You probably never care to remember your WI-FI password after you connect to a network on your mac.

This means that when your Mac disconnects from your network, you can’t remember your network’s password anymore – don’t worry, this happens to everyone.

On your Mac, there are several different ways that you can recover a Wi-Fi password that was saved.

Keychain Access

  1. In Applications > Utilities, open Keychain Access

System passwords Mac

  1. Click on System in the menu
  2. In the categories, select Passwords

Show Network password Mac

  1. Double-click on the network that you forgot the password for
  2. When the window pops up, check the Show Password box

Username and Password for Mac

  1. Enter your Macs Username and password (your username is the same as the home icon in Favourites)
  2. Your WI-FI password will be revealed


The second way that you can find your saved password without using Keychain is by using the Terminal application on your Mac.

The Terminal allows you to complete actions on your Mac using commands.

  1. Open the Terminal in Applications > Utilities

Enter code in Terminal to see passwords

  1. Type in the following command:
  2. security find-generic-password -ga “network” | grep “password:”
  3. Replacenetwork’ with the actual name of your network
  4. Click the Enter key to Run the command
  5. You’ll receive a prompt asking you to enter the admin’s Username and Password
  6. After verifying ownership, your WI-FI password will be revealed


If you want to find out a saved password on your Mac without using the terminal, you can use an application called RememBear available in the App Store.

You can also download this app on your iPhone, so that you can access your WIFI password on your iPhone as well as your Mac.

  1. This application is free, and it allows you to manage all of your passwords without having to use the Terminal app or Keychain.
  2. Download and install Remembear
  3. Select Add a New Device
  4. You can install by typing in a New Device Key
  5. If you’ve saved your passwords with Keychain, these can be imported to RememBear


Another great password manager for Mac is 1Password – this is a password manager that saves your passwords automatically.

When you go back to the app, these passwords will be available for you.

To use 1Password on your Mac:

  1. Download and install 1Password
  2. Open the app and follow the instructions that appear on the screen
  3. After setting up, every password you input on your Mac will be automatically saved
  4. When you need to access them, go back to 1Password