Apple claims to have the most user-friendly operating system (iOS) and frankly, they are not wrong. The iOS does have few simple, easy-to-fix issues, but other than that it is all smooth and glitch free. A common issue which many iPhone users complain about is their phone not showing the battery percentage.

It’s imperative to have an exact idea of how long your phone would last. Your phone not showing the battery percentage could be deceiving and equally frustrating. Instead of taking your phone to the Apple store, have a look at these guidelines as they will help you in fixing your iPhone’ battery percentage.

1. Check Your Phone’s Settings

There will always be some instances where people mistakenly turn the things on/off. Your iPhone gives you an option to turn off/on your battery percentage. You can check it by:

1. Go to the Settings of your phone.

2. You will see the option Battery below the Emergency SOS

3. Enter the Battery option and you will see two sub-options; Battery Percentage and Low Power Mode.

4. Make sure the Battery Percentage option is on. It will be green if on and plain white if off.

2. Close Apps & Restart

Not often but sometimes people forget to close apps on their iPhones. Too many apps at the same time might affect the functionality and display of the phone. Closing all the apps and restarting your phone will restore the functionality and display. In order to close and restart:

1. Press your iPhone’ home button twice.

2. Swipe up all the open apps to close them.

3. To restart your phone, press the sleep/wake button until a red slider shows up on the screen.

4. Swipe it to right and your phone will be switched off.

5. Press the wake/sleep button for five seconds to switch it on.

6. Your phone’ functionality would be restored and it will start showing the battery percentage again.

3. Update Your iOS

One of the most common reasons why iPhone users face small issues is their laziness in updating their phone’s software. Apple keeps reminding you about the updates and upgrades regularly. Sometimes it’s the low battery that keeps many people from updating the software and other times it’s the internet connectivity.

A non-updated iOS is a common factor for the invisibility of your battery percentage. Here is how you can easily update your iOS.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to the General option in the setting.

3. Go to the Software Update.

4. Follow instructions and do not use your phone while updating.

5. Check your battery percentage visibility after the update is done.

All iPhone users are strongly recommended to update their phones regularly. Delaying it will keep troubling you with such small, tiny issues.

4. Clear the Top Icon Bar

Having too many icons at the top of your phone screen will make the battery percentage icon invisible. In order to make it visible, just turn off several things such as portrait orientation lock, location services, alarms, etc. once done, you will see your battery percentage icon exactly where it was before.

5. Erasing Content & Settings

This is the step you should take when all the other four options have failed. The reason why this step isn’t recommended often is the fact that it clears all your data on the phone. However, before taking this step, all iPhone users are strongly recommended to back up their data on iCloud. Here is a step by step guideline for this procedure.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to the General

3. You will see the Reset option at the bottom of the screen

4. Press the second option which is Erase All Content and Settings.

5. Let iPhone take its time in erasing the content and settings.

6. Your phone is now restored to factory settings and therefore battery percentage would be visible too.

Again, it is important for all users to back-up their data before using this option. If you don’t then all data will be gone and you won’t be able to restore it by any means.

6. Control Center

If your battery percentage still isn’t visible after trying everything then you must try to access the control center. Opening and closing the Control Center several times might be helpful in fixing the problem.

There are a few third-party professional tools out there in the market to solve this issue. However, going by these common procedures, you wouldn’t require any further assistance with your battery percentage display.