If you want to keep your Facebook profile up to date, the first thing to do is to post a recent picture of yourself. When you change your profile picture on Facebook, it usually updates quickly and published a new status for you saying that you’ve just updated your Facebook profile picture.

Facebook Messenger is a Facebook-owned application that allows you to message your friends and family. When you send a message on Messenger, your profile picture shows in a small icon next to your message.

Sometimes after updating your Facebook profile picture via the Facebook app, the profile picture on the FB messenger app doesn’t update with it. If you don’t like your old profile picture, this can be frustrating because you won’t one other people seeing it in Messenger. There are a few things you can do when FB Messenger won’t change your profile picture on your iOS or Android device.

The Reason FB Messenger Won’t Update

FB messenger won’t update to your current Facebook profile picture because Messenger is showing you an old cache which means that it hasn’t updated its cache since you changed the profile picture.

The cache is a collection of data stored about Facebook and the cache is update every so often. When your cache updates, you should be able to see your new profile picture on Facebook Messenger.

1. Clear FB Messenger Cache

The first way to troubleshoot this problem is to clear the FB Messenger cache files so that it can create a new one. Since your FB profile picture has already been changed, when the cache files are cleared, a new one is created and this one will have to correct information about your profile picture.

To clear Messenger’s cache on your Android device: Go to Settings > Click Storage > Other Apps > Click Facebook Messenger > Click Clear Cache. After visiting the app again, the profile picture should update to the one you uploaded to Facebook.

To clear Messenger’s cache on your iPhone or iPad: Open Facebook > Click More in the lower-right corner > click Settings then Account Settings in the drop-down > Click Browser > Click Clear Data.

2. Update Messenger

If there’s a bug in Messenger that stops it from displaying the correct profile picture, you can try and remove the glitch by updating the app. Glitches are more prevalent in old versions so if Messenger is currently running on an old version, you need to go into the Store and update the app. Once the app is up to date, you should check if the profile picture has been updated.

3. Re-install Messenger

If clearing the cache didn’t work out for you, you can remove FB Messengers data from your device and reinstall it again. Since Messenger won’t change your profile picture to the one on Facebook, clearing the app’s data from your device then re-install it again might get Messenger to show to correct profile picture.

4. Switch from WIFI to Data

If there’s an issue with your WIFI or data connection, it can stop Messenger from updating. If your internet speeds are too slow, things within the app may not function properly. If you’re using WIFI, you’ll need to switch to data vice versa. From here, you’ll need to restart the app and check if your profile picture has been updated.

5. Change Profile Picture

change facebook profile picture

If you’ve tried to troubleshoot the Messenger app and it still won’t update your profile picture, you can go back to the Facebook app and change the profile picture again. You can change the current profile picture to the same picture to see if this will trigger the fb Messenger app to update the profile picture to the once you’ve just changed it to.

6. Restart Phone

If all fails and Messenger is still showing you your old profile picture, you can restart your device. There may be a bug within your device that’s causing problems with FB messenger.

When you restart your phone, the operating system is refreshed and troubleshot for any bugs that could be causing issues within the device. Once your device turned on, you can open Fb messenger again and check if your profile picture has been updated to the one you changed on Facebook.