Fire Stick Not Recognized By TV? Try These 13 Fixes

Amazon Fire Stick Not Recognized by TV

It can be frustrating if your TV does not recognize your Amazon fire stick. You get your amazon fire stick device, plug it into your TV, and it cannot be recognized, meaning you cannot watch your favorite shows.

Why is My Amazon Fire Stick Not Recognized by TV?

Your TV cannot recognize your amazon fire stick for so many reasons. There is no one specific reason for this type of problem.

As a result, when it comes to fixing it, there is no single specific fix but you will learn about all the possible causes of the problem and how to address them. Read along.

1. Power Connection Issues

For your amazon fire stick to work, it must be connected to a power source. Amazon fire stick devices consume more power than many people might think.

Although the device is quite small, it has complex components that transmit huge amounts of data per second which means that power is paramount.

At the same time, the components of an amazon fire stick are complex and very sensitive to the amount of power they receive and how they get it. So, if there is a problem with the amount of power the stick is getting, it may lead to recognition problems.

Again, the same problem will arise if there is a problem in how the power flows. All this narrows down to the type of connection you have.

Fix – Change Power Outlet

When you have power connection issues with your amazon fire stick, in most cases it arises from the power supply system. The outlet you are using to power the fire stick can easily have problems that provide the wrong current.

The outlet might also be experiencing problems that can easily lead to fluctuating current values and this will make the fire stick misbehave and the TV will not recognize it.

Change the power outlet to resolve this problem. Look for a different outlet, plug it in, and check whether the TV will be able to recognize it.

2. Poor Quality USB Cable

Power quality for an amazon fire stick is a very critical thing. The fire stick will easily detect changes in the way power is provided. That means, if there is a slight change in the power supply components of your amazon fire stick, the power levels will immediately change and this will be a problem.

One of the components to watch out for is the USB cable. The USB cable provided by amazon when buying the device is specially designed and built according to the features of the fire stick. Just like a smartphone, when the cable does not work well, there will be issues with the connection.

So, when you change the USB cable you are using on your amazon fire stick, you should expect it to misbehave. Although other cables around might seem to work on the fire stick, if not the original cable, they will cause problems that can make the TV not recognize the fire stick. Poor quality third-party USB cables are not recommended.

Fix – Replace Cable

First, check whether you are using a different USB cable from the one provided by the manufacturer. If you are, that could be your fire stick’s main problem. Also, check whether the current USB cable has any problem.

In this case, it could be breakage or any severe bending that might affect how power is transmitted.

You have to replace the USB cable (view on Amazon) with an original piece. Note that if you buy a third-party cheap cable, it will experience the same problems.

3. HDMI Port Issue

Your TV HDMI port could be the factor making your TV not recognize your amazon fire stick. Remember that the fire stick has to be connected to the HDMI port for the TV to read it. As a result, the HDMI port must function effectively without any errors for the TV to detect the device.

However, there are many instances where a TV HDMI port might have problems or fail, and you will not know. One of them is when the HDMI port is spoilt. This can be a hardware or software problem. Either way, when it fails, it will not detect the device you have connected.

Another problem is having any foreign materials or debris in the port. This will also hinder communication between the port and the amazon fire stick you have plugged in.

If this is the cause, you have to check on it. It is the third possible cause of your Amazon fire stick not being recognized by your TV.

Fix – Use Another HDMI Port

Once your TV HDMI port experiences a problem, it will not read and enable the TV to recognize the fire stick. There is nothing you can do about this problem unless you change the HDMI port you are using. So, the best thing to do is to unplug the fire stick and plug it into a different HDMI port.

Now check and see whether your TV can recognize the fire stick when plugged in a new HDMI port.

4. Not Properly Plugged In

For your Amazon Firestick to work as required, it must be plugged in very well on either side and pass data effectively. There are many cases where you may have a loose connection in any part of the fire stick, making it difficult for the TV to recognize it.

Your fire stick is not correctly plugged in is an issue with all the areas that it should be plugged to. This is a case where you have to look at the power. If the power cord is not plugged in there are errors.

If the USB is not plugged in properly, there will be errors. If the HMDI cable is not plugged in properly, there will also be errors in how the device behaves.

Fix – Plug It in Properly

The only solution for this case is to ensure that every cable is plugged in properly. First, check all the cables connected to the fire stick and make sure they are firm. That is the power cord USB cable, and the power adapter.

To ensure the cables are plugged in properly, unplug them and plug them back. Ensure there are no obstacles near the cables that might interfere with the connection or their performance.

Also, check whether the fire stick is connected properly to the HDMI port. This process involves making sure it is not loose. You can also unplug it, plug it back in and ensure it is firm.

Now check and see whether your TV is able to recognize the fire stick.

5. Bug

Bugs are a common problem for all electronic devices. Sometimes electronic devices will experience glitches that interfere with their performance. Your amazon fire stick is not an exception in this case.

From time to time, the fire stick can experience such bugs, and it is impossible to identify their source. In some cases, the bugs can clear out within a short time on their own. However, in other cases, you must do something for the bugs to be cleared and get your TV to recognize the fire stick.

Fix – Restart Fire Stick

The first fix for handling any bugs in your amazon fire stick that might make the TV not recognize it is to restart the device. By restarting the fire stick, you will stop all the processes that were running.

This method effectively clears any bugs that could be held within the system and allows your device to function normally.

  1. Press the select button and the play/pause all at the same time on the remote.
  2. Now, keep holding the buttons for about 5 seconds.
  3. The fire stick device will restart.

Fix 2 – Reset Fire Stick

In case the restart has not worked, then it means that the bugs are more complex than you might have expected. This means that you have to reset the device. You will clear all the data and processes running on the device by resetting the device. Everything will start afresh.

