Firestick Optimizing System Storage and Applications

Firestick Optimizing System Storage and Applications

When you connect the Fire Stick to a TV and you’re using an original USB block, it will respond by showing optimizing system storage and applications.

For some TVs, this message may show and it is cleared within a short time, for others, the message might hang and get stuck in a loop where it shows that message continuously. However, the problem can also be triggered by many factors that you should understand. Here is what you need to learn.

Why Is Fire Stick Stuck on Optimizing System Storage And Applications?

1. Unoriginal USB Power Adapter

Amazon Firesticks are really sensitive even when it comes to the power supply. As a result, your Firestick might be hanging on optimizing system storage and applications because of the power issue.

The power issue can be caused by the power adapter. The power adapter is made specifically for the device and if it has an issue it will affect the performance of the device.

You will have to fix the power adapter issue through the following methods.

Fix – Use Another Power Adapter

Try using another power adapter on the firestick. There are chances that the current power adapter is spoilt and you do not know. However, for this case, you have to make sure that you get a power adapter that actually works very well.

If you have more than one firestick and the next one is working, you can use it. You can also choose to borrow an adapter from your friend and try it on your Firestick.

Fix 2 – Replace Firesticks Power Adapter

If you use another adapter or a friend’s adapter and you realize it is working, then that means your Firestick’s power adapter is spoilt and you have to replace it with another power adapter (view on Amazon).

So, this is the second way you can address the problem of your firestick adapter causing the device to hang. However, note that you must use the original power adapter for it to work.

In this case, it is recommended that you buy the OEM power adapter as that is the original one.

Using an original adapter ensures that you are getting the right amount of power. Other fake adapters will not be able to provide this.

They will supply either excess or insufficient power which will cause other additional problems. You can check and buy the original power adapter from amazon.

2. Unoriginal Firestick Cable

The USB cable you are using on your Firestick is another accessory that can make it hung. If the cable is not able to send the right data then there is a problem.

It is a common case especially if there is a problem with the cable. In some cases, the cable may be damaged and you’re unaware.

This can result from several forces. There can be exterior or interior damage on the cable that can cause this problem. Although the cable may have some power to work, it does not mean it is working in its optimal state.

This is not something that you will not get directly from the Firestick notification. Another issue is also the type of cable you use.

Fix – Use an Original Firestick USB Cable

When Amazon makes their Firestick devices, they understand the nature of the data they have to deal with. As a result, the company ensures the cables are of the best quality and are configured to work with the firestick.

So, getting a cable from a third-party source and expecting it to work on your Firestick could be the wrong move.

If you have tried the above-discussed methods and have no solution, check whether you are using the right cable. It is recommended that you use the original cable that came with the device.

Even if you have another USB cable that seems to fit, make sure you use the original one to get the best performance.

Fix 2 – Replace Firestick USB Cable

You may have ascertained that you are using the original firestick USB cable and it is not working. That is a clear indication that your original cable has failed. Several factors may make your Firestick USB cable fail.

These reasons may be the cable’s internal wires are bent, broken connection, or corrosion in the system among other causes. As a result, you will have no other solution than to replace it (view on Amazon).

When it comes to replacing your Firestick cable, you equally have to be careful if you want to get the best services. Do not go for cheaper USB cables as they will not serve you right. Always go for the original OEM cable. You can check on Amazon to get the original piece.

3. HDMI/USB Port Issue

The Amazon Fire Stick is a device that is very sensitive when it comes to where you plug it. As a result, when your USB or HDMI port has an issue, this could easily be the reason the fire stick is stuck on optimizing system storage and applications.

It is a device that can easily sense errors in your hardware and quickly respond to them. Here are some ways you can fix it in case this is the error.

Fix – Put Firestick Into Another HDMI Port

Your HDMI port could have a problem and the Fire Stick is detecting it. In another case, your TV might have different versions of HDMI and your Fire Stick does not respond to the one you have plugged it into.

Try unplugging your FireStick from that HDMI and plug it back again and see if it works. The next best method to fix this issue is to change the HDMI port.

Most modern TVs will come with two or more HDMI ports. The second one should work well.

