Instagram is a social platform that allows you to follow your friends and interact with their new posts. You can like comment and share each time they post something new. You can post videos and photos on the platform and your followers will also engage.

The main reason why people use Instagram is because of the feed they see when they visit the app. The feed is a collection of the people you follow posts and Instagram sorts them based on which ones they think you’ll want to see. Depending on how many people you follow, your feed will constantly be updated with new posts. If you only follow a few 100 people, you’ll notice that you’ll only see a few posts every hour, whereas if you follow over 1000, your feed will be updating all the time.

If you haven’t seen a new post in a few minutes, this usually isn’t a problem. It’s a problem if you haven’t seen any new posts and you no that someone should have posted by now. If there are no new posts and your feed isn’t updating regularly, you’ll need to troubleshoot the problem with Instagram.

Why Your Feed Isn’t Updating

If your feed isn’t updating, then Instagram servers could be down. Instagram does routine maintenance and their server usually goes down during this. Another reason their server could go now is if there’s a bug within Instagram that has caused the server to crash. If you’re seeing errors such as “Couldn’t refresh feed,” or “sorry, something went wrong.” If this is the case, then there’s nothing you can do, you’ll have to wait for the problem to resolve.

Another reason why your feed won’t update is because you have a slow internet connection. If you have a slow connection, Instagram isn’t going to work because it requires a good internet speed. If this is the case, you’ll usually see a “No internet connection” error on Instagram. You may think that you’re connected to Wi-Fi because of the icon on your device, but there could be a problem with your router that stops you from connecting to the internet properly.

Check If Instagram Is Down

Instagram Is Down

The main reason why you’ll experience problems with Instagram is because their server is down. If there sever is down, then Instagram will because dysfunctional for a while and you’ll see no new posts. To check if this is the case, then you need to visit down detector. Here, you’ll be told if there’s a problem with Instagram.

You’ll usually see a spike in the number of complaints and if you look at the comments below, you’ll see that other people are experiencing the same problem as well. If Instagram is down, then there’s nothing you can do about it, you’ll have to wait for the problem to reside.

Check your Internet connection

If their servers are fine, but you still aren’t able to see new posts on your feed, then you’ll need to check your internet connection. The first thing you can do is to switch from WIFI to data vice versa. Switching to a new connection will allow you to fix any internet problems you were previously experiencing. If you don’t have data, you can restart your router because it may no be connected to the internet.