Remember that the TV is not able to recognize your fire stick, so it is not possible to reset it by following the instructions on the screen. Hence, you must follow the instructions below to do a hard reset.

1. Make sure that the fire stick is still on.

2. Unplug its adapter or power cord.

3. Wait for 10 seconds.

4. Now plug the cord back in and turn it on.

6. Fire Stick Damaged

This is the unfortunate reason your fire stick is not working. As much as it is a rare case, it is possible that your fire stick is not working because it is damaged. Your TV may not be able to recognize the fire stick because of either hardware or software damages.

As for the damages, they might have occurred on the outside or even inside the fire stick device. You have to inspect and see whether there are any signs of damage to the device.

Many factors may lead to damage to your fire stick. Maybe you dropped it, and some components inside broke. Another case is if the device has come into contact with harmful materials such as spillage that can enter the device, cause corrosion, or even short circuit the device.

Fix – Replace Fire Stick

If your TV cannot recognize the fire stick because the device is damaged, you have no other remedy other than replacing your Amazon fire stick (view on Amazon).

There is no good repair on the amazon fire stick that can return it to its original performance. When fire sticks are made, they have very delicate components that are difficult to repair. Furthermore, a repair does not guarantee you 100% performance on the fire stick and you do not want to experience any other issues in the future.

So, replace the device to ensure you go with the long-lasting solution.

Fix 2 – Contact Amazon

What happens when you do not know what is wrong with the fire stick device? In some cases, it might have damages, but you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is. What about if you still have a warranty on the device? As a result, you can choose to contact amazon for support before you decide to replace your fire stick.

7. Incorrect Setting of Input Sources

Yet another factor can make your TV not recognize your fire stick. It is an issue that many people do not know about or may forget about. When using a modern smart TV, you will realize that most of them will have many HDMI ports.

When a TV has many HDMI ports, you have to choose which HDMI port to read from. This is what is referred to as an input source.

In many cases, people will just connect the amazon fire stick to the TV’s HDMI port and expect it to work. Unless you have the right input source set, then the TV will not be able to recognize your fire stick device.

Fix – Check Input Sources

The process of fixing this problem is first understanding your TV and how it works. Make sure you understand how many HDMI ports your TV has. The next step is to check how many HDMI ports have devices connected to them.

Once you check this, you are supposed to make sure that the input source selection on your TV settings matches the HDMI port your amazon fire stick is connected to.

What this means is, if you have connected your fire stick to HDMI 1, then you have to select the input source as HDMI one for you to view the contents of that device.

Of course, you may have other devices on other HDMI ports, but every time you need to use a specific device, you have to change to that input source. If you do not do this, your TV will not be able to connect to that HDMI port and ultimately will not recognize the fire stick.

  1. TV/Port Incompatibility

TV/port compatibility is a factor that will easily make your TV not recognize your fire stick device. It is a factor that many people may not think about but it is crucial. When amazon fire sticks are made, they have various properties. Some of the devices are 4K while others are able to produce 1080p resolution.

This is where the issue is. The devices will vary depending on the type of picture quality they are able to transmit. In addition, the type of device they are compatible with will matter.

When a device can transmit up to 4k pictures, it will need a port to support that resolution. So, if your TV does not have a port that can handle that amount of data, then it will not detect the device.

This is now where the question of TV/Port compatibility comes in. Both the amazon fire stick and your TV should be compatible. Your TV must have ports that can easily support the kind of resolution you have.

Fix – Check TV/Port Compatibility

For you to solve the issue of TV/Port incompatibility, you will have to check and make sure that both devices and the ports are compatible. The first thing you have to do is check what kind of fire stick you are using.

There is the normal amazon fire TV stick and there is the Fire TV Stick 4K. The normal stick will be able to provide resolutions of up to 1080p, and the 4K one, is able to provide resolutions of up to 4K.

Check on the device menu, to know what kind of device you are using, its resolution ratings, and port requirements.

As a result, for your TV to connect and work with your 4K fire stick, it should have an HDMI port that is able to support that picture rating.

For this step, you also need to check your TV and see the type of HDMI ports it has. The best way to do this is by checking the manual. By doing so, you will be able to know whether the two devices can connect and work together or not. If not, then you will have to change one of them.

9. Bug with TV

Yes, bugs can be everywhere. Regarding electronics, glitches or bugs can happen out of nowhere and on any device. So, in this particular case, it is not just the fire stick that might be having bugs causing all these problems.

The amazon fire stick may be operating very well, the cables are plugged in as required, but the TV still cannot recognize it. If something like this happens, then the TV will be the issue.

The TV might have bugs that will deter it from recognizing the fire stick. Another issue is that the TV might be operating very well on other devices, but when it comes to the fire stick, it will fail to recognize it.

Either way, you will have to work on clearing the bugs in your TV.

Fix – Restart TV

Restarting your TV will come in handy in clearing all the soft bugs that might be in the TV system and could be affecting its performance. However, the restart process might be different depending on the type of TV you are using.

However, for many smart TVs, the process is the same. Press the power button on your remote and hold it for about 5 seconds. As you hold, it will turn off, keep holding until it restarts on its own.

That process will clear out all soft bugs.

Fix 2 – Re-plug TV

The second process is doing a soft reset on your TV in case the restart process did not work. Doing a soft reset will help you eliminate all the processes going on and initial the process all over again.

  1. Make sure the TV is on.
  2. Unplug the power cord.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds.
  4. Plug the power cord back in.
  5. Now turn the TV on and see whether it will recognize the fire stick.

Fix 3 – Use Another TV

After all the methods discussed above, it is possible that still, your TV will not recognize the fire stick. This means your TV might have an issue you cannot fix. One other thing you should try is to use another TV. If the fire stick is recognized in another TV, you will know the previous one has an issue.

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