Apple iPod may not be as popular as the iPhone or iPad but yet there are a few users who are making most of this incredible device. iPod was first introduced as an MP3 player in 2001; yes, that is almost 20 years ago. However, continuous evolvement and improvements have still kept them in the market. The popularity, however, has gone downhill, but you can’t underplay its importance among the music freaks.

Apple has introduced quite a few latest models for iPod lately. iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod Nano and iPod shuffle are the models that are still in business. These models (barring iPod Shuffle) now play videos on top of music and the iPod touch even features mobile applications like the iPhone. As said earlier, you can’t fault Apple’ durability but you might find yourself in a little trouble if you misplace or get mugged of your iPod.

It’s not mainly about the money that worries the users, it is the data and content stored in a device that causes havoc in case of any unfortunate event. You don’t have to be worried if you have lost your iPod somewhere or if it has been stolen. Much like other Apple devices, locating a lost iPod is also possible. Find My iPhone is a feature every Apple user relish about. Do not get yourself confused about the name; this feature can locate any Apple device (iPad/iPod) if needed. It is just that the name has dedicated to the most popular Apple device.

Now if you are one of the few unfortunate users that have lost their iPod device, you need to refer to the guidelines mentioned below.

Via Find My iPhone

As stated above, Find My iPhone is a feature of iCloud that helps the users to locate their missing devices. Not only that, but this feature also enables you to improvise clever security measures to protect your data. Via Find My iPhone, you can locate your iPod, lock it, display a message on it, and even play a sound on it to help you find it. Importantly, you can permanently delete all your data if there is no chance of getting your iPod back through this feature.

Firstly, you just hope that you turned this feature on before you lost this device. If you haven’t, then you are in serious trouble. The procedure to turn it on is quite simple.

1. Go to the Settings of your device.

2. Tap on your Apple ID.

3. Now tap on the option iCloud.

4. Scroll down, locate the option Find My iPhone and tap on it.

turn on find my iphone

5. Toggle it On.

Now with this feature turned on, you can locate your device by signing into your Apple ID account with iCloud’s find tool or by using the Find My iPhone app on another Apple device. Once your iPod is located, you can further request driving directions towards the location where your device is located.

Moreover, if your family sharing feature on iCloud is on then you can also ask them to help you out in locating the device. If you haven’t Set Up Family sharing, then you can do it by:

1. Go to the Settings on your device.

2. Tap on your Apple ID.

Select Set up Family Sharing

3. Tap on the option Set Up Family Sharing.

Get Started

4. Now tap on the option Get Started.

5. Choose your options as per the preferences. You can add up to 6 family members through this setup.

Once you set it up, the other members of your family can log on to their accounts in order to locate your device.

You may have understood by now that tracking a lost device via iCloud is a very straightforward procedure. However, the only problem with this method is that it will be unable to locate your device if:

  • If the device is switched off.
  • If the device is not connected to the internet.

However, if that’s the case then you will still see the last location along with the time when it was last updated. It will not tell you where your device is, but at least, it can provide an inkling regarding the location where you may have lost your iPod. Additionally, you can tap on the option Notify Me When Found to make sure that you get a notification as soon as your device connects to the internet. You will receive an email on your Apple account with the location where your iPod is.

What if Device is Near-by?

The location provided by Find My iPhone feature can be misleading at the times. However, this only happens when the device is near you. For example, your device would be in the other room and if you check it through the feature, the map would be showing you the location at the next door or in the street.

The feature Find My iPhone sometimes suggest the exact location where your device would be located. Most of the times it suggests the location within a 100-200 meters radius and then it is up to the user to search it. Now if it is an iPhone then you can directly call on your number and listen for a ringtone to narrow down the exact location. Since it is an iPod, you would have to utilize the Play Sound button.

1. Select your device on Find My iPhone Feature.

2. Now Tap/click on the option Play Sound.

3. Give it a moment and then it will start playing a ringtone on your device for a couple of minutes.

4. Now if you are close-by the device then you will be able to hear the sound and locate the device through it.

5. Luckily, your device makes this sound even if it is on the Silent mode.

Lost Mode

Now, this method won’t retrieve your device, but it is essential to prompt it in case of theft or mugging. This method will straightaway enable a new passcode on your device and the person using your device would have to provide it to access the data and content. This feature only works with the devices that have iOS 6 or later. Here is how you can do it:

1. Go to the Settings of your device.

2. Tap on your Apple ID.

3. Now tap on the option iCloud.

4. Scroll down, locate the option Find My iPhone and tap on it.

5. Now tap on the option Lost Mode to enable it.

The best thing about this feature is that it works even if the iPod is powered off. The new passcode requirement would appear on the screen as soon as it will be switched on or connects to a network. The Apple Pay (if enabled) also suspends as soon as your device enters the lost mode. Additionally, enabling Lost Mode is the main step but you should also inform the authorities as a precautionary measure.

So, these were the methods that can be really helpful if you want to find your lost iPod. However, if you fail to locate your iPod for any reason, make sure you enable the Lost mode, Erase the device, and also change your Apple ID’ passwords.