When you try and open an app, browse the web or do anything that required data usage, you could see an error saying ‘Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network: You Are Not Subscribed to a Celullar Data Service.’ If you’re not subscribed to a data service, then it’s common to receive this error because to use data, you need to pay for it through a carrier.

It’s also common to receive this error if you’re trying to use data in another country. Since your subscription for your data may not work outside the carrier’s location, you may get the error saying that your data network could not be activated.

1. Restart Cellar Data

The first thing you can do is to restart your data connection. If there’s a problem with the connection on your device, then restarting the connection can fix it. To do this, you’ll need to turn off your data from the control center > turn your WIFI connect on then off > turn cellular data back on.

Once you’ve turned your data back on, you can try and browse the web to check if the error has gone. If you still get this message, you can go back to settings and turn Enable LTE off then on.

2. Restart your iPhone

If there’s a bug within the operating system on your device, then you can troubleshoot this by restarting your device. When you restart the device, the operating system is refreshed and this can get rid of the bug.

To restart your device, hold down the power button > swipe right to turn off > wait for a few seconds > turn device back on again. If you have a new model, you need to hold the sleep/wake button > slide right to turn off > wait for a few seconds > turn it back on again. Once you’ve done this, you can turn on your data and check if the error message shows up.

3. Force Restart iPhone or iPad

If your data was working normally before and the error message showed up out of nowhere, then there’s likely a bug within your device. When you force restart your device, the operating system is refreshed and checked for any bugs – if any bugs are found, they’re wiped.

If you have an iPhone 7 or above:

1. Hold the sleep/wake key and the volume down key.

2. Wait for the Apple logo to appear

If you have an iPhone X or 8:

1. Quickly press the release the volume up button.

2. Quickly press the release the volume down button.

3. Press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

To force restart your iPad:

1. Hold down the Home button and the power button.

2. Keep both buttons held until the Apple logo appears.

3. Let go of the buttons. Once your device is back on, you can turn on your data and check if the error message still shows up.

4. Reset Network Settings

If you’ve tried troubleshooting your device for any software issue that could be causing this, and you’re still unable to use your data, then you need to reset network settings.

The network settings are things like your WIFI, data, call settings, and Bluetooth settings. Resetting this will wipe all these settings back to factory defaults. When they’re wiped to factory defaults, it can fix the problem with your data.

reset network settings

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on General > Reset All Settings.

3. Enter your password > Reset All Settings. When your device turns back on, you can check if you’re able to use your data normally.

5. Restore Old Backup

If you have an iCloud backup that took place before your data stopped working, then you can restore this backup so your device goes back to how it was when the data error wasn’t showing up. Before you can restore a backup, you need to check if there was once before the error message started showing up.

To check if an iCloud backup took place before the problem, Go to Settings > Tap your name > iCloud > Manage Store > Backups. Check the time and date the backup too place, if it took place after the error started occurring then, you can try and restore this backup, but there’s chance that the error may show up.

restore from icloud backup

1. Go to Settings General Reset, tap Erase All Content and Settings. Wait for your iOS device to reset.

2. On the Apps & Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud Backup > sign in to iCloud.

3. Choose backup, then choose from a list of available backups in iCloud.