One of the amazing parts of social media is that it’s a great way to keep in contact with family and friends so that you can update them about your life. Snapchat makes it very easy to keep in contact with them by taking videos and pictures as quick as you need and by making it easy to edit what you post on your story.

To benefit from all of the features of Snapchat, you need to add friends so that they can see what you post. There are a few different ways to add friends on Snapchat, but some may be easier than others.

Open your Snapchat app. The icon resembles a white ghost against a yellow background. When you launch the app, it will open to the camera screen.

By Username

To use this method, you have to know their Snapchat username. You can’t use their email address or real name to look them up. The username is the one that the user can’t change. The one that they can change is just their display name and you can’t use that to look them up.

1. Once you’re on the camera screen, you need to tap on the search bar at the top of the screen. Once you tap on it, you will see all the people that you’ve recently messaged.

2. In that search bar, enter their username. As you are typing, you will see Snapchatters begin to appear.

3. When the person that you want to add, pops up, you need to look to the right of their name and tap the “Add” button that you see.

Once you complete this, a request will be sent to the person to add you also if they have a private account. if their account is public, you will be able to see their posts as soon as you add them.

By Link

1. Contact your friend on a different platform. Have them send you their link.

Find their snapcode

2. They can get their link by tapping on their Bitmoji in the upper left corner of the camera screen.

3. On the screen that comes up, they will see their Snapcode in a yellow box at the top of the screen. They have to tap this box.

4. Three options will come up, but they will have to choose the one that says,” Share Snapcode” and choose a platform to send it to you on.

5. Once you receive this Snapcode, you can tap on the link that they send you. This link will open the Snapchat app.

6. Press the “Add” button that appears in the middle of the screen.

By Contact

1. Tap your Bitmoji icon in the upper left corner of the camera screen. This will take you to your profile.

2. You will see your Snapcode in a box at the top of the screen. Beneath that box, you will see the “Add friends” box beneath it. Tap this box.

find quick add contacts

You will now see some people that you can add on Snapchat based on having them in your contacts. In the right corner, you will see the “All contacts” option. If you tap this, you will see all the contacts that have Snapchats.

Scanning a Snapcode

1. Have your friend launch their Snapchat app.

2. In the left corner of the camera screen, tell them to tap their Bitmoji icon.

3. Have them tap on their Snapcode so that it will get bigger.

4. Point your camera at their screen. Tap and hold on the screen while its pointed at their Snapcode.

5. You will see a circle begin to load on their screen. Wait until you see their name and Bitmoji appear on the screen.

6. When it does, tap the “Add” button.


1. Have your friend screenshot and text you the screenshot of their Snapcode.

2. Save this picture to your Gallery.

3. Tap the Bitmoji icon in the upper left center of the camera screen in the app.

4. Tap on “Add friends” which is located beneath your Snapcode.

5. There you’ll see all the people that you can add by contact, but above them is a search bar. Inside this search bar to the right of the screen is a small icon. Tap this icon.

6. It will ask for your device’s permission to access your camera roll.

7. Once you give it permission, you’ll have to select the image with the Snapcode in it.

8. Tap “Add” and it will send a request to the person.

Adding Someone Back

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1. In the upper right corner of the camera screen, there is an icon of a person with a “+” next to it. You will see a number here when someone has added you. Tap this.

2. It will take you to the “Add friends” screen and you will need to tap the “Accept” that is at the right of their username.

Since they’ve added you already, you will not have to wait until they add you back to view their posts.