Faking GPS location on your iPhone is all about tricking your iPhone in telling the apps that you’re located somewhere you’re not. You do not have to fake the location for every app on your iPhone separately.

All you need to do is to fake the GPS location and all the apps on your iPhone will follow the lead. You would think that faking the GPS location doesn’t make any sense. However, there are quite a few legitimate reasons for faking the GPS location. Have a look at them first.

Why Would You Fake your Location?

Many people have this addiction of downloading so many dating apps. Faking the GPS location will change the location for the app as well which can come handy in many situations. For instance, you may be residing in London, but your app will be showing some other location. This is one proven trick to stay ahead of the curve.

Faking the GPS location is helpful for online games. Sometimes, the in-app purchases are better for other location as compared to yours and that is where spoofing can help you. Location-bases games such as Pokémon GO becomes much easier with this spoofing as well. You will be able to catch different Pokémons while staying in the same place.

Last, but not least, spoofing also helps you with your flaunting game. For instance, you want to check-in to a place where you have never been to then why not use fake GPS location to your advantage. In short, if you know the ways of faking the GPS then you can do a lot of things with that.

Learn iPhone Spoofing:

You may have already developed an understanding of why faking the GPS can be helpful in some cases. Now, it’s time to learn how to do it. The only issue is that faking location iPhone isn’t easy. In fact, it is much harder as compared to Android. Spoofing on a jailbroken device is much easier, but it sure isn’t advisable. Apple has certainly tried its best in making spoofing difficult, but it is not impossible.

Use a Computer Tool/Program:

If you are spoofing an iPhone which isn’t jailbroken then you will need to take assistance from a third-party tool. This tool is called iSpoofer and it is available for free download on both Windows and Mac. It is one of the easiest tools to use and it continues working even after you unplug your iPhone. Here is how to use it.

1. Go and download iSpoofer on your PC or Mac.

2. Once downloaded, install it on your device.

3. Now launch this tool on your computer and connect your iPhone to it via the original charging cable.

4. Hit the option Spoof and then you will be able to see a map on the screen. Click on the exact location which you want to use as your fake location.

5. Choose the option Move and you will be instantly moved to that location.

So, this is how easy it is to fake the GPS location on your iPhone using this amazing tool. The only downside regarding tool is that the trial version only lasts for 3 days. Once the trial version is expired, you may have to pay some money if you want to keep using the tool. Some people have this misconception that tool is too risky to use. In reality, there is no such incident reported as yet which is a testimony that this tool is safe and secure.


Much like the iSpoofer, there is another similar tool called iTools. Again, you may have to pay some money to get its full version. However, the trial version is free to use and it lasts for 24 hours. It offers a very simple user-interface, and all you need to do is to follow the onscreen instructions. If iSpoofer fails to deliver, you can use iTools as an alternative.

Problems Related to Spoofing:

It is important to understand that spoofing is fun, but at the same time, there are a few demerits. For instance, spoofing will affect your navigation system, weather app, and even makes your device vulnerable to hacking. Spoofing would be much more fun if you had the choice of faking the location for a certain app. Since that is not the case, make sure you fake your location carefully and intelligently.

Note: Certain apps such as Pokemon GO and Tinder have strict policies regarding spoofing. If you get caught while spoofing then you may end up with a temporary suspension or in some cases, entirely forbidden from that app.