Reddit has been at the forefront for cultivating almost any discussion, from something silly to the most egregious. From the outside, you might imagine it sounds like millions of people talking over each other and to some extent, it can be. However, Reddit made the wise move of splitting the conversations into smaller sections known as “subreddits.”

These subreddits are homes for specific topics, both broad and specific. Are you looking for horror stories to read? Head on over to NoSleep. If political posts are more your speed, you can find a broad range of conversations over at Politics.

Reddit doesn’t play well with censorship. You’ll often see a tag on the title of posts called “NSFW,” or “Not Safe For Work.” This is a warning for users–like a spoiler warning–that, basically, is a statement for “This is graphic content.” Think of NSFW content as the HBO of Reddit.

This presents a question: can you block specific subreddits? Yes. And no. It depends. If you’re using the current version of Reddit, the newer version, then no. You’re only capable of filtering subreddits. If you’re using the older version of Reddit, then yes, you still can. However, there is a second option for newer Reddit users.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

For users using the newer version of Reddit, you’ll be disappointed that Reddit doesn’t have the ability to block. Filter, yes, but block, no. Filter doesn’t do what its name might imply, instead, it finds a specific subreddit you’re subscribed to. Filtering is really only helpful if you’re subscribed to dozens of different subreddits and can’t pinpoint the one you’re looking for.

That’s where Reddit Enhancement Suite comes in, saving everyone from the subreddits they aren’t interested in seeing. And best of all? It’s free. Reddit Enhancement Suite sweetens the deal further by giving you a big chest full of features as well, like an easy-to-reach spam button as well as a highlighter for quickly finding specific users; a much-needed feature when comment chains are inevitable.

To filter your Reddit:

1. Install Reddit Enhancement Suite. It currently supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

2. Select the Reddit Enhancement Suite icon.

3. From the drop-down menu, select Options. You’ll be brought to a separate page.

4. Select Subreddits at the bottom.

select filteReddit

5. Under Subreddits, select filteReddit.

select +add subreddits

6. From the menu, select +add subreddits.

7. Type in keywords you want blocked or whole subreddits.

8. Select +add subreddits one last time. Now that content is blocked.

There is one drawback to Reddit Enhancement Suite: it isn’t supported on smartphones or any other similar devices right now.

Using Old.Reddit

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of installing and fiddling with Reddit Enhancement Suite, you can always visit Reddit’s older version: Old.Reddit.

Old.Reddit gives you the option to filter subreddits–yes, filter in a way beholding of its name–you aren’t interested in seeing. It isn’t hidden behind a paywall. Here’s how you get started:

1. Go to Old.Reddit.

2. Sign in if you already haven’t.

filter subreddit

3. On the right-hand side, under Search, there’s a small box labeled filter subreddit.

4. Type in the subreddit you’d like excluded from the search results.

5. Click the + icon when you’re done.

The example used here shows the MadeMeSmile subreddit in the search results, and then removed once the filter was added. Sorry, Keanu Reeves. You’re still awesome.


before filtering reddit


after filtering reddit

There isn’t much in the way of blocking subreddits from the newer Reddit. It either hasn’t been implemented yet, or it won’t come to pass. The same goes for the lack of support for smartphones and other electronic devices. Rest assured, with these solutions you can hide the pesky subreddits that you aren’t interested or remove from sight toxic subreddits.