Fix 2 – Put Cables Into Another USB Port

Have you checked the cables and where you have put them? USB ports also fail from time to time and for this case, it is no different.

In case the cables are not compatible or are detecting an error in the ports they are plugged into it can cause the problem. So, try another USB port and see how the device responds.

Fix 3 – Try the Firestick on Another TV

In some cases, the issue could be your TV ports. Yes, it is possible to have problems in all your TV HDMI and USB ports and fail to fix them.

When your HDMI and USB ports fail it does not mean it is the hardware alone that has a problem, in some cases, it could be the software system of the ports that are not working or compatible with the Firestick.

As a result, if you have tried transferring the Firestick to other ports and it does not work, then you have to try another TV. If you try another TV and it works, then you will know the ports on your first TV have a serious problem that needs checking.

4. Firestick Incompatible with Latest Update

It is possible that your Firestick is not compatible with the latest updates. Updates for devices are released continuously as technology keeps on changing.

As a result, your TV might be operating on a new technology or firmware that your Firestick is not compatible with. This is true especially if you have an old firestick and have a new TV.

This is a totally normal case although it is rare. It happens especially to people who have been using their Firestick device for a long time and new models of TVs and updates have been released over time.

So, if the firestick will not be able to connect to the new system, it is possible for it to be stuck on optimizing system storage and applications. If this is the case, there is also a solution for it.

Fix – Update the Firestick without Display

For this type of scenario, you will have to update your Firestick without the display. The main reason why you are doing it this way is that it is the same display that the Firestick is not compatible with hence you cannot update it as well.

Follow these instructions to update your firestick without using a display.

1. Start by powering on both your Firestick and the TV.

2. The Optimizing message on the screen will be displayed. Leave it to continue until it shows a screen on “Finishing Updates”.

3. Immediately this appears on the screen, unplug your Firestick Device from your TV HDMI port but make sure the Firestick stays connected to the power.

4. Now, wait for a period of not less than 3 hours.

5. After this duration, you may plug the Firestick back into the TV through the HDMI and check whether it is working well.

If the problem was the compatibility, the firestick should be updated and should work properly.

5. Corrupt Firmware of the Firestick

A Firestick might have corrupt firmware. In such a case, it means that the device will not be able to function properly.

Remember that the firmware is responsible for providing instructions on how the device will function under various circumstances.

So, if your firestick device is stuck and all it shows is a messaging on optimizing system storage and applications, this could be the reason. Several factors can lead to this condition.

Remember the update without the display process we have discussed above, if it does not finish well, it could corrupt the firmware. In other cases, the firmware could be corrupt without trying to update it.

Fix – Update Firestick’s Firmware Again

If the Firestick firmware is corrupted, it means that the device will not be able to function. This means it will not be able to give you the right service or even display any details on the TV that can allow you to update it normally.

As a result, you have to update it without display. This means that you have to update it again. Follow this process to update the Firestick’s firmware again without display.

1. Start by powering on both your Firestick and the TV.

2. The Optimizing message on the screen will be displayed. Leave it to continue until it shows a screen on “Finishing Updates”.

3. Immediately this appears on the screen, unplug your Firestick Device from your TV HDMI port but make sure the Firestick stays connected to the power.

However, in some cases, the loop on optimizing system storage and applications may begin before you unplug. In that case, you will repeat the process but unplug the firestick from your TV HDMI port just at the last screen from the displayed previous attempt.

1. Now, wait for a period of not less than 3 hours.

2. After this duration, you may plug the Firestick back into the TV through the HDMI and check whether it is working well.

3. An issue with TV’s Power Source

Many people do not understand that Firesticks are very unique devices. They are devices that transfer a huge amount of heavy data and as such, their power requirements are higher than one might expect.

An amazon firestick is designed in a very specific manner and one of the key elements in its performance is having a good power supply.

Sometimes you may have a power line that does not work exactly as required. In some cases, you may even not know that your power line or system has a problem. That is because the line might be having insufficient power, but other devices are getting enough.

In other cases, the line might be having slight surges in the power amounts which can highly affect the performance of your firestick.

So, this is another problem that you need to check if your Firestick loops on optimizing system storage and applications. Here is what you need to do to address this.

