Facebook is all about socialization. You can join public conversations whenever you choose, without an invitation. Discussion is done through ‘comments,’ like a personal message made public. People can then comment in response. But what if you wanted to find someone’s comment on Facebook? It’s a lot easier than it seems.

Using Facebook’s Own Search Function

This method flies over the radar of many considering it can be very helpful in finding comments made by certain people. However, Facebook’s search function has a few limitations that don’t make it the best way of tracking down comments. Regardless, if you were just looking for a post you commented on, or a friend did, this method can give you some quick results.

The first downside of using Facebook’s search function is any and all comments made on a private post (that you aren’t privy to) are unavailable to you. For example, if someone commented in a private group, you won’t see that post. Of course, this is because Facebook values privacy. A stance that is, quite frankly, very strange considering they collect your data anyways.

The other downside is it’s very sensitive to spelling. Butchering the name of the person posting the comments will lead you to dead ends and confusion. But, when it does work, it works wonderfully for its intended purpose. Here’s what you do to get started:

Searching with a Computer

1. Launch a browser of your choice.

2. Head over to Facebook.

3. Log into your account, if you aren’t already logged in.

posts comment by the persons name

4. At the top left of the Facebook page, you’ll see the search bar. Go ahead and click ‘Search’ and type ‘posts commented on by x.’ Of course, replace ‘x’ with the person in question and be sure to spell their name right. Once you hit the ‘Enter’ key, Facebook will redirect you to a new page and list every post that pertains to the search keywords.

5. Locate the posts someone commented on.

Searching with an Android and iOS Device

1. Launch the ‘Facebook’ app. You should find it somewhere on one of your Home screens. If you didn’t, look inside your App Drawer.

2. Log into Facebook with your account, if you aren’t already logged in.

3. At the top, select ‘Search’ and type in ‘posts commented on by x.’ Replace ‘x’ with the person’s name. As mentioned before, the spelling of the name needs to be precise. Tap the small magnifying glass icon on your keyboard to continue the search.

4. Once you’re redirected, Facebook will list all the posts that match the keywords you used in the search bar.

Expanding your Search with Keywords

The greatest strength Facebook’s search function has is that it doesn’t stop at searching for comments. If you are truly committed to finding someone’s comment, perhaps searching for what the person has liked will bring you closer to your goal. For example, rather than using ‘posts commented on by x,’ you could try ‘posts liked by x’ or ‘photos liked by x’ instead.

Getting Future Updates

Maybe your search for someone’s comment on Facebook didn’t go so well. If you want to catch any other ones they make, if you’re friends with them, then turning on a few notification options will alert you to what your friend is doing.

Following, Close Friends and Getting Notifications

There are three options you can activate to the most out of your notifications and they are: ‘Following’ and ‘Close Friends’ and ‘Get Notifications.’ While following a person can be seen by anyone who can view it, getting notifications and setting someone as a ‘close friend’ won’t alert to them at all. Facebook doesn’t even let the person know you’ve labeled them as a close friend.

1. Launch a browser of your choice.

2. Head over to Facebook.

3. Log into your account, if you aren’t already logged in.

4. In the Facebook search bar, search the friend you’d like to keep tabs on.

5. On their page, to the right of their profile picture, you’ll see that you’re friends with the person. Click it to open a drop down menu.

get notifications

6. Click ‘Get Notifications’ and ‘Close Friends.’ This will ensure tabs are kept on this friend with notifications that show up in your notifications.

see first

7. To the right of ‘Friends,’ you’ll see ‘Follow.’ Click it to follow the person. Click again to open a menu. Choose ‘See First.’ Content they like and comment on will show up in your News Feed.