How to Fix Blurry Wallpaper on Android

Change Wallpaper Settings from Blurry to Clear Image

Wallpapers allow Android users to personalize their phones, a uniqueness that is welcomed and should be praised. However, there seems to be an issue where wallpapers end up blurry. No, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes or your Android device.

A blurry wallpaper has roots in only one area of your Android device: your settings.

Reboot Your Android Device

1. Hold the Power button until it prompts a menu.

2. Tap ‘Power Off’ or ‘Shutdown.’ It depends on your device. Do not select ‘Restart.’

3. Wait 60 seconds before booting your Android device. This ensures it’s completely shutdown.

The Image Quality was Reduced

The most likely scenario is the image you’re using has been compressed. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and several don’t even have built-in options to alter the amount of compression images get. For Android devices that don’t have them, you’ll have to consider using a third-party app.

What is Compression?

There’s two kinds of compression: lossy compression and lossless compression. Silly names aside, both have their differences rooted in a file’s extension.

Lossy compression is the culprit that takes an image, compresses it, but can seriously harm the quality of an image. This option cannot be undone unless you saved the original picture. Normally, lossy compression isn’t a major problem. That picture of the burger you ain’t doesn’t need the best quality out there. However, when it comes to family photos and memories you want to keep, lossy compression isn’t your friend.

Lossless compression is your best friend when it comes to saving the quality of an image. Yes, it does compress an image, but the compression (usually) targets the meta data a piece of media is carrying. Your file does end up larger, which is to be expected.

Download a Better Image

look for images

Now that you understand, on a surface level, what compression is–a blurry wallpaper could be a likely sign of a bad quality image. It’s crucial you consider, and choose, a picture’s resolution that best fits your phone.

Why? If you set your wallpaper with a low resolution image, by default, the image doesn’t fit. Instead, your Android device will enlarge the photo to fit its background. This stretching causes the image to blur because stretching doesn’t increase quality.

Choosing the right extension could be the difference between a blurry image and a clear one. Shoot for PNG and BMP if quality is a concern. Selecting HD when you’re searching for an image can increase the likelihood you’ll download a better quality image.

Compressions and Image Reduction from Messaging App

1. Open the default messenger app.

2. Select ‘More.’ It’s the three vertical dots located in the top right corner of the screen.

3. From the drop-down menu, tap ‘Settings.’

4. Locate ‘Chat Settings.’ Alternatively, you may have to locate ‘Multimedia,’ before selecting ‘Chat Settings.’

5. In ‘Chat Settings,’ find and select ‘Image Size.’ You’ll have several options to choose from:

  • Best Available: It may sound like the best option at first, but there’s a number of factors that can alter the quality of the image. Not Recommended.
  • Original: The best option out of the five. This keeps the quality of the image and the aspect ratio intact. Absolutely recommended.
  • Large: Images you receive will only be 50% of their original form. Not recommended if quality is a concern.
  • Medium: Images you receive will only be 20% of their original form. Not recommended if quality is a concern.
  • Small: Images you receive will only be 10% of their original form. The least recommended option of the five.

You’re Using a Live Wallpaper

live wallpaper

Live wallpapers are fancier background images that are animated. Live wallpapers are nice to look at, but drain your battery faster. More importantly, many come with some kind of blur effect that can’t be altered; it’s a part of the image. You may have noticed a live wallpaper blur until you touched the home screen, again, it’s a part of the image; it can’t be changed.

The only solution is choosing a live wallpaper that doesn’t blur, or opting for a more static background.

Lower, or Disable, the Blur Setting

Another scenario just as likely as image compression, depending on your Android device, you have an option that can dim and blur your background image (a strange setting, indeed).

1. Swipe up from the bottom. This will reveal a ‘Blur’ and ‘Dim’ function.

adjust blur

2. Adjust the ‘Blur’ setting to the desired results.

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