Among the top cloud sharing services that exist today, Google Drive gives out the highest amount of free storage which serves as your trial package. You simply need to register a Google account and you’ll get 15 Gigabytes free storage for Google Drive. If you need more storage space, you’ll need to purchase a subscription. The next tier is $10 for 100 Gigabytes of storage.

With the notion that Google Drive is free, it also means that there’s a big chance to have people use it and abuse it for unknown reasons. This is why there’s a chance that you can get an error from Google Drive saying “Download Quota Exceeded” or “sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.”

How to Bypass Google Drive Quota Exceeded

You won’t be able to view or download the file that you’ve been given access to.

Go to the home of Google Drive. From here,  locate the file. If the file was shared to you, you can easily find this amongst the categorized items under Shared With Me to the left-hand side of the page.

get shareable link

  1. Right-click the file. This pulls up some options.
  2. Click Get Shareable Link. Your attention will be taken to the dialogue box that will pop up. This will contain the direct link of the object that you’re trying to open or download. You can attempt to access the link but it will show you the error message. add file to folder
  3. Click on the Google Drive icon. This is to the left of the print icon. This will allow you to add this item to your drive.
  4. Click Organize and select a folder. This is the folder the file will be in whenever you need to access it.
  5. Locate and right-click the file.make a copy
  6. Select Make A file
  7. Right-click that file and select Download.

The idea behind the process that you went through is to get ownership of the file that you’re trying to download. It would appear that the limitations and rules on the use of Google drive is based on the collaborative nature for which it was intended.

Multiple downloads of big files through Google Drive puts a strain on the servers which can affect the experience for more than one person attempting to download the file.

Bottom Line

If a lot of people have the download link to the file that you were trying to access, chances are that they also may have encountered the Download Quota Exceeded error just like you. This quota is refreshed every 24 hours so this will be quite a long wait if you’re working on a project and need your files as soon as possible.

Pro Tip: if this hasn’t worked out for you, or you may have exceeded your allocated Google drive storage, you can try to contact the sender or the owner of the file. Let them know what happened and if it could be available through other means. There are various file-sharing programs and cloud sharing services that specialize in big file transfers.

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