The iPhone users who use mail services on their phones won’t find it any different to Android or windows. The functionality remains the same and only thing that is different is the layout of the mail app. The trouble, however, begins when a user archives their emails only to realize that they cannot locate the folder in which their emails have been transferred.

Before you get worried or think that you have lost all your archived emails, it is important to understand that your emails haven’t disappeared anywhere, and they are still available to access on your phone. iOS perhaps love to trigger panic among the users but rest assured, it doesn’t delete any important data/content without your permission.

So, if you are one of the many users who regularly archive emails on iPhone’ Mail App, you need to know that all these emails go directly to your email’ Archive Folder. Not only can you view these emails in that folder, but you can also restore them back to the primary inbox. Here is what you need to do.

1. Open the Mail app on your iPhone.

2. It is likely that you will enter the inbox screen. Locate the option Mailboxes at the top-left of your screen and tap on it.

  1. Scroll down, locate the option Archive and tap on it.
    see archived email
  2. In this folder, you will be able to see the email (s) that you have archived. You can view them by simply tapping on the email.
    Move Message
  3. Also, if you have mistakenly archived any email then you can transfer it back to any mail folder you want. Left swipe on that email, now tap on the option More (…) and choose the option Move Message.
  4. Doing this will provide you with a list of folders to which you can transfer this archived email. For example, tap on the option Inbox; it will be available in the inbox but would be removed from the folder Archive.

For Previous iOS Versions

The iPhone users who are using old iPhones that still run on iOS 10 or earlier will not see any dedicated archive folder for their mail. Instead, the archived emails will go to All Mail folder. You can access them in All Mail Folder, and also restore them to your inbox if needed. Now if you have archived emails that you are unable to locate, you simply need to follow these simple steps.

1. Go to the Mail app on your iPhone.

2. It is likely that you will enter the inbox screen. Locate the option Mailboxes at the top-left of your screen and tap on it.

3. Now locate the option All Mail. It is a folder that includes all your emails including the archived ones.

4. Now locate the archived email (s) that you want to view or restore. Tap the email to view it or select the email (s) and then tap on the Folder icon.

5. Simply tap on the option inbox to send the email (s) back to the primary inbox. Go back to your inbox and view the emails that have been archived.

These are the few steps that you need to take if you desire to wish your archive emails on your iPhone. If you are unable to locate emails in the archive folder then it is likely that you have moved them to any other folder.

For example, you want to archive an email but mistakenly end up putting it in trash or spam folder. Now you would think that it is in the archive folder, but it actually isn’t. it is always good to check other folders while you are searching for your archived emails.

Additionally, if you are certain that you have archived an email but cannot find it in the Archive or All Mail Folders, you may have to troubleshoot this issue. First, shut down the app and reopen it to see if the archived emails are available to view. If this method doesn’t work, remove your email account and re-login to see if this works. As said earlier, the iPhone doesn’t delete any emails (archived or not) without your permission.