Fix – Restart Electricity

If your electricity line has a problem, then you need to act immediately. One of the ways to do that is by rebooting the whole system line in your home.

All homes will have a main switch where you can switch off and on the whole line. Find the main switch of your home electrical system, switch it off for some minutes and switch it back on.

In case the problem was arising from a few errors within the system, this reboot should be able to address it immediately.

Fix 2 – Change Wall Outlet

It could also be the wall outlet you are using. We have found ourselves in a scenario where a specific wall outlet does not work exactly as expected.

In most cases, the wall outlet system will have internal problems that interfere with the supply of power to your firestick. That does not really mean that the rest of the wall outlets have the same problem.

So, the smart thing to do is to shift to other wall outlets, try them and see how they will perform.

7. TV Plugged into An Extension

Have you plugged your firestick into an extension? This could highly be the reason why the firestick is misbehaving. One thing you should know about firesticks is that they are powerful devices.

As a result, they consume a high amount of power than many people might anticipate. As a result, using accessories that do not supply them with a sufficient amount of power will always make them bring errors.

Power extensions, on the other hand, are not the best devices to get power from. Remember that power extensions are designed to distribute power from the wall outlet to other devices.

As a result, there is a lot of resistance and interference in the process of trying to share the power.

Another issue is that not all power extensions are built of high quality. Power extensions also come with different power supply capabilities. If you have plugged the device into a weak extension, obviously it will not get enough power.

There is also the overloading issue. When you overload an extension with high-consuming devices, it will misbehave and supply unmatched power to the devices. This could also be what is happening to your firestick.

Fix – Use a Wall Power Outlet

With all this said and done, then you need to switch to using a wall power outlet. A wall power outlet is a sure source that will supply your firestick with sufficient power at all times irrespective of how long you will be using it.

A wall power outlet will also not be affected or suffer the problem of high resistance or overloading since it is just the firestick that will be plugged in.

Note, do not use other accessories to supply power to your firestick other than the original ones.

Always use the original adapter, and cable and plug it into a wall power outlet to get the best performance. Do not even plug the firestick into the TV using USB to get power, this will cause power issues.

8. Bug

A bug or a temporary glitch within the systems could be the reason your firestick is freezing and causing all those problems. Devices experience this from time to time and it is not different.

Note that if there is a glitch in the communication or systems, it can affect both the firestick and the TV.

When this happens, it means that there are errors in the systems. This is almost the last issue you could find but it is still very much possible and shouldn’t be ruled out. Here are some of the methods you can use to fix this.

Fix – Cold Restart TV and Firestick

A cold restart of both the TV and the Firestick will help clear all the bugs. Here are the steps that you should follow.

1. Start by unplugging the Firestick, from both your TV and its power source.

2. Then switch off your TV. Also, remove the TV’s power supply cable from its power source.

3. Also, go ahead and power off your modem/router, or any other device that is connected to the TV by removing power cables

4. After a 5 minutes wait, power your router back by returning the cable.

  1. Power on your router and let it stabilize.
  2. Plug your TV power cable back, and switch it on.
  3. Now plug the firestick power cable back, plug in the HDMI, and switch it on.
  4. The firestick will bring the message, optimizing system storage on the screen. Allow it to finish.
  5. Once the status is complete, press the home button.

Fix 2 – Factory Reset TV and Firestick

If that does not also work, then you should factory reset both your TV and the Firestick. Here are the steps you should follow to do this.

Factory Reset TV. The steps may vary depending on the TV model.

1. Start by unplugging your Firestick from the TV.

2. Go to the settings option on your TV.

3. Scroll to either General or directly Factor Reset.

4. Look for the Reset option and select it.

5. For some TVs, you will be required to provide a PIN.

6. Select and wait for the process to run and complete.

Factory reset Firestick once the TV process is done.

7. Press both the right navigation and back key on your firestick remote and hold for 10seconds.

8. You will get a Reset Factory Settings notification box. Click the “Reset” option.

9. Wait for some minutes for the process to finish. During the process, do not press anything.

10. Once the process is over, you can check if the error is gone.

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