Fix Can’t Hear Phone Calls Unless on Speaker Android


If you use your phone mainly for its function which is to call and receive calls, then you’ll know that this is usually a smooth experiencing. However, after using your phone for a while, you may notice that you’re unable to hear people on the other end. If you can’t hear people on the other end, then you’ve probably tried putting your phone on speaker, and you notice that you’re now able to hear people.

If this is the case, then there’s probably something wrong with your Androids ear speaker. This speaker allows you to hear people by putting the phone next to your ear. If you’re unable to hear people this way, and only when you turn on speaker, then there’s probably something wrong with your ear speaker.

The main reason why ear speakers have an issue is because there’s dirt stuck inside them. This means that audio can’t come out of your receiver, so you’ll need to clean it out. Once you’ve done this, the sound will be able to come out of your ear speaker and you’ll be able to hear people again without having to enable speaker. Before you try any of the fixes, you need to check if your volume is turned all the way up. If not, then this is why people aren’t able to hear you.

Remove Cover

If you recently bought your Android new, then there’s likely to be a bit of film covering your ear speaker. If this is the case, then you’ll have to remove this film so sound can come out of the speaker. If you have a case that could be covering the top of your screen, then you’ll need to remove this case. Once you’ve done this, you can try calling a contact and checking if you’re able to hear them.

Clean the Ear Speaker

If you have no covers or film covering your speaker, then you can try cleaning the speaker itself because there may be some hidden dirt that could be within your speaker.

1. Grab a q-tip or a brush.

2. Get some rubbing alcohol.

Note: Don’t worry about rubbing alcohol getting into the grill because it evaporates at a much faster rate compared to water.

3. Put some alcohol on the q-tip or brush.

4. Start rubbing or brushing your ear speaker to remove any dust particles.

Reset Network Settings

If you’ve cleaned your ear speaker and you’re still unable to hear people without turning on speaker, then you can try resetting your network settings. Doing this will wipe your cellular settings which is related to the phone app. This can fix the problem you’re experiencing now.

To reset your network settings:

1. Go to Settings.

General Management

2. Tap on General Management.


3. Tap on Reset.

Reset Network Settings

4. Select Reset Settings.

Reset Network Settings

5. Tap Reset Settings. Once your phone has restarted after being wiped, then you can call one of your contacts and check if you’re able to hear them without enable speakerphone.

Replace your Ear Speaker

If you can’t hear anything out of your ear speaker, then it may be completely damage. Your only options are either to replace it or get a new device. Or you can use headphones when you answer your phone which will give you some privacy.

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