Backup and Sync (that’s what Google Drive is called) doesn’t always work, and that’s not a knock against Google Drive–software, in general, doesn’t always work the way you want it to 24/7. Software of any kind from any creator is bound to have a hiccup or two from using it normally.

And, thankfully, there’s almost always a fix to the problem. If you need to fix Google Drive’s syncing problems on your PC, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s a surprising number of solutions you can make use of both easy to perform and slightly more difficult.

Restart Google Drive on Your PC

Your first step should be to restart Google Drive. It’s likely that Google Drive is experiencing some technical difficulty or perhaps a process or two are hanging–that means frozen–and it’s leaving Google Drive unable to continue syncing.

System Tray

1. Start by opening your System Tray located in the bottom right corner of your screen, along the taskbar and where your clock is. Click the small arrow.

Backup and Sync (Google Drive)

2. In the System Tray, right click on Backup and Sync (Google Drive) and, in the drop down menu, click Quit Backup and Sync.

3. Locate and launch Backup and Sync (Google Drive) from its shortcut location.

If you’ve restarted Google Drive and you’re still having syncing problems on your PC, then it’s likely rooted in your network connection.

Reestablish Your Network Connection

When you’re having trouble syncing Google Drive on your PC, it’s almost always due to a problem with your network. Syncing software is incredibly sensitive to the ups and downs of your network strength. Should your network strength drop too low, or disconnect, then you lose packets and you end up with issues like data corruption or, in this case, the lack of syncing.

With that being said, giving your modem and router a reboot will help reestablish your PC’s connection with your network, a fresh workspace. And just so you know, you’re rebooting your PC. You are NOT resetting it. Resetting your modem and router is an entirely different process.

Here’s what you do:

1. Locate your modem and router (if you have a router). In the back, find the power cable for both your modem and router. Follow the cords until you reach the power outlet they are both plugged into.

2. Pull the power cords from the power outlet and give the modem and router at least 2 minutes.

3. After 2 minutes has passed, plug your modem and router back in. Give your modem and router time to reboot and start broadcasting your network. Double-check it’s working by using another device like a mobile device or a computer.

Reboot Your Computer

Yes, you’ve probably heard the joke a million times, “Did you try rebooting your computer?” While it has become the butt of many jokes, it’s a surprisingly helpful solution. Your syncing problems, while unlikely, can stem from your computer itself. Give it a good reboot and you may be right as rain.

Power options

Shut your PC down by way of the Power options. Repeatedly forcing your PC to shutdown by pressing the Power button can be hard on your PC after a while.

Uninstall and Reinstall Google Drive to Your PC

In a last ditch effort, should every other solution fail, a fresh install of Google Drive will do you some good. As to why it isn’t working, even after everything you’ve done, is most likely due to corrupted files and they’re choosing to manifest in such a way that only a fresh install of Google Drive will fix it.

1. Start by opening your Windows Startup Menu by either pressing the Windows key on your keyboard or clicking on the Windows logo located in the bottom left corner of your screen, along your taskbar by default.

Control Panel

2. In the Windows Startup Menu, type anywhere “Control Panel” and click on the app shown in the search results.

Uninstall a program

3. Under Programs, choose “Uninstall a program.” Give your PC a few moments to scan all currently installed programs.


4. Now, you may be inclined to search for “Google Drive,” however, Google Drive is actually called “Backup and Sync.” When you’ve found “Backup and Sync,” right click and choose Uninstall/Change.

5. Follow the uninstallation wizard.

6. Reinstall Backup and Sync (Google Drive) by visiting Google Drive’s installation page and running the necessary setup.exe from your desktop.

Download Backup and Sync