keyboard appearing in the middle of the screen will block the content you are surfing. To address this issue:

Tap and hold the keyboard icon and drag the keyboard down to its usual dock. You can move it anywhere on the screen as per your preference. You can also move and merge your keyboard by tap-hold on the keyboard icon. Upon tap-holding this icon, two options will appear; Merge and Dock & Merge. Tap on the option Dock & Merge and the job is done.

You can also turn on the split keyboard option for a temporary purpose. To do that:

1. Open any app such as email or notes, and tap a text field.

2. You will be able to locate the keyboard button placed at the bottom right corner of your screen. This button looks like a keyboard itself.

3. Tap-hold this icon until a pop-up with two options appears. The option would be Split Keyboard and Undock.

4. Choose the option Split Keyboard. Your keyboard will split in half. You can now position it wherever you like just be dragging the keyboard.

In order to execute keyboard movement perfectly, users need to lightly tap and hold the keyboard, and then instantly moving it to the desired position. Taking too long or pressing too hard might not work, and the user would think that there is some problem with their device or iOS. Similarly, pop-up menu to Dock/Undock, Merge/Split won’t appear if your thumb pressure is too light on the key.

Conclusively, just like the split keyboard, users are also split for/against this setting. iPhone users haven’t got this feature as yet and it remains to be seen whether Apple would integrate this option in next few updates or not.